Tuesday 01.15.13


5 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
15 Kettlebell swings, 15lbs
15 Push-ups

Compare to 12.05.11

 Hiit Mama Gina
 Hiit Mama Jen M.
When I called them rock stars for braving the snow and freezing cold temperatures to do the WOD, Jen’s reply was:
 “I don’t know about rock stars, but we do love to do our best to stay fit and healthy! 🙂 Gina’s the rock star, she survived stage 4 cervical cancer. She’s totally my hero!! Thanks for putting these workouts out there everyday, we love it!!”

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 21:40
    Girl P/U
    Sub 800 m run for 3:00 min. Cardio
    (jog in place, jacks, jump rope)

  2. 18:52, subbed 3 min of cardio each round and 10 lb swings. Hope to get the full run in later.

  3. 24:20 but still modifying and that was 4 rounds and 10 lb swings.

  4. Gina and Jen – you guys AMAZE me! Thanks for inspiring me to keep going!!


  5. Rx'd first 2 rounds then did 400 meter runs rounds 3-5. Girl push ups all around and my time was 43:50.

  6. Girl push ups. run for 1st and last round – 2 min on trampoline for the others. It was raining and I still can't figure out why I hurt from running. 24:55

  7. Just started with your workouts last week. Love them!!

  8. Berta you rock!! Love reading your blog! You are always so motivating!

  9. 21:39
    Subbed run for 3 min cardio (run in place, jumping jacks, skip rope)
    10lb dumbell for kattleball swing
    2/3's bpu and 1/3 gpu. Going to run later with little one.
    Great workout!

  10. Disappointed to have to sub but just couldn't get the run part in. Did 3 mins of jacks, high knees, butt kicks, vert jumps, etc. 19:57

  11. Approx. 38 minutes. 🙂 I sort of lost track after the 3rd interruption by the kids. 🙂

  12. 20:30.
    Subbed 3 min high knees, jumping jacks, & running around house for run.
    20# dumbbell for Kettlebell swings
    1/2 full p/u & 1/2 knee p/u each round.
    I pushed myself hard and am dripping with sweat!

  13. 29:57
    4 min runs because I don't have a distance monitor on my treadmill .

  14. 32:44 as rx'd. girl push-ups

    Just started these workouts last week. Thanks for helping me get my mojo back!

  15. Ran 3 miles then,


    800m run on treadmill
    25 lb KB
    Boy push ups

    That was a workout! Thanks.

  16. Ran 4 miles then 5 rounds:
    15 10# dumbell swings (subbed for kettlebell)
    15 girl push ups

  17. 9:56 for 5 rounds of: 15 CFSU, 20 dumbbell swings with 10# dumbbell, and 15 push ups.. plan on doing the full run tonight

  18. 22.28
    subbed cardio for run (jacks, run in place, high kicks, butt kicks, high jumps…)
    10 lb weight instead of kettle
    girl push ups

  19. 14:31. Subbed run for half mile on Stationary bike. No 10 lb kettle bell so used full gallon of milk. Girl push-ups. Going to do more cardio later on elliptical. Should have used more weight.

  20. 33:37
    Subbed 4 min cardio for run.
    Full disclosure–couldn't make it all the way down for some of push ups but went as far as i could!

  21. 24:26, not normal route though and once i measured after it was only 600 meters, blah

    did this one after yesterday's 150 thrusters

  22. 38 min. Ran too quick at the first round and that killed the rest of my workout.

    Did the 15lbs kettlebell. Could have done heavier.

    Girl push ups, was struggling the last two rounds, but I did it.

    Time sucks, but I will get better. Have to start somewhere right?

  23. Well Day 2 for me. 1st time running in almost 5 months, and 9 weeks post knee surgery. But I finished it. I figure it can only get better.

    5 rounds
    2.5 miles total run, 12 lb dumbbell, and girl pushups.

  24. I have never commented before, but after today I am loving this.
    Total today was
    28:36 for the 5 rounds
    Sub Kettle bell for 15lb. dumbbell
    did girl pushups

    Thanks for your inspirations, I love your blog!!!

  25. 34:21.
    3 rounds of 800 m and 2 rounds of 400 m
    10 lb dumbbell for kettle bell
    Girl push ups.

  26. 25:16.
    boy pushups and 25 lb kettlebell.

    Jen and Gina – Thanks for the inspiration this morning:) You guys are most definitely rock stars!

  27. So I am feeling very sluggish today. Stayed up until 2 am doing stuff for church. ahhhhhhh….

    32 min.
    400m run, back hurting today
    20 kettlebell swings
    20 pu's

  28. 24:20
    15 lb medicine ball swings
    ran 4 minutes each set for the 800m run.
    Push Ups were all Unmodified.

  29. 20 min, subbed 3 min of various cardio (run in place, high knees, jacks) for running. All else as rx'd.

  30. Ooops! Above for Monday. Playing make up. 🙂
    Today's–subbed running for tabatas of various cardio. 24:50

  31. 38:30 – ran 800 meters @ 6.5 on treadmill, 20 lb on swings, and 5 b-pu and then 10 g-pu on each set.

  32. 39:24
    10lb db for KB swings.

    I am working on week 4 and feeling better than ever. Stronger and faster!! Yes!!!

  33. 39:24
    10lb db for KB swings.

    I am working on week 4 and feeling better than ever. Stronger and faster!! Yes!!!

  34. 28 min, did this WOD at the gym and grabbed a 12 kg kettle bell (failing to notice the kg instead of lbs, started to worry on the 5th round that the heavy kettle bell was going to slip out of my hands and go flying through the window). I was happy to discover I'd used 24lbs & was able to do full push ups

  35. This was a perfect workout to add to my marathon training schedule. I needed to complete 4×800's, so I just added one more on, making it 5 and completed the rest as rx'd in 31 minutes (I did do gpu). Thanks for the workout.

  36. 22:03, sub 3minutes of jumping jacks instead of 800m. And girl PUs. Love sweating 🙂

  37. 23:43. As rx'd, on the treadmill. Girl push ups. 20lbs kb. Day one of my whole30.

  38. 35:05, subbed 400 meters on manual treadmill, used 8 lb free-weight to do kettle bells, girl push ups. 🙂

  39. 41:29 still struggling with my running endurance since baby. Compared to a 31 something last time! 🙁

  40. Any suggestions of what I can do instead of run. I can lift but bc of some degeneration in my back I'm unable to run and I have to keep my jumping minimal.I know I can swim,bike,row or get on the elliptical but I don't have any of those things at home.

  41. 26:33. I am usually one of the slower ones so I feel like maybe I did only 4 rounds? But I moved a little pebble into a line each time like Husband taught me and there were 5 pebbles, so….? Maybe I'm just getting faster? I was actually surprised at how easy the (girl) push ups were compared to last week's struggles. Onward and upward!

  42. 54:36 and I'm NOT dead!! lol Running is my kryptonite!! 39:42 was on the treadmill.

    15.5# dumbbell for kettlebell swings

    LOVED kettlebell swings and pushups!!

  43. 22:56, used 10lb weight instead of kettlebell and did girl push ups. Definetely got my heart pumping!

  44. 30:43
    runs were 500m
    25# kettlebell
    all girl pushups
    *time is prob about 2 minutes longer than it should be – I had to stop and correct form on some of my students while they were working out too

    followed up the WOD with a 5×5 push press using 50#

  45. 26.10

    Used 6.6 pound weighted ball for kettle swing, did girl push ups. Ran the 5 800s, minus half a lap on my 4th round.

    Did it with a friend which makes a big difference. 🙂

  46. 39:32 Running is not my forte! Did girl push-ups. I envy all of you who ran extra on top of the assigned WOD. I was on the verge of an oxygen request today! Dripping with sweat! Plan to improve my running ability this year. Thanks for another butt kicker!

  47. Subbed a 5 mile run for the 800's. Finished that in 39:46. Did the rest of the WOD as RX'd in 4:18. Total time of 44:04.

  48. This is only my 2nd work out and I am very overweight and out of shape so my time was awful! It took me 1hour and 5 minutes, but I am happy because I did the entire workout with no stopping! I have to start some where!

  49. Made it through 3 rounds…19:02. Half real push-ups, half girl.

  50. 29:22 as rx'd. Loved all the cardio in this WOD!

  51. First workout for this blog, excited to continue. 30.04, 10lb weight and girl pushups.

  52. 28:13 me Nicole and Makaela

    sub. 3 min cardio ( jacks jogging & high knees )

    girl P/U

    sub resistance bands for kettle bells


  53. 25:40
    4 min cardio(jacks, high knees, running around house, jump rope, jacks)
    16lb dumbells
    Pu from knees

  54. 21:12.

    I've been doing the WOD's since Nov, and I am really noticing a difference. I am much more toned and stronger. Thanks for these work outs!

  55. 30:51 as Rx, all girl pu. Hoping to get the full week in after last weeks sore start 🙂

  56. 22:38 (day 2) ~3 min jogs/8lb kettle ball, girlie push-ups on the back of the tractor. Way sore from yesterday. Can't drag my butt out of bed in the morning so I worked out tonight behind the barn, under the moon with a head-lamp to prevent a disaster. Didn't slip on any ice, fall in any potholes, nor did I get clotheslined by the electric fence, or eaten alive by a coyote. Worked out to the tune of country and classic rock and my barking dog with beady green glow in the dark eyes staring at me. It was AWESOME! Thanks so happy I found this site! P.S I promise this won't be my typically update 😉 ~Kim

  57. I haven't ran this much since my last 10k. This proved that I have lost my running fitness 🙁
    32:15 as rx'd on treadmill.

  58. 27:48 as rx'd with 20 flights of stairs (total) in between each round as I had to go from the indoor track down two flights of stairs to the mats to do my KBS and girly pushups. And then back up two flights of stairs. And now I really want a Diet Coke. 🙂

  59. 27:48
    12lb kettlebell.
    1/3 boy pu, 2/3 girl – 1st day I've been able to do boy pu!

  60. Finally done. It seemed to take forever between setting up bowling pins for the 3 year old & helping the 12 year old w/ Abe Lincoln facts I finally finished @ 46:14. My weight was 12 lbs for swings & still do girl push ups but doing it all the same.
    Anyone have good suggestions for athletic shoes that won't make my feet tingle?

    1. I like Nike, Reebok, & Mizuno. Nike has been my favorite so far. I just recently have used the other two brands. I buy 1/2 a size bigger so my feet have room to move forward ad back(especially when running) & my toes don't hurt after I'm done working out.

  61. 27:35. I subbed stationary bike of 4 mins plus additional 5 sec each round. I thought each run would probably have gotten a little slower. Did two rounds of gpu. I am getting stronger trying to switch push ups.

  62. 29:29!!! DONE AS RX'D
    so proud of myself cuz i had a goal of doing it under 30mins! You should have seen how fast I did those last few pushups! ha!
    Also, think i need a new runnig partner, my (almost) 11 year old Lab could not keep up in those last 2 sets of running. poor old pup 🙂

  63. 32 minutes with girl pushups for the last 4 sets……..still coming back from shoulder surgery.
    Loved this workout!

  64. This looks like an awesome WOD. Love all the running. Went to the box with hubby again after work. Did 60 85# deadlifts, and 60 65# push press. Partnered with a petite little girl who deadlifted 135#, which I could not even lift off the ground. 🙂 Next 2 days, I am doing your awesome workouts! I have missed my shakes for the last 2 days because of work, a place where you are lucky to have the time to eat or drink or even pee! Need to figure it out with having a shake while at work, because I love having them for lunch! 🙂

  65. 35:55. 10 minute mile on treadmill – hope to improve this time in the future.

  66. sub 100 jumpjacks or 25 burpees for run

    25 each of lifts and pushups 10#

    3 rounds


    Never breathed so hard in my life.

    dh: three sets, 8:15

  67. 30:10 first run was my warm up pace and used a 20# kettelebell. Everything else as Rx'ed.

  68. 33:11 mins..
    run 800 first run, sub the other with 3 min cardio of jumping jacks and side kicks and running in place. Great workout and feel great.

  69. 42:49
    8lb dumbbells
    girly pushups – these pu are getting a lot easier..May have to try a few regular pushups next time:)

  70. Travelling so I didn't time but ran about 4 minutes moderately hard and then did 15 burpees with push up, since I have no gear at hand. This was hard after a days travelling 🙂

  71. 31:02 – modified to 3 minutes of misc cardio (jump rope, jumping jacks, just moving) and girl push ups.

  72. 30:17 20# kettle ball, all boy push ups

  73. My husband and I started doing the WOD on Monday. Really like it! We only did four rounds with no subs. Took about 45 mins.

  74. I did all 75 kettlebell swings, and 75 push ups with a 1 mile run in 28:13.

    I didn't have time for another mile and a quarter since I was on my lunch break.

    Will try to run an extra mile this weekend to make up for it!

  75. blueyezcryin- In your case, I would possibly suggest burpees? Would those be ok with your back situation? Burpees are great cardio. What about stairs? Some Mamas that live in cold climates go up and down their stairs for cardio. Just some ideas.

  76. Tiffany Morgan- You are such an inspiration to me. I seriously have so much respect for what you accomplished today. I give more props to you than to someone who could complete this WOD in 20 minutes! You did it!! And you crossfitted for over an hour!!?! That is amazing! You will rock this. Keep it up! 🙂

  77. Country Girl- I had to read your comment to my husband. It was cracking me up! I love the details. I love to see where my Mamas are and how they are doing it! I hope your comments like that don't stop! GO COUNTRY GIRL!! 🙂

  78. 29:25, rowed 1000m instead of run and 12 kg kettle ball instead of 15 pounds. Good one, thanks!

  79. 44:43
    did the eliptical instead of run same distance
    15# dumbbell swings

  80. i don't think i posted my time yesterday. it was 38:02. I'm definitely not a fast runner. I did all the pushups unmodified!!! very happy about that! 🙂

  81. 43:11. I'm really proud of that, actually! I was expecting it to take an hour! I didn't even take a break during my half mile runs! Thank you SO much for this blog! I never would have pushed myself like that without it 🙂

  82. Super swamped with starting school, hadn't measured out an 800m distance from my house yet, no kettle-ball, so I substituted for 3 rounds till fail of:

  83. Jenni- Any ideas on how many burpees per 400m? I have spondylosis so I'm not supposed to be doing anything that is bouncing so I don't cause any further damamge. Not running really hurts my time and my pride!

  84. 19:50 no kettle ball subd 10# dumbells and subd running my stairs and its a deluge of sweat!!! Great workout

  85. I decided to add a skill to this all. 5 round of 3 back squats. worked my way up to 165lbs!

    Did 25lb kettle bell and regular push ups. pushed my 4 and 2 year old in my bob! Hence why my time was a wee bit high! 25:13

  86. 34 mins
    sore ankle it was really hard to push myself on the runs.

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