Tuesday 01.08.13

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Reverse pull-ups (start at top of pull-up, and slowly lower)
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
20 Butterfly sit-ups

Lisa Bond
 Sandy Springs
Foster Falls, TN
no caffeine


  1. I'm so bummed! Got a nasty stomach flu and don't know when I'll be back to WODs 🙁 Still no food intake after yeasterday's WOD and feeling very weak. But hey, not tempted by caffeine 😀

  2. I did 8 rounds…I wasn't able to do the reverse pull up, I did modified pushups….not sure what a cross fit sit up was so I did all different types of an exercises. Not bad for a Tuesday morning with my 3.5 month old laughing at me in her swing!

    I'm a first time mom trying to get my body back and I am not used to not being able to get to te gym as much as I did before!

  3. 5 rounds gpu only did 10 mins. Hopefully. I can finish rest later

  4. I don't have a bar for a reverse pull up, any substitute suggestions?

    1. I used the rail of my treadmill. So my body was over the track and my legs were out to the side of the treadmill. Hope that makes sense.

  5. 13 but did flies and upright rows with 15 pound weights!! Loving this.. I can't feel my legs but just a minor detail!! Lol

  6. I did upright rows, found in a website that could be a alternative.
    8 rounds! Pheeew! Done!

  7. 6 rounds with my daughter our day 2 of your blog. Love it – we planked for pull ups since no bar

  8. 7 rounds. Pull ups under counter in kitchen. Need a pull up bar. Last 2 rounds knee push ups.

  9. Almost 12 full rounds…did not complete all 20 sit ups before timer ran out. Assisted pull ups.

  10. 8 rounds. no bar so did 10 dips. Did 20 legs lifts afteri finally caught my breath..since I was lying there anyway

  11. almost 7 rounds – a few sit ups short. Did upright rows since we don't have a pull up bar.

  12. 10 rounds: all boy push ups (!!), used a table for pull ups and subbed crunches–my tummy is getting a little big for cfsu

  13. As RX'd
    Almost a full 9 rounds, just had to finish 20 CFSU's!
    Instead of caffeine, I am giving up ice cream. Caffeine will come later in the challenge for me 🙂

  14. Wait, I did 11!!! Misread my marks at first!! WOOHOO. So 11, minus the 20 CFSU's.

  15. 11 rounds + pull ups, push ups and squats. Rx'd. All boy push ups. It has been a lot of push ups the past 2 days.

    Thanks for the great workout–not too motivated this morning–feels good to power through it!

  16. Crossfit mamas Northglenn:
    Subbed above our head jumping pull ups for reverse pull ups.
    Janel : 9 plus a run
    Courtney : 10
    Lauren : 7ish
    Shawntae: 16.5
    Jenelle 17

  17. What can I do for pullups if I dont have a pull up bar??? Also what are Cross fit sit ups? I am new to crossfit too. 🙂

  18. New to crossfit…what can I do instead of a pull up because I do not have a pull up bar??? Also what is a cross fit sit up???

  19. 10 rounds plus 8 reverse pull ups. And yesterday my time was 28:30…I forgot to post. How do I get my name in this challenge? I would love to be a part of this!

  20. Almost 10 rounds (just 8 CFSU short). Modified PUs on treadmill handle. 1 round BPUs the rest GPUs.

  21. Did 7 rounds, girl push-ups and used my total gym for pull ups (so they were assisted). Loved this workout.

  22. 5 3/4 rounds..inclined dips in place of pull ups and girl push ups. sit ups were brutal for me!

  23. 7 rounds with modified 'girl'pushups and upright rows instead of reserve pull ups (no bar). 🙂

  24. 2.26 run before therain got too bad and then 7 rounds

  25. 12 rounds plus 5 pull ups. And today marks my first unassisted slow up and slow down pull up since I can remember. YEA!!!!!

  26. 8 rounds with 40 seconds left. Did upright rows instead of reverse pull-ups.

  27. 3rd Cross Fit workout! Still sore from yesterday. 🙂 6 rounds. Very girly push-ups. Used bunk bed for reverse pull-ups and did 10 instead of 5. (Use kitchen table next time.)

  28. 6 rounds – full overhand pull ups, boy push ups. Those crossfit situps killed me! 🙂

  29. Had a rumbly tummy today. 🙁 Did 10 3/4 rounds in 15 mins. Subbed 30 sec plank each round for CFSU.

  30. 4 rounds but I only did 10 minutes. I was up all night with 2 puking kids so I'm just proud I did anything at all .Maybe I'll finish the other 10 minutes later but I am exhausted and was starting to do bad form .. no good .

  31. 7 rounds. Tricep dips instead of pullups. First round with crossfit situps then all other sets with butterfly crunches. Those hurt me! Boy pushups then last two rounds of boy pushups with knuckles. My wrists were hurting! Not bad for second day!

  32. 12 rounds plus 5 assisted pullups.

    boy pushups, and on the first round I did one real pullup. I never in my life thought I would be able to do a pullup.

    Thank you for getting me there in just 3 months of crossfit, Jenni. Love this blog!

  33. 10 rounds
    Used table for reverse pull ups but it felt awkward.

  34. Went for a true Cindy today (no CFSU), but subbed jumping pull-ups.

    17 rounds. Missed 18 only by the squats.

    One day I will be able to do a full pull up!!

  35. This is my first day! I'm so excited to have someone planning my workout for me in a timeframe I can manage! 🙂 Thanks!

    6.75 – couldn't finish the sit-ups before the timer went off. Used a table for the reverse pull-ups. The crossfit sit-ups about killed me! I've got a lot of work to do on my core! 🙂

  36. 12 rounds. The sit ups about killed me but I didn't give up. Did upright rows instead of reverse pull ups-couldn't find a suitable spot in my house and couldn't make it to the gym today with sick baby.

    Thanks for the motivation. I really enjoy reading everyone's comments.

  37. 12 rounds. The sit ups about killed me but I didn't give up. Did upright rows instead of reverse pull ups-couldn't find a suitable spot in my house and couldn't make it to the gym today with sick baby.

    Thanks for the motivation. I really enjoy reading everyone's comments.

  38. 10 rounds as Rxd then got in 7 pull ups with 11 seconds left! Feels AMAZING! Thanks!

  39. 4 CFSU shy of 11 rounds. Thank you to my 8mth old son (with double ear infections) for taking a nap so mommy could workout 😉

  40. 10 ish. I didn't keep track very well with my kids today. Needing something or fighting the whole time 🙂 such is the life of a crossfit mama!

  41. 7
    Modified Push Up's (used knees)
    Modified Pull Up's (used bands)

    I use 'modified' verbiage so that when I actually do the Standard Push Up or the Unmodified, I know that I have made progress. Let's face it… the Unmodified or Standard Push Up is so much more difficult than the Modified W/Knees version… I am getting so much stronger even with the Modifieds! I look forward to doing meeting the Standard! I was able to use the middle band for most of my pull-ups and then had to use the one with the most resistance for the last two sets… I'm less confident in my ability to achieve a 'real' or Unmodified Pull Up. Those are SO Difficult. But, atleast I have, for the most part, 'graduated' to the next band. Yay.

    ALSO: I am so excited, my husband agreed to go Decalf W/Me. Yay.

  42. 6 rounds…REALLY sore from yesterdays workout so it slowed me down some.

  43. 10 but I lost track of time and did 23.56 min. Half reverse pull-ups on weight bar, not working so well so did half window sill push ups.

  44. 9 rounds with an extra 5 pull ups and 10 push ups. Push Ups were all UNMODIFIED 🙂

  45. Made it throught the 2nd day!! 6 rounds and ran a mile afterwards. Great workout!

  46. 8 rounds
    girl push ups
    subbed 25 crunches for the CFSU (they hurt my lower back too much without a pad/towel which I forgot to bring)

    I had to skip yesterday's WOD, but will be making it up on Sat

  47. 10 – pull ups I had to jump off a small step. And did all girl push ups. CFSU were really hard for me.

  48. 10 rounds minus 5 push ups! I did kipping pull-ups and regular boy push ups. Now going to knock out some speed foot work push my 2 and 4 year old in our bob! Nice workout!

  49. Only 2–my leg muscles are killing me from yesterday. I'm not a fit momma.

  50. 6 complete rounds, but I went 22 seconds over. My situps slowed WAY down after the 4th round!

  51. 10 rounds minus 10 cfsu's… 20 more seconds would have done it! 🙂

  52. 8.75 rounds- timer went off just before 9th round of sit ups (thank goodness!!) Used a band over door for pull ups. Girl push ups.

  53. 6 mile run
    13 rounds minus 10 CFSU. Assisted pull ups, girl push ups (working up to it:).

  54. Day 2:
    Got 4 rounds in.
    Knee push ups, don't have a bar so I used 3lb weights and did 20 lifts (don't know what you would call them) each round. Also had to do a modified ab work out since I am very recently postpartum, so I did extra of those to. Yep, still feeling the leg burn from yesterday!

  55. Just finished squeezing in a 2 mile run this afternoon that I couldn't squeeze in this morning after today's WOD. Love this blog!

  56. 8 rounds but couldn't do the crossfit situps :(… tried really hard but I can't get up… really need to work on my core… did normal situps

  57. couldn't do any of the wod today still post op recovering….. instead i walked on the treadmill and walked up and down my stairs about 28 times putting away christmas decorations.
    hoping another week and i can do full wod

  58. 15 rounds plus 5 reverse pull-ups. All boy push ups. Ouch

  59. 8 rounds with modified push-ups. Those crossfit sit-ups are a killer!

  60. 7 rounds.

    Any substitutions for mom's with separated abdominal muscles after a Csection? Sit ups are not good for diastasis. Thanks

    1. Hi Allison,
      I also have diastasis and have been substituting plank. I substituted 30 seconds of plank per 10 sit-ups. I feel pretty good that plank is a good substitute but not quite sure if the exchange rate (ie 30 secs to 10 sit-ups) is accurate.
      Looking for some advice (or just reinforcement) on this too 🙂

  61. 8 rounds as RX'd + Pull ups and Pushup from round 9

  62. 6 rounds- modified push up and dips for reverse pull up.

  63. 6.25 rounds.

    The good news is that this work out had abs, since almost every other muscle is crying from yesterday. The bad news is that it seems my abs are my weakest link. I did all 20 w/each round but they were ugly, ugly, ugly. I just pray that my form, with all my mods, wasn't harmful.

    My head is so clear after I work out. Love it!

  64. 8 1/2 rounds. Substituted with upright rows and girlie push ups.

  65. 10.75 rounds
    subbed tricept dips for pull ups

  66. Almost 7 rounds (just short the sit-ups) Did modified push-ups. Day 2 done!

  67. Timer went off during my 15th round after my 3rd CFSU as rxed. The reverse pullups were the hardest for me. Thanks!! Feels great! 🙂

  68. As best I can tell I did 7.5 rounds…had 3 kids running in and asking a million questions even though they had to practically jump over their dad to get to me. Ughhh! I am going to count it as a win because I was very tempted to dive under the covers in this cold and rainy weather.

  69. 8.75 rounds.
    Girl push ups
    Pull ups on treadmill bar (thanks for that idea! )
    Sore from yesterday and LOVE IT..

  70. 5 3/4 rounds + 5 cfsu…20 min easy jog/walk to work out the kinks.

  71. 10 rounds flat.
    subbed pull ups with high pulls

  72. 8 rounds. the first 5 rounds were unmodified pushups and the last 3 were knee pushups. still so sore from yesterday! great workout!! i caved on the caffeine challenge today. i was unprepared. I will do better tomorrow.

  73. 9 rounds with inverted rows on the trx. probably should have increased those reps.

  74. 8 rounds + 12 situps. Did upright rows in place of reverse pull-ups. Girl pushups the last 2 rounds.

  75. 11.75 one armed girl push us, one armed upright rows

  76. ;( Such bad migraine to day..I was lucky to make it out of bed. I will make up on Sat. Wondering if it was set off by no caffeine.
    Very discouraged.

  77. 7 full rounds. Was hoping for 9 but happy with 7. All you 15 round mamas……Wow. You go girls!!
    See ya tomorrow!

  78. Started with a 1.5 mile run and did 9 rounds in 20mi. Substituted upright rows for the reverse pull-ups. Great WOD!

  79. 6 rounds w/
    -chairs dips instead of reverse PU (no bar)
    -crunches/leg lifts/reverse crunches instead of CFSU (still recovering from tailbone injury….but Jenni I did 10 CFSUs with a pillow then started to feel pain, not quite ready yet 🙂

  80. 8 rounds as RX'ed
    5th round only 5 Push-ups
    6th round only 3.5 PU's
    7th round only 5 PU's
    8th round only 3 PU's
    (Was still feeling yesterday)

  81. Sadly I only did 4 rounds, the timer was at 14:32 when I stopped.

    I didn't pull any muscles but those suckers HURT. I hurt in places I have never hurt before. My muscles are so sore that it hurts to roll over in bed at night. How long does it take for the ache to go away?

    I used a crunch machine in place of the sit-ups, I need to find a way to cushion my deformed tailbone to complete a simple sit-up.

    Also did 60# weighted back pulls (Romanian Deadlifts) in place of RPU.

  82. 10 1/2 rounds…got mid way through squats of round 11 when time went off, all girl p/u's, reverse pull ups were struggling in those later rounds

  83. 8 rounds.
    On the 7th round of reverse pull-ups I felt something bad in my right underarm/peck area, so I decided not to do those the next round to be safe. On the 8th round I did back flies with 10 lb. dumbbells. And I had :15 left when I was done the 8th round, so I did 6 more flies.

  84. Katie- To join the Crossfit Mamas 90 Day Challenge, use this link: http://crossfitmamas.myvi.net/index.html and click on join the challenge. You can pick your Vi-shake kit (all the shakes are the same but each kit comes with different options according to your goals). It will give you a link and you can use that link to share with 3 friends and when they join, your kit will be free from then on!

  85. Got in 5 rounds with dips subbed for pull-ups, but then the baby woke up 🙁 I think I was on track to do about 8 rounds though.

  86. Forgot to put in yesterdays, 13 rounds minus one set of situps … So sore today!

  87. 8.5 rounds. Timer went off right before I started the squats on my ninth round. I did finish the squats and CFSU's to complete 9 rounds. I also did bent over row with 10# dumb bells for the reverse pull ups.

  88. Could you please clarify what is intended by "reverse pull ups"? There is no video for it on the site, and a general google search yields inconsistent answers. I presume you actually mean a reverse barbell row (where you lay under a bar or a chair, with legs out, and pull your chest up to the bar or crossbeam of the chair).

    Otherwise, are you referring to a non-standard Crossfit pull-up grip? I.e. an underhanded grip?

  89. Rick- I have edited the post to describe what I intended. I am sorry for the confusion. I think that either way, if someone does a reverse pull up under a table or the way I described, they are still getting a workout so it is all good! 🙂

  90. After 2 days of HA from caffeine withdrawals I am catching up..

    7 rounds

  91. 7 rounds
    no pull up bar so did 15 (boy) push ups, all on toes. love the crossfit sit ups. i can feel them in all of my abdominal muscles.

  92. I also have diastisis (separation of abdominal muscles) after my fourth baby. I saw it mentioned above- is plank the best alternative? This is only day two for me with crossfit mamas and I only have access to it via mobile- so unable to see the description videos and my searches don't bring up anything. Not even sure what a crossfit mama sit- up is! Thanks:)

  93. 8 rounds, girl pu, 30 sec plank instead of sit- ups (diastasis)

  94. 10 rounds as RXed. Still getting over this junk in my chest. But this was a great workout. No pushups for a few days please!

  95. First day back after having the flu for 3 and a half days.
    8 rounds, then jogged 2 miles.
    Since I missed 3 days, I'm not going to skip ahead. I'm just going to do the workouts daily until I catch up. Hope that's ok!

  96. Day 2 for me completed on 1/15: 5 rounds at 3rd only could get out 2 RP, then rounds 4 and 5 pulled out 4 and 5 respectively. Kicked my butt! Arms still sore.

  97. Only had time for 15 min 5 rounds 4were all boy last round chest to floor girl.

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