Monday 01.07.13

6 rounds for time of:
24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Walking lunge steps
Run 400 meters

 Khara Chunn
no caffeine


  1. 24:10. Half boy push-ups. That was a great workout! Thanks!

  2. 20:58! Girl push ups and biked the 400m at 26km/hr as have no where to run. Now for some core! Thanks!

  3. 30 min on the dot. Mainly girl pushups. No place to run with babies sleeping, and clueless as to the 400m equivalent on the elliptical, but just did 1 minute per round. Loved it and hated it! Thank you!

  4. First crossfit workout ever. 29:30 Mostly girl push ups and did 1 min on trampoline instead of running.

  5. 14:06 did a 200m sprint beacuse short on time. Everything else as rx'd

  6. Hi Jenni,

    Have been doing your workouts for about six months + now and I enjoy them because they are short and to the point. I do find that I might need some additional workout time just because I need it to see any results… I am starting my own challenge as well, along with you guys, without the V shakes though, since my budget doesn't allow for that at the moment. I wish you all luck and I'll be following your progress as well!

    I'm also recording my results on http://thedoitallmama.wordpress.com


  7. Are these squats weighted? Sorry new here and I am use to different format on a different website. Trying to figure it out.

  8. 25:30…first workout back since Christmas break…terrible I know! Did 100 jacks or ran around in circles/high knees for 100 seconds for the 400 m run. Great workout!!

  9. First work out did It with my 2 daughters – it was hard and awesome! 21:33 and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's!! Thank you jenni!

  10. 24:01

    half weighted squats and lunges- 20 pounds- half unweighted.

    Subbed 100 jumping jacks for the run.

    This was an awesome workout! It kicked my slow moving Monday morning rear end!

  11. 13.42 girlie push ups and 50 jumping jacks as fast as could in place of 400m run…lost count so I might have only done 5 sets but I lifted upper body prior and my arms are shot..couldn't do another push up…thanks

  12. 25:50…sub 400m with 100 sec jump rope. The belt on my treadmill get really really hot after about 2 minutes of running so I'm scared to use it! I found this WOD to be pretty tough!! Great start to a Monday!!

  13. First day back after two weeks of moving and sickness. So glad to see the first of the 90 day challenges is something I can do effortlessly since I don't drink caffeine anyway! I'm pregnant so I will be modifying, at the end of the 90 days anyway, and for that reason that bikini picture is for sure not happening. But I am excited to be back!
    Did a half workout today–I can tell it's been a while since I've done this, but I can also tell I've gained lots of strength since I started CrossFit about three months ago because I could do all the pushups! Three rounds for 10:01

  14. 17:02 only got in four rounds before the daycare at the gym had to come get me bc little one was crying…

    Mostly boy push-ups
    15# body bar on squats

  15. Ok this is awesome! I could only finish it barely 3 times (haven't worked out in a while and just starting up again!!) muscles gave out but it's a start and I feel great! So for 3 rounds I did it in 15:42

  16. 26:35 as rx'd
    Great way to start the week.
    Also ran an extra 2 miles after this workout.

  17. Morning run of 5 miles then…

    23:54 rx'd–all boy push ups and ran on treadmill

  18. 32:42 first Crossfit workout ever!! That was great!

  19. 34:42. That was a awesome workout , I subd the running for 400 meters on rowing machine …. Thanks !

  20. 23:13 as rx'd. Brutal for a Monday, but a good one! Great way to start the week. 🙂

  21. 15:39 without the running each round, since I'm doing a 10 mile training run with my daughter this afternoon. Slowed way down on round 6! Awesome!

  22. 36:56. Almost didn't make it through round 6. Think I'm more tired after this workout than when I run my normal 2.5 miles.

  23. 22:20, on did full push ups on last rep, should have pushed myself harder

  24. Just found this and it is exactly what I need, first time doing crossfit and I loved this workout. 16:54 doing girl push-ups and replaced the run with 4 trips up and down 2 flights of stairs for the first 3 rounds, and 50 jumping jacks for the last 3. Babies sleeping so running wasn't an option today. See you tomorrow!

  25. 21:31 as rx'd. First time doing this….really like it. Had to sub a few girl push ups here and there, prob about 10 total.

  26. 26:58 as rx'd (with a head cold, so not pretty in the least, but glad I did it today)

  27. 34:10.
    Feeling under the weather, almost didn't do the workout. I'm so glad I sucked it up and finished it.
    Thank you for this blog! I believe I'm going to be in the best shape of my life very soon.

  28. 39:43 first workout with you ever…WOW…felt great and like I was going to throw up all at the same time when I finished. Long ways to go, but made it through first workout!

  29. Phew. Today was a struggle for many reasons, least of which is my lack of caffeine 🙂 39:24. I'm actually surprised I finished in undeR 40, it was just that hard! So basically it was perfect 🙂 thanks Jenni!

  30. First Crossfit ever. Only did half but ran the 400 and I can't remember the last time I ran a quarter of a mile at that pace. 25:26 for 3sets but I feel great.

  31. This was my first CrossFit WOD! I'm pushing 40, overweight and lazy but completed it in 48:28 minutes and I didn't die!! Whoop! Whoop! (My husband just knew he'd find me dead in the pasture when he got home)

    I started out running and ended up at a slow walk by the last round.

    Push-up were girly-style.

    I learned two things with my first WOD:
    1)I can do more consecutive exercises if I do them faster rather than slower. My muscles wanted to give out sooner performing them slower.
    2)As I began to get tired my form got sloppy.

  32. 28:44
    We had a windchill here today of at least -18 Celcius (about 1 degree Farenheit) …brrrr…but did the whole thing outside! I feel bad a** now!! 🙂
    All as rx'd…

  33. Marilyn Valencia – yes, you do

    Finished in about 22min. (my 3-year-old got to my timer on one of my walking lunges)

  34. Oh and day one with no caffeine…ugh…but everyone is still alive…so far! lol!

  35. 30:19 as rx'd
    I was with Jen Morse doing this all outside! my legs were so cold I could barely feel them..made the squats and lunges easier because I couldn't feel them burning! I'll be so happy for spring in Canada!

  36. 30:19 as rx'd
    I was with Jen Morse doing this all outside! my legs were so cold I could barely feel them..made the squats and lunges easier because I couldn't feel them burning! I'll be so happy for spring in Canada!

  37. finsihed it in 25 minutes! it was a great workout and i feel the fat already melting away 😉 Thanks again!!

  38. 25:04
    Did 36 boy p/u, the rest were g p/u
    Holy crap that hurt!

  39. I just had surgery 1 week ago so I could only handle 3 sets with some modifications until my body said stop! So I listened.

    3 sets for 15 min with no push ups (they hurt too much) only biceps curls.

    wooooo hooooo to everyone making a healthy change or keeping it up!

  40. 38:40. The run slowed me down. Recovering from fractures in my shins and trying not to re-injure. Great workout!

  41. So glad I finally found this.. I have been needing something to do at home since I have three little ones and so i am unable to go running or to the gym.. Loved the first workout and my 5 year old actually did some of them, which was too cute! Thanks so much for this! oh yeah my time was 28min

  42. I was only able to do 3 sets before starting to collapse…..I did 3 sets in 30:00 (hopefully in a week or two ill be able to do 6 sets and then some). 7:30 400 meters

  43. Going to do this today!
    taking Roxy Lean is bad for you?

  44. 34:26 – Only 4 rounds – my legs are MUSH!!! Ran 1/2, walked 1/2 at an incline AND I did the run first each round!

    Great way to start the week! Now, I'm going to be a couch potato…that is if I can walk to the couch. Mush, mush! 🙂

  45. 31:12
    I am feeling my head cold really bad today! That was a workout… but finished.

  46. Catherine- Welcome! That is so awesome! You will get great results. If you are ever interested in adding the shakes and getting them for free, let me know and I can help you. I get my $300 kit every month for free.

  47. Staci- Your comment cracked me up. I had to read it to my hubby because I was literally laughing out loud and he wanted to know why. 🙂
    Welcome Mama!

  48. I found your blog today on pinterst and I am super excited. I've lost 65 pounds this last year (through diet and excercise) and I'm looking to take my fitness to the next level. This made me sweat and I can't wait to see the results after 90 days! today's time: 22:38

  49. Jen & Gina- You two are freakin' animals!! Hard core for sure! You need to send me a pic of your crossfitting in the snow!!

  50. 28:06; girl p/u. Changed a dirty diaper midway.. the balance of mommyhood!
    Biked 30min after. Challenging today, thanks!

  51. 23:25 I did two minutes of running for the 400m run and added 2 sets of stairs every run set. (12 sets of stairs). I did 300 situps at the end.
    All push ups were unmodified!
    Whoop Whoop!

  52. 24.08 – girl push ups and substituted 100 Jumping Jacks for the runs.

    I have no flat area to do sprints and no way to tell how far I've gone. Are jumping jacks a suitable substitute?

    Thanks! My body feels worked!!!! Just went for a 45 minute walk to re-loosen up!

  53. 32.52….up and back twice in driveway (more like 300 meters) for each run

  54. First crossfit ever! Modifications: 12 knee push-ups instead of 24, 60 high knees instead of 400 m. Only managed 4 sets before my muscles stopped cooperating. Time: 18:21. Great workout!

  55. 29.44, treadmill runs – winded & have jelly arms! 😀 So glad I found this on Pinterest yesterday, just the jump start I needed to get back in gear – thanks!

  56. 32:23… subbed jumping jacks for run… first time doing crossfit and I'm absolutely beat!! Oh and did wall push ups cause have dodgy shoulders 🙂

  57. 2nd Work-Out. Shwoow! 3 Sets. Very girlie push-ups. 23 minutes.

  58. 17:22. No running for me… subbed 24 box jumps each round. Everything else as rx'd.

  59. Hi Jenni!
    First day successful!

    33:50 as RX'd. It was my first workout that I took no pauses in my pushups … yay! I didn't even whimper 😉

    Wishing success to all my fellow challengers.

  60. 26:42 Gpu…someday I will be able to do the manly ones! Great workout! No caffeine today and I actually feel great! Didn't get the afternoon sluggishness either. Loving this challenge all around!

    1. As rxed all girl pus, need to get going on doing boy pus!!

  61. 34:19! Doubled the amount of lunges, girl push-ups and ran on the treadmill.

  62. That was intense… I am whipped..

    but did it in 25.68
    boy pu the first few rounds and girls the last.
    Great WOD!

  63. 24:42
    Those push-ups slowed me down and killed me (and I always do girl- doing girl push-ups when you are a girl is not a modification!)

    I just want to add that I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of all of my Mamas and especially my Challenge Mamas who are pushing it to the next level beyond just workouts but to total health. Puts such a big smile on my face when I read all of your happy comments!

    1. Yay I am glad the girl pu's are not a modification! Your blog has gone viral! That is awesome! 🙂

  64. 16:13 regular push ups aka men push ups!! Still sore from doing Fran last week so this was a good way to get the blood flowing!!

  65. First crossfit for me and haven't worked out in a month. Ughhh! Time was 36.09…not the best, but going to celebrate the finish. Might have run a little longer than prescribed because I didn't measure it out. Half girly push ups. Good work out. Feel great and was reminded why I love it.

  66. 25:35. First crossfit workout. Bring on the challenge!
    I cut back to two cups of coffee 😉

    What is the typical warm up and cool down???

  67. 27:45 as rx'd and all boy p/u. I loved this workout bc I didn't need equipment. I just went in the back yard with the kids and started the WOD while they played and sometimes ran along beside me but otherwise left me to my workout. I also liked that I didn't have to drag weights etc outside it was all body weight. Great workout!

  68. 22:30. Substituted a minute of jumping jacks for every run. Not sure if that was enough, my time was faster than I usually am. Thanks for the workout!

    I am doing my own version of the challenge. I'll be interested to see my results compared to those on the actual challenge. I tried to cut out caffeine a few months ago, lasted 2 weeks and felt like a failure. I will try to cut back to 2 diet Cokes a day during the challenge.

  69. First CrossFit workout. 34 minutes pushing a BOB stroller with a 22lb 14-month-old. Girl pushups for second half of workout.

  70. 28:14- Knee push-ups and 90 secs of running in place.

  71. 28:40 working with a friend 13 years younger whining te whole time saying "who are these mamas?!

  72. 32:15 as RX'd. Did and upper body workout before so those push-ups KILLED ME!! Great workout!

  73. I just found this website and am wondering if anyone is continuing these workouts while being pregnant. i am 11 weeks and just did half of day 1's WOD. Took me 20 mins but I feel pretty good. I haven't been working out regularly but this seems pretty good for a daily dose to get back into working out. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't pushing it too hard already.

    1. I tried to to the WODs last year when I was pregnant but I worry about over stressing the baby or not getting enough oxygen into my bloodstream for the baby so I quit at my second trimester and just walked on the treadmill or pedaled my stationary bike for the remainder of my pregnancy. My baby was born about 2 months ago, healthy 8 lbs 8 oz. just getting back to the WODs again now! Everyone is different in what their body's abilities are, do what feels good for you and your baby. Good luck with your pregnancy and your fitness. 🙂

  74. Only got in 4 rounds @ 20:25 before my husband came up & reminded me I'm not supposed to be working out yet; I just had laser eye surgery. Oh well 4 is better than none. It was my first WOD & I'm super excited

  75. 28 minutes.

    First 4 in 20 minutes. Tended to the kitchen and dinner. Last 2 in 8 minutes.

  76. Haven't worked out in a while so only did 3 reps with mod push ups. Felt good!

  77. 43:05 (had to run up/down stairs to get to treadmill for each run) No where to go but up!

  78. I took one look at it and didn't think I could finish BUT I DID!!! My goal was under 30 minutes and I finished at 28:06.

    24 Squats (gettin better everyday!)
    24 Push-ups (girl)
    24 Walking lunge steps
    That's 144 reps each!
    Run 400 meters (10mph, 8mph, 8mph, 8mph, 7mph, 7mph)took about 2mins each round

    1.49 miles total. I was gonna save all the running for the end but I like to sprint.

  79. 12:48 for just 2 reps…I'm incredibly out of shape so I couldn't do any more 🙁

  80. 12:48 for just 2 reps…I'm incredibly out of shape so I couldn't do any more 🙁

  81. I forgot to time myself. I got 1.5 sets done before I couldn't breath. I've never done crossfit and I'm pretty out of shape. All boy pushups. On to tomorrow!

  82. 3 rounds 10:54. New to strength training. 3 mile run 34. So excited I found your blog!

  83. 6 rounds completed bodyweight squat, girl push ups…. Breathless!!!

  84. 56.30-I did 25 push up on my toes the rest on my knees. I totally bonked half way through which has never happened to me before. I had to sip a protein shake to make it through the other half. I also didn't realize that 400 meters on our ellipitcal does not=400 meters of running so I actually did more than 400 meters each round. First Crossfit work out ever and got my butt kicked!

  85. 23:50….did girl pushups and sub'd running in place for 2 mins each round. Baby is in bed, gotta do what you gotta do!!

  86. 16:24 for just the squats, push-ups, and lunges.. ran 1.5 miles at the gym afterwards

  87. 45:xx I forgot to look until after I had cooled down for a bit. Girl push ups and they weren't all pretty ones.

    Wow–I am way more out of shape than I thought. Who are these women doing it in 20 minutes?!?!? I still feel accomplished though my head is going to explode (and can't take my normal cure Excedrin, darn you) and husband is on standby to brush my teeth since I can't lift my arms.

    Thanks for posting this 90 Day Challenge and good luck everybody!

  88. First time doing Crossfit and i about died. time was 25:47 and I could only finish three hard sets. I am so out of shape, BUT I am resolved to get better and be DAMN sexy after this. Thank you!!

  89. 31:27 plus a half mile walk before and a half mile after. This was my first crossfit workout, thank you!

  90. BTW…found this blog through Pinterest and I'm SO EXCITED! I'm loving that CrossFit Mama tank too- so awesome!

  91. 34:21 I sure hope I can walk tomorrow! lol I almost felt like those marathon runners who's muscles just give out right before the end and they keep falling down. I didn't do anything like that, but my leg muscles were pretty weak by the end!

  92. 19:31. Only had time for 5 rounds.. Mostly gpu..and Alternated 200 jj or 200 jump rope for run!!! Loved it as usual

  93. 31:57 MPU and elliptical since EVERY treadmill was taken at the gym. Sigh for the NYR'ers. Hope they keep it up though. To clarify – 24 walking lunges meant TOTAL, or was it "per leg"? I did total. Great work out! I really struggled the first two, then got really motivated for 3 and 4 and after the 4th set knew I only had two more to do – whoo! GREAT workout!

  94. First time ever working out in my life, only did 2 sets and died 12:52

  95. First crossfit workout ever! 36:29
    24 squats, 24 push-ups (girl), 24 walking lunge steps (ouch)
    run 400 meters (started at 8mph, settled at 5.6mph)
    1 stop for water/pray my body wouldn't die

    Can't wait to come back and do it agin and see improvement!

  96. Vanessa took the words out of my mouth. When I saw so many comments I thought wow all Jenni's hard work is reaching the masses. I've been here for little over month and it seems to have doubled in members within that time. 🙂

    Took week off due to cold and redoing master bedroom.


  97. do you have a list or link that describes the exercises. i am not familiar with cross fit.

  98. 24:27, the first few p/u's were boy and then switched to girl p/u's

    good workout…tomorrow i will drop the caffeine…had already had my coffee by the time i read the blog 😉

  99. 30:09
    1 mile on bike each round instead of 400 meter run cause these kiddos don't let me leave the house :o)

  100. Haven't done a real workout since I got pregnant with my first baby, that was 4 kids and 8 years ago. My friend insisted I try this so here I am. Love the format, but I really am spectacularly out of shape.

    Time: 14:33–Only got through 2 1/2 sets before complete jelly legs set in. I will keep doing this every day and marvel when we come back to this workout and can do the whole thing. Thanks!!

  101. Just under 40 minutes (my phone died on me so I am unsure of the exact time). This was a tough one. I had the flu about 3 weeks ago and just as I was getting over that I got a sinus infection. Finally feeling better and ready to take on the new year. 🙂

  102. 40:34
    If I wasn't so tired from no caffine I may have pulled it off faster. At least I finished. DH keeps asking me why I'm so tired…..duh.

  103. 23:42 with 4 one armed boy pu (bad shoulder), treadmill

  104. 23:42 with 4 one armed boy pu (bad shoulder), treadmill

  105. 26:53
    Also looked at the fact that there were 6 rounds and totally didn't think I'd finish but I did!
    I did substitute 100 jumping jacks for the run. Hope that's ok.
    Finished up with some yoga in desperate hopes that I won't be crazy sore tomorrow!!

  106. 26 minutes in 96 degree weather at 9:30 am from Australia!!! So glad to be back doing the WODs regularly!! Good luck on your 90 challenge ya'll!!!!

  107. 38:44 first WOD ever!! girl push ups. thought i was going to die on the burpees and amazed i made it through 6 rounds. treadmill run

  108. 18:14 – did 50 jumping jacks instead of running, and 103 regular pushups/41 girl pushups

  109. Awesome workout! 43:16…. first day back to working out after three weeks! What a way to start it out!

  110. 16:48. Only had time for 3 rounds.
    Subbed jacks, air-rope, jacks for the running.

  111. 28:20 with 1st 3 rounds boy p/u. Last 3 switched to girlie ones. Rowed 400m instead of running. Thanks!

  112. Well, 45:30……doesn't sound great compared to a lot of you, but I did it all.
    All girl push-ups.
    I do not have treadmill, and 4 year old is sick so had to stay in.
    I did .25miles on elliptical for each 400meter run…..don't know if that was right.

    New to this, but I am going to keep doing it.
    Thank you,

  113. 29:50 Very slow with the running due to the fact that I am surrounded by sand. I actually combined some of the running, did 3/4 mile at a time, after 3 rounds of the others, then at the end.
    GPU's were killer. Very hard/good workout. Thanks!

  114. 1st Cross Fit WOD & first time back to working out after 2 major URIs that left me with heart issues. Only made it through 2 rounds for time of 14:57 before heart monitor went off and had to stop. But at least I did some!

  115. wow these times are insane! Great job everybody!

    35:43 as Rx'ed

  116. 21:26 as rx'd. First one back after my holiday vacation! It felt hard and I felt so slow! Pretty weak bpus as well… here's to undoing some holiday damage!

  117. yup, push ups a killer. 25 min for only 4 rounds. think the treadmill was keeping the baby awake. should have used my bike somehow…maybe bike hard and fast for 3 min?

  118. Brandi- there are video demos of all exercises on the full site down the right side bar.

  119. Michelle- If you are doing the WODs while pregnant, there are a few things to be careful of. No heavy lifting, slow down and concentrate on form, not time or speed, you should be able to breath and talk while working out to make sure the baby is getting adequate oxygen. No sit ups after the first trimester because you need to stay off your back. And stay well hydrated.

  120. 20-25 minutes–had to do girlie pushups, and ran 2 min on the treadmill since I wasn't sure of the distance in tenths of a mile. Those lunges just about did me in.

  121. 28.21, messed up my shoulder all girl push ups still hard!

  122. I know I'm a few days behind. But didn't want to miss the starting work out for the challenge.
    First WOD ever- 34:33 girl push ups and jogged around house for 2 min. for the 400m run.

  123. Starting the 90 day workout because of the flu.

    23 minutes chasing my 4 yr old around the house for the run 🙂

    Slow pushups!

  124. Forgot to post this day too
    26 minutes but I didn't really push hard for time. Just paced myself today. Had already done 30 minutes on elliptical.

  125. 29:10, spent too much time getting the treadmill started and stopped but what a great workout! Thanks!

  126. Started Crossfit Mama today 1/14. So excited. Coming post baby 1 1/2 year. Pretty much a sedentary lifestyle since coming out the military in '99. Subbed the 400 meters, since i couldnt get outside…son still sleep upstair. Did 4 sets of crossfit sit ups for the run. Was able to complete a total of 4 sets at a time of 28:25. Really kicked my butt, but feel great!

  127. Started Crossfit Mama today 1.28.13…1 year post baby. I could only make it through 3 rounds before I wanted to puke…13 min. I'm so excited to keep this up!!

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