Wednesday 01.16.13

70 Burpees
60 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Kettle bell swings,15 lbs
40 Push-ups
30 Squats

Compare to 12.06.11

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 11:13 with modified sit-ups CFSU still hurts my sore tailbone

    1. I fold my yoga mat in half and put it on the carpet in a bedroom. Works for me! 🙂

    2. We invested in an abmat (sold by rogue and about $25). Totally worth it since I no longer get floor burns that would bleed on my tailbone!

  2. I'm starting a support group: CFMWHB
    Crossfit Mamas Who Hate Burpeea

    I've lost a lot of strength being off this program for 2 months but am more determined than ever to make up for it.

    19 min. But no mods. Ugh. Yay! It's a mixed bag if feelings

    1. I'm in! (My husband always throws in 10 more for himself because he hates them so much . That is some sick motivation.)

  3. 16:03 with an extra 20 squats….. I lost track, thought I was suppose to do 50

  4. Welcome back Running T!! You will be back to your old self in no time! 🙂

  5. 17:05 with push-ups on knees. I also subbed KB high pulls for swings due to a bad lower back. Question – do you flop on your burpees or do a push-up? I've always done push-ups, but I know that slows me down.
    I'm new to this site and loving it!

    1. If you check the wod on Jan 10, she posted a great video on burpees and whether or not it should've a strict push-up.

  6. I just don't go all the way up because any pressure hurts it and I can avoid the hurt by doing a crunch, basically.

  7. 23:47
    Oh man! I had to take a lot of breaks, but I did it all. At least there wasn't any running:)

  8. 20:14 girl and wall push-ups! I need the CFMTHB support group! I feel stronger every workout though!

  9. 14:51 as rx'd
    compared to 13:35 on 12/6/11
    not sure why I was slower today?

    1. You are probably stronger now and have better form. Sometimes better form takes longer!

  10. 12:39
    Hit the deck on 20 burpees (rest just went to plank)
    18# kettleball
    20 girl 20 boy pu

  11. So…I really hate burpees and can see myself giving up around 30. Will the outcome of the work-out change (or will I increase the possibility of injury) if I mix things up a little and do 20 burpees, 15 situps, 15 kb swings, 20 pushups, 10 squats X 4?

  12. 12:48

    As rx'd with
    25# kettle bell swings. Good one! Burpees were tough!

  13. 13:53

    Wanted to stop after 20 burpees. Never thought I'd get to 70 but I made it! I think half the time was the darn burpees!

  14. 2.5 mile run then the WOD…..bad plan the burpees almost killed me

  15. OMG I hate burbees!!
    34:19 I hope to get better but wow that was a workout..
    p/u = girly
    but did good on all others, had to take 3 breaks in the burpees…
    feel the burn and might not be able to move tomorrow lol…

  16. 15:00 minutes for all guy pushups and 70 situps with 40 russian twists. Those burpees were almost the death of me.

  17. 15:06
    After 20 burpees, had to walk my legs out and in, but I finished!
    10lb KBS
    Girl push ups

  18. 15:15, girl push ups & bench dips instead of kettle bell swings.

    Those burpees were rough! Definitely had to take breaks.

  19. 10 min, still travelling, so did leglifts instead of swings.
    This was fun to do at a local playground, 15 degrees F and snowing, grandma taking care of my little ones 🙂

  20. Thanks, Jen Morse!! Missed you too!! Love coming back and seeing 70 burpees on the WOD. Why am I here again? Oh, right…I want to be strong. Damn. Hahaha!!

  21. 15:05
    I think I did all 70 burpees in the beginning. But I did ten more just in case 🙂

  22. Jenelle: 15:02
    Megan 18:07
    Robyn 18:26
    I don't know how you ladies did it so fast! The burpees took forever. Once those were done we busted it out!

  23. 18:05.
    10# KB swings and girlie push-ups. I finished 20 mins ago and my arms are still shaking!

  24. 26:02–burpees took FOREVER!!!! I did wall push-ups and then added 20 30 lb push presses and 10 jumping jacks to the end! Feelin goooooooodddd!

  25. 23:36
    Started with a 1 mile run to warm up. Trying to do this and train for my 1/2 marathon!!
    Those burpees were rough!! Great Work Out, I am still shaking!!

  26. 28:47. Serious enlistment of hip flexors, arms, etc IOT complete sit ups. Abs are ever my weakest link.

  27. 14:48. Have 5 stitches on my but cheek so did crunches. Girl push ups. Fantastic workout.

    1. I tell people my husband missed… But the real story isn't too exciting, just had a spot taken out and biopsied.

  28. So I have never done anything like this. How do u start? Do u just jump right in? I have 5 kids and want to be strong again.

    1. Yes. Just jump on in. You can google nearly all moves on YouTube. Do your own pace. You'll be amazed how good you'll feel. Welcome aboard from a mom of 6. 🙂

  29. 14:20 – (modified with and 8lb. ball for kettlebell) I felt very slow today, like I just couldn't push myself!

  30. 17:24 with several breaks to take care of a hysterical one-year-old.

  31. 19:26 WOW, I did sets of 10 until I reached the full number for each workout!

  32. Momof5- Welcome to Crossfit Mamas! Yes, just jump right in and do the WOD (workout of the day). You will get faster and stronger everyday and you will notice your endurance improve right away! There are video demos of every exercise we do on the right side bar of the full site.

  33. 13:48
    I've come to the conclusion that the ONLY thing I like about burpees is that video posted Jan 10 That cute guy is the ONLY thing I like about burpees!

  34. Heather Foster- LOL!! It is a REALLY good video. 😉

  35. 18.58 man, i know i just started but i thought i was in better shape! you guys are so awesome!
    had to stop 3x for crying baby…
    girl push ups
    10 lb kettles

  36. 17:30 did a warm up on the elliptical. Followed the workout with swimming a few laps for cool down. Exhausted!

  37. 10:16
    (No time to compare it to since I was obviously too wimpy last December to tackle 70 burpees)
    Finally doing burpees correctly and was ready to stop at 40… Then again at 50… But I pushed through and did all 70!
    Killer! I'm dripping swear!

  38. 16:59. Burpees were horrid! Even my phone thinks so…it changed burpees to burdens. Lol.

  39. 8:58 and felt awful but I got thru it. Does anyone else feel as though their times are all over the place? Some days I'm fast and some days I'm the slowest one on here. To the point that I feel like I'm doing something wrong! Looking forward to tomorrow's.

  40. OMG Layed on the gound for about 5 min after all was done. 15:02 with girly pushups

  41. 15:00 subbed walking lunges for squats since I started WOD after running a 5k.

  42. 17:50…burpees, I hate you lol. Just kidding…

    girl p/u, everything else as rx'd.

  43. 18:38
    30 lb kb swings
    Did 30 reverse pull ups, then the 30 squats, squats felt easy after all that!!

  44. 17:14
    25# kb swings
    burpees..ugh..not my favorite but I think I'm getting better at them!

  45. 22:49 – I split this into 2 rounds because burpees were not only killing ME, but they were killing my time!

    15.5 dumbbell for kettlebell swings


  46. 22:41
    Split the burpees into 35 at the start of the WOD and 35 at the end of the WOD
    sub crunches for sit ups
    25# kb swing
    all girl push ups
    and I had three students/cheerleaders working out with me

  47. 12:00… girl pushups and crunches though.
    Those burpees :0

  48. 12:16. Girl pushups. Those burpees were a killer!

  49. Holy cow, some of those times are crazy good. I cannot even imagine doing 70 burpees in 8 minutes, much less the whole wod. Y'all are awesome.

    22.28 for me. Burpees are torture. When I saw that we had 70 to do I nearly threw up. ;). Did the wod with a friend and it made such a difference. So glad I did all 70.

  50. 16:44 but didn't finish. I did a very light warm up to get through this workout before having to leave, which was a bad idea. I hurt my groin muscle and was not able to complete any of the squats. I'll ice my muscle and hope for the best with tomorrow's WOD.

  51. 7:31 however I had a big break between the burpees and sit ups, my husband stopped in at work with my baby and I paused the time without thinking about it… So do I add the 5 min? Otherwise as RX.

  52. 18:46 did burpees for first time, only did 35…had to do in increments. Can u say WIMP? girlie push-ups. SO SO Sore! Inside work out tonight. It's snowing here in Maine!

    1. Hey, Country Girl! Everyone can Say WIMP. But if you look it up in the dictionary… You'll see my picture!

      Lets do this thing!

  53. 20:55- Subbed knee p/u and used an 18lb. kettle ball. Brutal for me as I'm very weak up top. Gonna keep going after those goats!

    2 mile run after the run.

  54. Crazy times! Mine 22:28 – girl push ups. Thank goodness I had a partner to get me through the burpees!
    Arms shaking still, legs sore = good day

  55. 15:34, had to do girl pu…. push ups are the hardest for me! I was dreading this workout all day, but I actually really enjoyed it!

  56. Hmmm…my comments don't show up.
    Here's my time…again.
    15:08 as RX'd.

  57. OMG, these comments on the burpees are cracking me up.
    One hour of zumba and then 18 minutes for the WOD with girl pushups. Then I came home and had another Vi shake instead of dinner because I can't imagine eating the chili I cooked now. I will sleep well tonight!

  58. 16:15 as Rx with regular pushups. Those slowed me down. After all the burpees my arms were pretty tired, but i was determined to not modify this WOD! I can already feel myself getting stronger than i was last week. Loving it!!

  59. 17:24. I'm sure half of that time was burpees :-). I also could only do 10 gpu at a time without stopping to break.

  60. 9:35 Wanted to die after 20 burpees but just kept going! Love these workouts!!

  61. 10:44,mountain climbers and crunch substitute. took a break for 1/2 marathon Sunday.

  62. Ran 3 1/2 miles of icy trails first

    WOD 11:20 with 20# KB and regular boy pushups.

  63. 15:05 one armed pathetic burpees, one armed girl push ups, may have lost count

  64. 19:29
    Had to split this into reps of 10 or I would not have convinced myself to do it!
    30 squats were saved for the end!
    no cfsu, did planks and leg lifts

  65. 14:20, did reverse sit-ups on a ball, used 20# kettle bell

  66. 19:10 (should/could have pushed myself harder)
    Half boy and half girl push ups
    25# kettle bell

  67. 13;13. I hate burpees. My lungs are burning!

  68. 25 min. First experience with burpees and I've concluded that the name must be slang for "you're not cool if you hurl all over yourself."
    But that's def what it makes you feel like!

  69. 13:16, 10# kb swings.. thought of increasing # of reps to compenaste but im on a tight schedule today

  70. 15:00 used 2 10# dumb bells for kettle ball. About half boy, half girl push ups.

  71. 23 minutes
    Only sub was 5 lbs for 10 lbs half way through kettles
    I can't believe I did all those burpees

  72. 15:23. The push ups killed me today. What is the correct crossfit push up form? Elbows close to chest a you lower or arms wider apart and elbows go away from body? Does that make sense?

  73. Ok. I don't know if it's because I haven't slept well in two nights. All three kids and husband are sick, so I have been up taking care of everyone, or if it's the lack of water. Only drank 1 liter yesterday. But this workout was BRUTAL! Woke up at 5am to do it, as I was too tired last night.

    took 32min. I had to split up the burpees. I had to do three rounds and split it up. Had a hard time with the burpees and girly push ups. My arms were giving out on me.

    I couldn't even do one, crossfit ab workout. I had to pull myself up. I can't believe that my lower abs are so weak!

    I did it and proud. Something to work towards.

    70 burpees in sections of 10 at a time.
    60 abs pulling myself up
    60Kettle bell 15lbs
    40 push ups in sections of 10
    and 50 squats.

    Going to try to do thursdays workout tonight. Will need to eat many apples to get my second wind. I'm beat. Would REALLY like a coffee.

  74. 21:44
    But that time may be off. More than halfway through the burpees(5:30 minutes in) I stopped the timer to look at the burpee video again to make sure I was doing them correctly, then forgot to reset the timer. So, I just added 5-minutes to my time.
    Kettle bell swings: 30 at 16 lbs, 20 with 10 lbs.
    Push-ups: I took a break after 20.

  75. 10:27 – did 20 burpees but switched to squat jumps because an injury to my hand. girl PU's and 3 min high intensity cardio to begin so total time 13:27

  76. 18:42 burners and sit ups were broken down into two sets. Everything else as Rx'ed and I used a 25# kettlebell. Cardio was a swim with my little.

    I absolutely hate burpees! But seeing the video Jen posted helped me a lot. The proper form gives me more power to do more.

  77. 13:23
    Burpees took me 6:30. Push-ups were the hardest. Burpees are 95% easier for me to do now than they were a year ago. They used to be TORTURE….now I can breeze through them. Not bragging, giving motivation to all of you to stick to it!! 🙂

  78. Warm uo : power clean 5 sets of 3 the last being the toughest ( 95lbs)

    kb swings = 25lbs
    push ups – men
    65lb for squats

  79. 15:05 with 10lb KB. Pushups were fast but sooo weak!! I want to be able to get down much farther than I do!

  80. 13:45 as Rx'd … agree with burpee haters. I accidentally did 75, so extra torture for no reason! Arms very tired on PU's
    My 10 year old son did it in 8:30!

  81. Forgot to comment with my time on Wednesday! 29:25 🙂

  82. Swamped, no kettle-ball, substituted for 3 rounds till fail of:

  83. 21:51. A little late to the game, but didn't want to miss this one!

  84. Forgot to time myself, had to break the burpees up, 20 burpees, 60 situps, 20 burpees, (oh yeah, forgot kettlebell swings too,) 40 pushups(10 boy chest to floor) 20 girlie, 10 really girlie! 15 burpees, 30 squats, 15 burpees. That was hard. Did not like this one.

  85. don't know where my post went. luckily i remember this one because my sons were racing my time at first, until they went miserably past it. Haha!

    kasey: 13:04
    diego: 15:26
    bobby: 15:40

  86. Okay I agree with everyone Burpees suck!
    With that said I had to break this into two rounds
    No kettle ball subd for dumbbell swings with 10#
    Total time: 21:14

  87. Okay agree with everyone burpee suck
    With that said I had to break this into 2 rounds
    No kettle ball subd for dumb bell swings 10#
    Total time: 21:14

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