Friday 01.04.13

15 Thrusters, 20lbs
15 Burpess
15 Thrusters, 20lbs
15 Leg lifts
15 Thrusters, 20lbs
15 Butterfly sit-ups
15 Thrusters, 20lbs
15 Push-ups
15 Thrusters, 20lbs
15 Burpees

Compare to 11.30.11

Rudy Celedon

There will be a special post by noon tomorrow announcing the 90 challenge. There will be no WOD, that will begin on Monday as usual, but the challenge will be announced so you can prepare as necessary for Monday! Super excited!! 🙂


  1. first day and man was that rough but managed to finish it except the last 5 burpees. Thanks and look forward to the next workout

  2. 8:30
    Did 8 boy p/u then switched to girlie

    Hubby's time: 13:43

  3. 7:25 girls push ups & had to sub lunges for leg extinctions! Great way to end the week!! And yes I still HATE Burpees but in a good way! Lol

  4. 10:20 lists of interruptions from kiddos this morning

  5. 7:40 all boy pu!!!! 24# thrusters great way to end the week!! I've been following your blog for a few months now but today marks my third consecutive week of doing every WOD. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.. I think they're right.. I wake up each morning and feel like I need to do my WOD!

  6. 7:55
    Boy push ups
    10# dumbbell thrusters
    Chest to floor on first round of burpees, regular on second round

  7. 11:02 Wow. I hate comparing myself to others. Feel like a sloth! But hey, I am doing it!

  8. 10:20 as rx'ed. Trying to get back into the grove after slacking off over the Christmas Holidays.

  9. Ran 5 miles then..
    30lbs for thrusters
    rest rx'd

    felt slow on last set of burpees, might have been my morning run.

  10. 10:39. Did men's push-ups. First set of buppies weren't prett and only did 5 good buppies on the second set. Didn't finish them.

  11. 11:36
    40# thrusters
    Burpees to the floor every time
    Did a 1 mile run for warm up in 9:45
    Great workout!

  12. 11:24
    25# thrusters
    burpees to the floor everytime! phew!
    1 mile run for a warm-up..this was a tough one! can't wait for the challenge! yay!

  13. my family did it too:
    Beau: 5:39
    Chandler: 5:40
    Diego 5:17
    Caitlyn 6:13
    Bobby 10:38

  14. 11:00 kinda embarassing. 16lbs (2 8# dumbells) girl UP's and couldnt complete all the burbees on last set.

  15. 10.03…used swiss ball instead of db's (i'm new to this!)

  16. I thought for sure I checked the WOD this morning and it had running! Must have been yesterday. I did a WOD that was posted on a box's site. I did 21-14-7 of thrusters and burpees. 🙂

  17. 8:54 GPU's 16# weights. Last set of burpees was terrible form

  18. 7:40 so glad to be back at it! Did a combo of past workouts yesterday and feel amazing! I tell everyone about this site! Thanks!

  19. I just found this site and I have no idea what the exercises are. Where can I find out how to do them?

  20. 7:14 after 2 miles, some modifications – subbed squat jumps plus mountain climber pushups for burpees, and band assisted pullups for the RX'ed pushups.

  21. 9:25
    Modified push-ups, sub plank for CFSU. My last set of burpees were in bad form but success!

  22. Cara- there are video demos for all the exercises we do down the right side bar of the full site in alphabetical order. 🙂

  23. Just found your site via someone's link from Pintrest. I've been needed a at home workout that did not take too much time. Thank you! Here I go!

  24. 7:05
    As RXed.
    Note to self: avoid doing WOD at 9:30pm after steak dinner and dessert! Almost lost it!

  25. First time, love it! Found this sight from pinterest. Girl push ups, 10 lbs. thrusters. 14:51

  26. FIrst day trying this out. I had a few pauses, and interruptions by my kids, but here is my time. 12:23.
    8# weights for thrusters and all girl push ups.

  27. 8:40 First day back since baby #5 was born and I was just getting started when I posted on this workout in November 2011 too. Excited that I had posted on this WOD last time so I have a personal time to compare to! I feel like my form was pretty week but I got through it. Can't wait to get back into shape again!

  28. 13:25…
    totally wimpy and half-everthing
    Used broom handle for thrusters.
    DH coached me through or I totally would have quit.

    So sore from previous two days.
    I think this just might be doing something…hahahaha.

  29. First work-out – 9 minutes. Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to seeing results.

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