Thursday 01.03.13

For time:
Run 1000 meters
100 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Thrusters, 20 lbs



  1. Just getting back into the grove of things

    As RX'd, 15:51

  2. 9:54
    16 lb thrusters because that's all I have
    I love the running ones!

  3. 13:40
    My distance was a little off and I ran an extra 400 meters. I also love the running ones!

  4. Question – and please answer 🙂

    Is it better to run as much as I can, NOT enjoying the running due to sucking wind and burning lungs – or enjoy my workout at a fast walk and inclines? I'm talking about inclining all the way to 10, but I do each incline in 30-45 second intervals, working my way up to 10 and all the way back down, then back up until I reach my distance goal. Honest opinions, please!! 🙂

  5. QueenBeeBerta…speaking as a personal trainer I think enjoying it is better…incline with intervals is great! As long as you are challenging and pushing yourself you are good! That is just my opinion. 🙂 Another thing u could do is just add in a few 30 second sprints throughout.

    Varied the core with 25 sit-ups, 25 mt. Climbers, 25 crunches and 25 sec plank

  6. Thanks! I have been trying to become a runner and can only run 1/8 mile without holding on, but I am SO out of breath and my lungs are burning by the time I finish that I waste time trying to catch my breath and move on. I'm still going to run some, I just can't run all. I've never been a runner, even when I was little I could never run as far/as much as my friends. I just can't breathe!

  7. I am completely new to this…since I don't have a bar at home, how can you complete the thrusters? Dumbells?

  8. I use dumbbells. You can google "dumbbell thrusters" and find some videos that show how to do it.

  9. Argh…I really should double check what autocorrect does to my words before posting. Trustees should be thrusters.

  10. I am new to this and this is my first workout 🙂 What do you all do as far as recovery after each workout? What type of stretching?

  11. 14:23. I loved this workout. My abs and CFSU are coming along just fine!

  12. 7:38 for just the CFSU and Thrusters.. I did approx. A 12 minute mile before that but didn't have the timer going.. can't wait to get back to town and have gym access.. it's too cold to run out in the ND countryside!!

  13. Hi! New to this too. Recently found out that I have diastasis and was wondering if you could recommend an alternative to the cross fit sit ups Really want to start working my abs and core but am also concerned about making the condition worse. thanks!

  14. 17:05, second workout, used 8lbs, all I have for now, but still good for me, 20lbs would be too much.

  15. 18:23 but I added 25 bench press and 50 side crunches each side. I hate to run…Yuck

  16. 12:59 (running in the wimpy texas hill country snow today, a rare treat)only 10 lb. dumbells on the thrusters…..

    note to self: really behind this week so woke up and did wednesday's wod this morning. then on lunch break did monday's which included 30 snatches at 45 lbs each and pull ups. so didn't think the arms would hold up with 20 lbs thru 50 thrusters

  17. 19:10 – 3rd workout. Shnikey's! This is hard!!! Did the last 20 sit ups more like crunches. used one 20 lb. dumb bell for thrusters (all I've got right now – 2 20 lb. bells).

  18. Ran 3.13 in 38 then did cfsu and thrusters in 8:28

  19. 17:35, I was actually at a gym today, so I got to use a treadmill instead of running in -13 C! 🙂
    Did my sit ups on a bench with what I think you'd call a reverse incline, ouch!
    Did 40# thrusters, it was all I could do to finish all 50, but I was determined to not drop my weight. Yay me!
    Then, just cause I could, I did 2 rounds of
    1:30 min plank
    1000 m row
    Rows were 5:07, 4:47
    I have no idea if thats a good time or not…
    Cant wait to start the challenge!!

  20. 15:43..running in -13 was a bit chilly! you would think I would've gone faster so the misery would end sooner but I'm slow!
    25# thrusters

  21. 21:30 – I compromised and ran the first 1/8 mile, then walked and increased my incline every 30 seconds, then decreased every 30 seconds after I hit 10 incline.

    treadmill time – 10:15
    situps/thrusters time – 11:15

    thrusters with 24#


  22. I need a good substitution for the running, I have no treadmill at home, and we don't do the gym thing to save money. By the time my husband is home from work to watch the kiddo it is pitch black outside, lots o' ice, lots of moose and cold! I hate not feeling like I can run all winter, I live in Alaska, what would be an acceptable substitute?

  23. Kimberly Fierley I've seen girls substitute jump roping for running..if jenni says run 400 meters the you jump 400 times..same thing for jumping jacks!

  24. 20:09
    16lb thrusters
    Running is still slow but getting easier
    Love CFSU's 🙂

  25. 11:33
    In this order: 25 thrusters 20lbs
    1 min plank, 25 thrusters 20lbs, 1 min plank,
    Ran 1 min @ 5mph, Ran 1 min @6mph, Then did remainder with 30 sec. sprints @ 9mph, 30 @ 6mph, 30 @ 9mph, etc.
    WOD Killa!

  26. Roseanne- YES!! That would be an excellent substitution!!

  27. Queen- As not a personal trainer but a year and a half long crossfitter in the best shape of my life…. I would say RUN! 1. If you are walking, you might enjoy it more, but you won't be increasing your endurance and stamina as much. 2. I hate running too but as I have gotten stronger and my endurance has increased substantially, it has gotten way easier. I can breath and talk now while I run, I don't run out of power and I can just keep going. I still don't like it but I don't hate it now that it is easier. It will get easier for you too as you get fitter. But for that to happen, you have to PUSH yourself. Make your lungs burn, gasp for air, don't let your brain say it is too hard. Your body can do it! The harder you push yourself, the faster you will progress, improve and see results. I would rather do something super hard for 5 minutes and see results next week, than do something enjoyable for 15 minutes and see results in 5 weeks! That's just me though. I want it fast and dirty and call it a day! 😉

  28. Ran 1 mile (oops!) in 7:30
    CFSU and thrusters in 6:00

  29. 18:10. The sit ups took me forever! I also substituted jumping jacks for the running since it's 10 degrees outside today in Utah!

  30. 19:40
    12# thrusters
    died on the situps…ended up modified
    run/walk .62mi
    day 2 ever doing crossfit….

    Can someone tell me do you have a rest day…is there a recommended # of days a week. This is all new.

  31. We rest on Saturday and Sunday. I use those days to make up any missed days during the week.

  32. Thanks, Jenni! I have been running until my lungs burn – it just doesn't seem to get better. About 1/8 mile, just a tad over, is all I can do without slowing to a walk = but even that's better than when I started. I just don't enjoy it as much – probably because I can't breathe – but hopefully, it will get better.

  33. 11:35 as rxed. Cold dark run @ 5 degrees …but the stars were out. 🙂

  34. 11:39, ran on the treadmill and did 30 lb thrusters for the first 15 then realized I needed to drop down to 20lbs

  35. I read this in the am and thought I remembered it all but I guess not!
    Ran 1100m
    100 crossfit sit-ups
    20 thrusters

  36. 14:14.
    I substituted the sit-ups with plank because I have diastasis (please someone let me know if this is an ok substitute.).
    Completed run in 6:30 then alternated 10 thrusters (2 10 lb dumbbells) with 30 seconds plank. Total 50 thrusters and 2.5 min of plank.
    Anyone think this is ok? I still want to get a good ab workout but am obviously cautious of more separation.
    Thanks – and my thighs are jelly!!!

  37. My 2nd day, 14:54. I had to modify the last 20 thrusters by only using 10 lbs instead of 20.

    I have a question and being that I'm new to this blog, please let me know if questions need to be directed elsewhere on this site.

    I'm new to Crossfit, my husband let me know about it because coworkers where he is stationed in Afghanistan are doing Crossfit and are seeing major results. I would like to lose 30-pounds. I've been working out for the last year-and-a-half (with no results) by walking on the treadmill and doing Zumba. I'm used to hour long workouts. So my question is, do I need to be doing something other than the "WOD" per day, or will I see results just by doing the "WOD"? And also, can I run (which I hate doing but really want to start seeing some results) on the days where no "WOD" is listed?

  38. Didn't time the run last night (prob. around 5 to 6 min for 1000m), may try another tonight (very hot here, so need to run when the sun is setting for before it rises..which is about 4 am!)
    For the rest= 6:22
    Wish I could do the Challenge. Unfortunately would be very hard to get the shakes here in Mozambique. Could use the extra nutrition, energy and protein.

  39. Becky- Wow! Mozambique!? I wish I had a way to get you the shakes. I heard they will be going global soon. If I didn't think I would have customs issues, I would just mail you some!! :/

  40. Hi Dusty-
    If you are trying to lose 30 pounds, here is how you can get it done fast! These WODs will kick your butt in the best way and they are fast so it will be a short but intense beating (very doable), but to optimize your weight loss, I would recommend adding some running on the days where there is no running, after the WOD or on Saturdays for sure. Also, I promote these AMAZING protein shakes that are meal replacements that you can get and join our 90 day Challenge starting Monday. I would recommend getting a kit that will enable you to have 2 shakes a day (a 2 bag kit) to kick start your transformation. If you add the shakes, some running and the Crossfit Mamas workouts… you are going to be rock hard in no time!! Here is the link for the Vi-shakes: http://crossfitmamas.myvi.net/
    You will love the shakes, you will love the workouts (even though they will kill you) and you will love the results that will come so fast! Hope that helps!

  41. no time…I broke it up with a snowy run pulling a sled with a 2 year old and a dog. Then did 300 p90X sit ups and then 50 thrusters…

  42. 22 minutes

    12 minute run- 1.14 miles. had to stop and fix my laces.

    50 CFSU
    10 Thrusters
    10 CFSU
    20 Thrusters
    20 CFSU
    20 Thrusters
    20 CFSU

    Total Time: 22 minutes

  43. 24:31.
    My husband talked me into taking the dog with me on the run. HUGE MISTAKE! With all the stopping to sniff things and pee and play with other dogs, it took us 15 minutes to run around the block (about 1200m)!
    On the other hand, I didn't take any breaks during the sit-ups, which is a huge improvement.

  44. We ran 1200 meters, it is a mile and 1/2 around our circle…. 13:09 and then 8:12 for the CF SU's and Thrusters (Pat: 45lbs and Maria: 25lbs)

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