Monday 01.14.13

For time:
150 Wallball shots, 10 pound ball
(for those of you without a 10 ft wall available, sub for thrusters)

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 4:25 thrusters with 10 lbs for most. Started with 20. Tailbone is feeling a little better…

  2. Thrusters – 6:20

    25-10lb dumbbells (20# total)
    125-6lb dumbbells (11# total)

  3. 10:50 Thrusters
    100 – 8lb dumbbells (16lb total)
    50 – 5lb dumbbells (10lb total)

  4. 11:55
    Thrusters, 20 lbs
    My goal was under 12 min and I did it!

  5. 6:33 subbed thrusters w/ 10 pound weight, took a break after every 50

  6. 6:10
    10# ball, only threw out about 8 feet, 10 is a long way up there.
    Ran 2 km for warm up

  7. Seems like I remember soon this one before. Is there a comparison date?

  8. 6:21
    10# wall ball
    only threw it 8 feet..this was a hard one..
    2 km run for warm up!

  9. 9:30
    22# ball and only threw it about 8 feet. My arms are dead, but happy I got to use the homemade medicine ball my husband made me for Christmas.

  10. warm-up was shoveling my driveway
    100 wall balls (10 lbs)
    50 thrusters with 10 lb weights

  11. Shawntae :3:57
    Courtney : 5:50
    Mindi : 3:47
    Jenelle : 3:47

  12. Thrusters
    25 @ 20 lbs
    125 @ 10 lbs
    I too am amazed at your times, ladies!! dang!

  13. I'm modifying today's workout. I just wanted a little more I guess, plus I need just a few more minutes away from my 4 kids.
    Here's what I did
    3 rounds for time
    50 squats
    25 Military Press #15
    15 KB swings #20
    Wish I had done to SU…maybe later.

  14. Britta, my neck doesn't hurt but my nose does. Took a 10lb ball right in the face.

    11:35 as RX'd. I took little breaks in there, my goal was under 12 and I did it 🙂 First time with an actual weighted ball.

  15. Britta- looking up for SO long? 4 minutes is SO long? You're funny. 😉

  16. 9:07 first day, only had a 5lb ball so that is what I used. Off to walk now!

  17. 8 mile run then…

    5:35 – ouchhhhhhh….. I am not sure how you ladies did it faster, painful!

  18. 7:46 as rx'd, first time doing real wall balls! They are definitely harder than they look!!

  19. 3:54 10 lb Medicine ball.
    followed by 300 ab sit ups

    No caffeine
    No Soda
    Whoop Whoop!

  20. 3:42 Thrusters with a 10lb bar. Should I have used a 20lb bar? My time seems a little too fast.

  21. 6:37
    150 thrusters with 8lb hand weights-16lbs total.

    It sucked. Hoping to do wall balls next time but logistics did not allow me to get to the gym.

  22. 14 ish minutes.
    thrusters with 5 lb db (10 lb total)
    20 rest 10 rest 10 rest……can't believe I finally made the 150. SOme of you mamas amaze me….I'll eventually get there.

  23. 8:58 Thrusters

    20 w/ 10lb weights in each hand.
    20 w/ no weights.
    110 w/ 5lb weights in each hand.

    My shoulders are so D.E.A.D! Definitely am lacking in upperbody strength!

  24. 7:25 as rx'd. Doing good on no soda or caffeine

  25. 12:00 with 5 lb dumbells (thrusters)
    1 mile on the treadmill

    This was my 2nd crossfit workout. Legs were still sore from 150 squats on Friday.

  26. 5:40
    As RXed.
    Drank my last glass of root beer for 90 days last night. 🙂

  27. Amy- we have never done this WOD before. We have done similar ones where it is just 100 squats or 100 burpees, etc. but never just 150 wall ball.

  28. 6:00 wall ball. used exercise ball. i'll get a medicine ball eventually. 😉

  29. Holy cow I only had a 6.6 lb ball & my arms are shaking. I'm back though after eye surgery & living it. 10:15

  30. 5:44 – wall ball w/4# ball – I was going to add more because of the weight difference, but my shoulders/arms are D-O-N-E!


  31. 11:42 as rx'd – probably could have shaved a minute or two off the time if I didn't have to stop to let students into the weight room

    followed it up with 30 min on the stationary bike

  32. Ouch!
    Thrusters- 25 w/16lns
    50 w/8
    100 empty handed:)

  33. 13:33
    Half unweighted
    Half with shot put in each hand

  34. 15:00 (8 lb ball, in sets of 25 with several breaks in between)

    I almost didn't do this today…but I'm glad now that I did. I'm going to be dying tomorrow!

  35. 15 min thrusters. with 10 lbs dumbells. Must have done it wrong, as my time is really bad or maybe because I had a diet pepsi an hour before. I know…. I just needed something to give me a second wind….

  36. Ran 30 minutes, biked 13 (both about 2.5 miles) THEN 7:25 for thrusters with 10 # dumbbells.. broke it up in sets of 15 and took a 5 second rest between sets

  37. 7:46 thrusters with 10#'s. Broke up into sets of 25 with 10 second rest.

  38. 8:00 with 10lbs dumbbells in each hand.

    Friday's time was 13:45 – forgot to post!

    Loving the challenge!

  39. 60 minute spin
    5 minute wall ball with 6 lb ball since I just had shoulder surgery two months ago
    20 minute run
    (I am determined to get fit!)

  40. Thrusters 20lbs for 35 then 10lbs for the rest 7:07
    20 min run prior
    Loving the workouts!

  41. Thrusters 7:11
    half with 8lb dumbbells
    half with 3lb dumbbells

    I'm New to crossfit and so far I'm loving it!

  42. Thrusters 6:50. Started with 10 lb dumb bells, had to drop the weight half way.

  43. 10:31
    80 reps (15# dumbells)
    70 reps (5# dumbells)
    1.5 mile run after the WOD

  44. Thrusters with 45lb barbell. Couldn't make it to 150 though…too heavy. Got to 100 and felt that was pretty good 🙂

  45. Day behind but I finally am healthy and able to get up to so it.
    100 wall balls 5#
    50 thrusters 15#
    20 pushups

  46. 7:55. Wow! I thought this would be easy! Wrong! Doing great without caffeine and soda. My skin looks healthier….not as dry! Who knew!?!?

  47. 8:35
    12 lb medicine ball
    First time posting!
    Sore neck from looking up. 🙂

  48. 5:54, subbed thrusters….20 lbs for first 45 reps, 10 lbs for last 105 (skipped yesterday so doubling up today's wod with this)

  49. 7:40 And I ran 400 meters before I started. Doesn't really make much of a difference, but I hate running haha… so that's a step for me.

  50. I'm pretty sure I forgot to post yesterday…

    7:20ish (can't remember exact second subbing w/10# dumbell thrusters.

    2 mile run after the WOD.

  51. Did the WOD at the box with hubby. 200m then AMRAP pullups, all assisted for me, then 200M then AMRAP back squats 65#, then 200M, then AMRAP burpees all in 4 minute intervals each, then adding all for total=81 for me.

  52. 9:43….thrusters…20lbs – I could only do 30-40 in a row without stopping

  53. Garderie P'tits Bzoo- SO,so bad! Gotta quit the Diet Pepsi! Need an energy boost? Eat an apple!! An apple will provide you with the same energy boost as a Red Bull without the harmful chemicals, drugs, and without the inevitable crash!

  54. 10:58 20 pound thrusters with a bottle run and sleep deprived

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