Thursday 01.10.13

5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
10 Burpee box jumps, 18″ box
10 Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 15-30lbs
10 Thrusters, 20lbs
Rest 1 minute

 Compare to 12.07.11 (click link to see burpee box jump demo)

And here is a great burpee video tutorial to end all the controversy about whether there is a strict push-up in a burpee or not! -Thanks Jen M.!
(I had to watch this video a few times to be absolutely sure. 😉
no caffeine

*Mamas- I added a bunch of answers to FAQ so check it out if you have any questions!


  1. 51:50–running is so not my strong suit and I ended up just having to do burpees instead of burpee box jumps! I put a 40 minute cap on myself and when I got to 40 minutes I was 4 rounds in and couldn't not finish it! 🙂

  2. Only three sets in about 10 min. First week cold…working up to it.

  3. 21 min. Did 1 min on trampoline instead of running again and just burpees – no box jumps.

  4. 100 jacks for run
    No box jump
    35# for sumo's and thrusters
    Thrusters were PAINFUL.
    I'm drenched, THANKS! Glad to be back!

  5. 30:27
    Used two 8lb dumb bells for thrusters
    15lb kettle bell for sumo
    12in box for jumps

  6. I am not sure if it is just my computer not loading everything but for the past two days, all of the videos on the right have disappeared and I do not see any of the links like FAQ that used to be there. Also, the link to the 12.07.11 workout is not actually there. I can't get to the workout to see the burpee box jump demo. Anyone else having this problem or just me?

  7. 24:10. no box jumps. that was a good one. Thank God I found this sight. love it!!

  8. 34:25, that includes my 4 mins of rest.
    19" box jumps
    40# SDHP's and thrusters
    Great workout!

  9. 25.47 I think my runs may have been a little short since I just eyeballed the distance…I will measure it with my car for next time.
    This is my second day to do the workouts & I'm loving/hating it so far… Thanks!

  10. First, the guy in the burpee video is super hot. Thank you for that.

    Also, I'm only on Day 4 and already need more time and equipment than advertised. Almost an hour some days. Plus a padded bench to somehow rig up a Day 3 back extension (used a garden bench with yoga mat somewhat successfully but it hurt my hipflexors) and now a barbell for Sumo dead-lift high-pull and thrusters. At this rate I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hang with you.

    1. I do back extensions on the floor (there are videos on YouTube for technique) and I only have 15 lb dumbbells that I use for pretty much everything. Stick with it and you will see yourself getting faster and faster.

    2. You don't need a barbell! Just use two dumbbells (she says that on the FAQ page, I had the same question), also I do my back extensions on the floor too (the video tutorial is on the right side of the page further down). You'll gwt there!

  11. 27 mins. I have mental issues jumping on a box, I just discovered today. I did a jump each time but couldn't land on the box. Anyone ever dealt with this? I used 2- 10 lb hand weights on both thrusters and sumo lifts.

  12. 28:38. Used the fireplace hearth as a box, so I'm not sure of the height. Also used 10 lb dumbbells for both high pulls and thrusters since that's all I have. Investing in heavier weights soon!

  13. First day of Crossfit mamas! Thanks for putting this together!!
    18.23 for 4 rounds…couldn't do another! 100 jumping jacks instead of run, regular burpees instead of box. Wow, i'm gonna be hurting! Yay!

  14. 19:50 Rx'd

    35lbs for SDHP and Thrusters

    Love this workout!

    Jenni–thank you so much for the blog/website. I have been doing CF for about 3 years (2 years in a gym and the last year in my own home gym). Having this blog and the daily WOD has been great!

  15. OMG. I could only do 1 round of everything, and I was dying. This is only my 2nd day of working out since before I even got pregnant with my now 9-month-old…. I am trying my hardest and will continue to do so!!

  16. 23:18
    Ran on treadmill at a 7;04 min.mile. It helped me keep pace. Felt like I was going to puke.used 6 risers on each side on a step for box jumps.

  17. 20:53.
    Just burpee, no box jump. Kids sleeping so switched run for 90 seconds in place with intervals of high knees. Plan to do extra cardio this evening to compensate. Also used dumbells for thrusters. Started with 20 each, then 15 then 10 for last three rounds. 25 lb kettle bell for sumo dead lifts. This was the most difficult for me so far. It killed me. Thanks 🙂

  18. Awesome!!! 17.28 min 100 jacks for the run. 12 inch box, 20# for TH and Sumo. Sweaty mess!!!!

  19. 37:02 … I pushed through it and did all 5 rounds! Used shorter box.

  20. Okay, only got in three rounds because of limited time between school pick ups but it still hurt….wished I could have kept going tho! Used kettlebell for sumo's and hand weights for thrusters.

  21. NV – You can google alternatives to any of the following she has listed. Also do you own dumbbells?? That can be used for sumo's and even for thrusters. There's many alternatives ways.. if you just even google alternatives to some of those they will give them to you!

  22. About 20 minutes, but not even close to RX'd 😀
    Ran outside in 20F, plulled my 1-year-old in a pulk while running around the block, forgot the burpees in box jumps and used a 35-lb-kettlebell for the deadlifts and thrusters.
    Loved working out outside and got some strange looks, too 😉

  23. 25:10.
    16" box, 40lb sumo dl, 20lb thrusters.

    I could do burpees all day long if that guy was my trainer;)

  24. This was a tough one!

    I only did three rounds
    2min. running sub.
    20 min. for 3 rounds

  25. NV, I started with just dumbbells. I had to google alternatives for the things I didn't have and it still gives you a good workout. I've been doing this for almost about a year now and gathered equipment as I went. I already have a treadmill, but you can go outside with free phone downloads to tell you the distance. Also, Jenni has listed alternatives for running such as jumping jacks. I bought a door bar to do pull-ups and such at Walmart for $10. I barely got 2 20# dumbbells for Christmas and a 10# ball. So keep with it, the beginning does take a little longer due to having to google what the heck you are supposed to do, but it's worth it!

    32 as RX'd. 20# SDLHP

  26. Whew!! that one will make you sweat!
    30 minutes
    step ups instead of box jumps
    Awesome workout!!

  27. 29:06 including the 4 1-minute breaks between rounds. Beat my 30 minute goal. Woop!

    run and burpee box jumps as rx'd

    sdlhp with 45 lb bar

    thrusters with 45 lb bar 1st round, 20 lbs for last 4 founds

  28. 22.05
    Had to brisk walk the run as apparently pulled something
    Regular burpees, no box
    15 lb lift and thrusters

  29. 24:26
    19" box
    40# SDHPs
    20# thrusters

    Those burpee box jumps are killers!

  30. 19:55 –
    100 jumping jacks in place of run.
    10" box step ups.
    20 lb. dumb bell for sumo-deadlift high-pulls and thrusters.
    I was breathing SO hard after this one!

  31. 28:45
    Just starting challenge due to coming down with a stomach virus on day one 🙁
    Did 2 1/2 min cardio inside instead of running

  32. NV- Your welcome for the burpee hottie! I understand that you will need more time sometimes to complete the WODs. The time will be less and less and you get faster and stronger. I know some Mamas who need 45 minutes to finish a WOD that others are able to complete in 19 minutes. We are all at different levels of fitness so the times will vary but I am sorry if the WODs are taking your longer than I had advertised. As far as the equipment, I have listed everything that I use and have used for the last year and a half of doing Crossfit at home. I do not own a bar or a bench for back extensions. I will clarify from now on that back extension on my site means Supermans, where you lay on your stomach and lift your arms and legs simultaneously as 1 rep. The video demo that is posted on the site shows that for back extensions. I use dumbbells for thrusters, push press, sumos, cleans, snatches, even kettlebell swings because I still don't have a kettlebell!! I have expressed a few times on the facebook page that all of our lifting exercises can be done with dumbbells. I have just been unsuccessful at finding crossfit videos that show dumbbell subs for the lifting. I am sorry. I am working on that. But you can do all of these exercises at home, with the equipment listed, in under 30 minutes (varies slightly). Let me know if I can do anything to make it easier for you to be successful.

  33. That video was super helpful, and so easy to watch with such a cute instructor!!! Might need to watch it again just to perfect my form! 😉

  34. 28:18 including 4 minute rest.

    Did 1:30 jumping jacks in place of running 400m.

    Sumo Lifts – 15lb dumbbells – need HEAVIER ones 🙂

    Thrusters – 2 sets with 15lbs, last 3 sets with 10lbs.

  35. Crystal- I fixed the link (that was my fault) but I don't know why the rest of the site layout isn't showing up on your computer? Maybe refresh and see if it all comes back?

  36. NV – I don't have a gym membership. My husband is even mad that I purchased dumbbells. But that's honestly all I have is 1 10lb set
    1 15lb set

    I use a chair for my box jump and have googled ways to do some of the things with the dumbbells I have. It can work with little equipment! 🙂

  37. LOVED the video and watched it a few times for clarification (no really, it was just to see that cutie)
    LOVED doing the burpees minus the push ups!

    24:12 (including rest time)
    compared to 25:12 on 12.7.11

  38. Hating it today. 🙂 Ran in snow and ice. Burpee Box jumps made me want to vomit. Time 27:25 includes rest minutes. Tomorrow will be better. 🙂 Blargghh!

    1. PS Thanks for the beautiful burpee demo. 🙂 Feeling better with my Post WOD shake. 🙂

  39. start day for me!
    not able to run out side (2 kiddos sleeping) I did 50 jumping jacks and ran around the living room
    only had a total of 16lbs for weights
    starting to feel it in the 3 rep.
    21 to finish
    looking forward to seeing the results.

  40. Okay all, you guys have been super helpful and motivating! I am a google maniac and I blame that for my mistake on the back extensions. All the youtubes show it done on equipment but I see now that Jenni's page has the Superman version. (First video even, duh.) After I started the work out with my 7# dumbbells (my heaviest) I saw that they were an easy sub on the sdlhp's and thrusters. Whew! 39:51. The burpee box jumps (13" bench) slowed me down considerably–major mental game there.

    This was the easiest work out for me of the four. Maybe because I did it in the morning instead of 4pm? At any rate, I loved it. Keep 'em comin' and I will do what I can do!

    PS It is stupid funny to see how my body compensates on these exercises seeing how there is no muscle to make it do what it is supposed to do. I thought running a couple times a week was keeping me in "shape." HA!

  41. PPS Valentine, I love your name.
    Jenni, thanks for your long response. I should check out your facebook page.
    Nomie, maybe after he sees the results Husband will start buying more equip!

  42. 24:05. The burpee demo really helped, it made it actually easier (and faster!) to do them! I think it was the kipping aspect getting back up to standing. Pretty much as rx'd, with the box jumps being the second stair in my basement. Treadmill for the run. 20lbs sumo's and thrusters.

  43. 28:23
    run 1:30 in stead of for distance
    45# sumo dead lift
    20# dumb bell thrusters

    Thought the burpee box jumps were going to kill me! I really wanted to take the day off and not do this WOD but so glad I did – I'm exhausted by feel awesome!!!

  44. 25:14
    Ran for 2 minutes instead of distance.
    still a little confused on the sumo dead lifts -will watch some more videos.
    Burpee Box jumps stink.

  45. 24:30
    Alternated between 100 jumping jacks, knee-ups, and heel to butts instead of running (kids napping).
    Burpees without box.
    Still freaking killer…best workout yet!

  46. 37:25
    25# sdhp
    25# thrusters
    10" box
    Did anyone else find those burpee box jumps ridiculously hard?

  47. 47:16 – I ran half and walked half each round, but did incline up to 4 during the walking parts.

    25# high pulls
    24# thrusters

    Burpees alone are a bitch. Box jumps alone, also a bitch. Burpees AND box jumps combined? Double bitch!! Those were harder than the running!!

    Great workout today!!

  48. This morning ran 5 miles.

    This afternoon did the WOD. 27:26 as rx'd.

  49. 23:32 – no box jumps. only 30 sec rest in between.

  50. 25:10 (no box) then a 3 mile run. Glad for the rest from sit-ups!! 🙂

  51. 33:29 stopped timer before final rest.

    400m on treadmill 6mph, 7.5mph, 8mph, 8mph, 7mph

    burpee box jump 10" step up did 10, 9, 9, 7,7 frustrating how long it took so I did less :/

    SDHP 28.6 lb

    Thrusters 10 lb dumbbells

  52. 27:58
    Modified running 400m with stairs and indoor running…17 sets of stairs and ran 2 minutes
    30lb deadlifts and thrusters

  53. 31:20
    8 lb weights for all (heaviest I have)
    No box for jumps so just did burpees. Thank you for the video. I have been doing them as push-ups this whole time!

  54. 23.32…that was a killer. I am shaking. Made a big mistake and promised kids I would jump on the trampoline with them…no idea how that is going to happen.

    Did burpees…don't have a box and even if I did burpees are still pretty challenging for me. Getting better though. The video really helped!

    I used 1 10 pound free weight for thrusters, 20 pounds was just too much at this point.

    4 days down…86 to go. 🙂

  55. This one killed me, total time 38:28, I used 20 lbs for both sumo squat and thrusters.

  56. 28:25 as RX'd including 4 minutes of rests.
    20# Sumos
    20# Thrusters
    Hurts so good!

  57. 23:10, minus the box jumps. Didn't have a good place to do them. Used 20 pound weights for dead lifts and thrusters.

  58. 4 mile bridge run…44 min. 3 rounds: basic burpee, basic dead lift, BASIC thruster 12:15. yay day 4!

  59. That was killer. My time was 36:40 and I had to eliminate jumping on the box the last 2 rounds. Dang it.

  60. Ok. So this is my first day. Was curious to try and holy geez….

    Going to try with the caffeine thing… I am drinking my 2.5 liters of water a day…

    did 100 jumping jacks as there is a snow storm right now
    Did sumo and thrusters with 15lbs kettle bell. Need extra weight as it was too easy, so maybe I will try doing it faster next time?, I just don't want to loose my form and injure myself

    I did the burpees, they are hard. my step was only 8". Can't even imagine with 18"! That was a good video, helped a lot. Also helped that he was cute! lol

    Total time with 24min. 5 rounds

  61. 25:37 including rests. Used 30 lbs for both weighted exercises. Tough and sweaty one!

  62. So tough today! Did 3 rounds in 20 minutes…thought I was going to pass out! no box jumps with burpees. 20lbs on sumos & thrusters.

  63. 20:19
    Box jump on 2 stairs in my house
    30lb sumo deadlift high pulls

  64. Me: mostly walk, 5 in box, 5 thrusters, 20 sumps , 3 rnds 18:46
    Dh : 28:21 no burped
    Just: 28 no burp

  65. 29:35
    But if we are going to do box jumps – then this mom needs a round of Kegel excersizes between every set!

  66. 30:17
    Jog Stairs in place of 400M's
    BBJ used a 6" Box
    SDLHP Used 20# Bar
    Thrusters Used 20# Bar

    15 Sets (total) Jogging on Stairs

    Completed all 5 Rounds but with So many modifications, wasn't sure I should post…

    (25 Steps Stairs each way; counted up & down as 1Set)

  67. 30:17
    Jog Stairs in place of 400M's
    BBJ used a 6" Box
    SDLHP Used 20# Bar
    Thrusters Used 20# Bar

    15 Sets (total) Jogging on Stairs

    Completed all 5 Rounds but with So many modifications, wasn't sure I should post…

    (25 Steps Stairs each way; counted up & down as 1Set)

  68. 22:42
    That was a good one. My butt is so sore and my thighs are burning. I love that. Means they are getting tighter! 🙂

  69. 28:58 – wanted less than 30 so that is good enough for me me!!

  70. 27:54
    Ran 1.25 Miles all at one time
    20lb Kettle Ball SDHP
    10lb Dumbbells (20# total) for Thrusters

    Several interruptions 🙁

  71. Thursday: 27:03, burpees without box.
    Great video, thanks!

  72. Second Day…badly out of shape.
    34 minutes.
    Could only 5 box jumps for 3 rounds and then skipped them. 20 lb weight on deadlift and 10 lb weight on thrusters.

  73. 29:30. Walk/run during the 400 meters. Pregnant burpees instead of regular, no box jumps. I'm starting to get over the soreness……. slowly! Great workouts! Thanks for doing this blog!

  74. 25:50

    1:43 pace 400m on 1.5 incline on treadmill
    that was brutal!!!

  75. 27.58 with 18" box jumps and p/u with burpees, 20lbs for sumo dl and thrusters. Also ran 2 miles before. Ouch.

  76. First, let me say I am working one day behind. This is so foreign to me that I like haveing the chance to review the exercises and gather equipment ahead of time so I won't flake the day of.

    I replaced 400m with a minute of jogging in place–I know it's way less, but I'm starting this pretty much "off the couch."

    I also could only muster 6 burpee box jumps per set and had to switch from an 18" box to 10" after the first round.

    That being said, I completed 5 rounds in 27:13 and didn't quit! Woohoo!

  77. I go to crossfit 2X week. So I did the crossfit class WOD Thursday.

    10 pullups

    WOD 10 rounds of:
    10 box jumps
    10 pullups
    10 tire flips

    time 40:27

  78. 2 mile quick run in place of 400 m x5
    did just 3 rounds of the rest, with about 15 lb dumbells
    Didn't get my timing done right!
    Good workout, just didn't have time for all of it!

  79. 31:25…first crossfit workout ever! Thought I was going to die! Did regular burpees- no box jumb. used 8 lb weights for the sumo dead lift and thrusters

  80. Did this in the gym of my church so subed suicides for running. Completed 5 rounds in 35min. Also subed regular burpiee for burpee box jumps.

  81. 20:14 as RX'd, but used 12" box as I don't have an 18". Used 20 lbs for Sumo's.

  82. 26.01 14 " box jumps used my stairs, rest as rx'd. This was great. You are so generous to do this for us! Thank you.

  83. 38:51 Holy sweat!!! I was on the verge of shut down a few times during this one, but I pushed through. Kept reminding myself how good I feel after I complete a WOD. I was soaking wet after this one! Thanks, Jenni! Keep proving what we are capable of!
    24" box; 20lbs. for sumos and thrusters; had to walk a bit during last 3 rounds.

  84. 28:58…pretty sure my form on the burpees was subpar. Run ~2min per 400m (slow!).

  85. 4 rounds
    Box jumps killed
    I think I ran slow…
    Does 400 m equal .25 m just checking

  86. 3 rounds 14:02

    ran in place 200 steps

    15 and 12lb dumbells for sumos
    15lb dumbells for thrusters


  87. 46:18 (time w/o 4 minutes of rest)

    16" jump box, um, I mean bale – used a bale of straw…aaah farm life
    20# SDHP
    20# Thusters

  88. Did this on Friday the 11th….comment didn't post I guess….26:16 as rx'd with 25 lb on thrusters….WOW!

  89. Wasn't able to do this on thursday and really wanted to try it so I substituted it for todays WOD.
    28:49 – 20# for Sumo's and 30# for thrusters. GREAT workout.

  90. 23:57, but I only had time for 3 rounds.
    Ran around my court 4 times for each run, which I think is about 400m. On the third round I completely spaced on the 3rd or 4th time around, so I just did another lap. Might have done 500m for that one.
    20 lbs for sumos and thrusters.

  91. 36:10

    The box I used was only 12-inches.

    Burpees were extremely slow with not very good form. I HATE burpees with a passion!

    I used 20-pounds for the sumo and thrusters.

    And I too am totally digging the cute guy in the video. He makes me want to perfect my form:)

  92. 29 minutes, I think. I'm too lazy to go find my watch to confirm. Great workout.

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