Wednesday 01.02.13

21-15-9 reps of:
Butterfly sit-ups

Lynnwood, Washington



  1. is this 21 pushups 21 bench dips 21 sit ups then 15 pushups 15 bench dips, etc?

  2. Ok-I just started this and do not know much about crossfit-but I'm inspired! I came in at 5:43 If there are any resources you ladies recommend please let me know!

    1. Miss Bri
      You tube… Any exercises you dont know how to do, just search crossfit whatever the exercise is… Like crossfit deadlifts! Enjoy! These workouts rock!

  3. My First day. 11:07 but I forgot to start the timer till after the first pushups. can't move.

  4. 7:33… Yikes. Arms still tired from yesterday ! But they need this !!!! Gonna be sore

  5. 4:35
    Boy push ups
    Half crunches
    Completed after 1.1.2013 workout and was toast!

  6. 6:02 – Thank you for no running today! It was -7 this morning, and I was crossing my fingers as I checked the wod.

  7. 4:55. I have been following your blog for a few days now. I have been running with light training for a couple years now and consider my self in pretty good shape. These workouts KICK MY A**! Thanks so much for a workout that is good and efficient!

  8. 5. 05 My arms are wasted after doing yesterday's workout late last night and today's in the morning. Fighting off yet another cold. boo

  9. 8:21 First workout, girl push-ups, my arms are so weak!

  10. 6:28…had a baby 2.5 weeks ago and this was a struggle, especially the sit-ups. Excited to build my way up!

  11. 6:28 – girl push ups. Can you describe a proper bench dip? Should my legs be straight out in front of me with heels on the floor or knees bent with flat feet? Do I dip to a 90 degree angle in my elbows or below that? Thanks! New to all this and digging it! (also, what does "rx'd" mean?)

  12. Miss Bri- we are on facebook too and have great group on there. We shape tips and tricks all the time. 🙂

  13. 5 min, but I had to sub for the sit-ups because I still have diastasis. I did more isometric pull-ins because I'm afraid of making it worse.

  14. 4:02 as RX'd (boy push ups) Have you ever thought about opening up the Name and URL option for leaving a comment? I don't use my Google ID any more except for this site.

  15. Angela Silva- Please be careful starting an intense program like this so soon after having a baby. I would highly recommend waiting until your 6 week post-partem check-up to begin working out so your body can have time to heal and recover. Especially with sit-ups which can cause permanent diastasis if you aren't careful so early on before your abs have healed back together.

  16. Miss Bri- Also, there are crossfit video demos of every exercise we do on the full crossfitmamas site down the right side bar ready for you!

  17. Madeline- I have the comment permissions set to registered users and Open ID which is the loosest I can set them without allowing anonymous users which I used to have it set at until I was getting lots and lots of spam.

  18. 6:36 as rx'd!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I'll ever get tired of typing that! 🙂

    Also, biked 8.24 miles after. Bench dips KILLED me!!!

  19. First timer. Just found your blog. 5:35. 1/2 boy push-ups and 1/2 girl push-ups. Great way to start the new year!

  20. 6:06 21 boy push ups then had to go to gpu…..arms were mush! Super sore from the last 2 workouts! Love it!

  21. Ugh my upper body is tired!

    Warmed up with 2.3 mile run. Finished WOD in 6:30.

  22. Holy crappie. My time was 12:30. Twice what everyone else's was!! I had to stop and hunt down then put on my kickboxing gloves because the bench dips were breaking my weenie wuss wrists. Only one way to go from here:)

  23. 4:10, with boy p/u's except for 2nd round had to do girly p/u's

  24. 5:04 with girl push up and crunches instead of cross-fit situps. 12 weeks post-partum and I can't manage a full crossfit situp yet

  25. Forgot to time it! Around 5 mins. GPU and planks
    Afterward, did my first tabata on the treadmill at 9mph, it was scary hopping back on at full speed at first interval but I got it done!

  26. 5:36 as rx'd all boy push-ups… My arms were(are) really sore after yesterday's workout and now today. I have been at it almost a month now and seeing great improvements in my upper body strength! Thanks for the great site!

  27. 10:58
    Girl push ups ( with a few breaks but my push-ups are improving!!)
    Rest as rx'ed

  28. 8:42 GPU
    This is the first time that I have ever done crossfit…looking forward to a new body in the new year

  29. 6:42 as Rx'd
    First timer here and so glad to have some inspiration!

  30. 6:32
    This is yesterday's workout, but we have been traveling and I missed it. It sounded better than running outside at 3 am to do today's workout! 🙂

  31. 6:12. Just realized I did Wednesday not Thursday. It's been a busy holiday!

  32. 3:43 half boy push-ups – Just started your workouts. I have done them with my sister. Thanks!

  33. 5:54 some were normal PU, but mostly GPU. Bench dips slowed me down significantly. I guess my tri's need some work! Today was my "active recovery day", after WOD at my box.

  34. 8:13 First time doing this, but abs were so tight from doing my first regular crossfit with my brother lat week, that doing a push-up was almost impossible. poor form, but got them done…

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