Tuesday 01.01.13

2 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Push-ups
30 Front squats, 40 lbs
30 Knees to elbows
30 Power cleans, 20 lbs


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  1. 21:01
    My k2e were pretty bad, hoping to improve on them in the new year. Great workout to start the new year.

  2. 26:56 I had to take a few 10 second breaks in the second round. Knees to elbows were more like knees to stomach…I will have to work on that!

  3. 26:45… this is my first time to post here, I have been doing the workouts on and off over the last 3 months or so…. but time to get serious! Thank you for the daily motivation!!

  4. 32:02 Wow! This was my second workout and it nearly killed me. I did girl push ups, k2e was k2stomach, and the run was more of a slow jog…in 20 degree snow!The rest was Rx'd. Happy New Year! Look forward to getting through more tough WODs in 2013!

  5. Was anyone else hoping for two rounds of black coffee and a 5m dash to the couch?


  6. Leah – I was! I completely ran out of time yesterday and thought I'd do yesterday's workout today, but NO!! Jenni told me to run!!

    25:27 – I subbed my stationary bike for the treadmill today, but I biked for 1 mile each round at a 5 restistance and stayed between 17 & 18 mph.
    -Started with 44# squats, but switched to 37# after about 10 squats.
    – 24# power cleans

  7. 29:05
    phew! what a way to start the new year! ran the mile all at once..then did both rounds back to back..

  8. 30:32. Gym was closed today and kids swiped the treadmill magnets so used the elliptical instead. I used much lower weights but was having a hard time keeping correct form with dumbbells. K2E were on the floor.

  9. First Crossfit workout ever. 🙂 32:53 for this one. 6 regular pushups each round and the rest on knees. I could only manage 10 of the K2E from the bar. Weight on the power cleans was 28lb because the bar is 8 and we had 10 lb weights. Felt great!

  10. 26:44
    It is cold and windy today, so ran the entire 1600 first, so I could take off my warm outdoor cloths, then did two rounds of the rest. 🙂
    25# for the cleans
    Did all but 17 k2e's on the floor because I just could not get a grip on that bar! Annoying! Awesome workout though, as usual!

  11. Didn't run. 11:58 with #25 on both. K2E on the floor. Those were brutal. Girl push-ups. I am totally feeling the affects of the sugar orgys I participated in for the last two weeks regularly. #whole30!!!

  12. Er… 45 minutes LMAO I did most of my power cleans with 20# dumbbells.

  13. Well it is brutally apparent that I took a week off. This killed me. 26:22 with girly p/u, 45 lb front squat, 30 lb cleans and a pathetic attempt at k2e having to sub leg lifts in for a few.

  14. 22.15, subbed walking lunges for power cleans on last round because of a massively weak back that was struggling to keep form!

  15. 21:24 but subbed knees to elbows with using a dip station and did tucked legs up as far as possible.

  16. 24:48 sub 5 min ellipticals for 800m runs

  17. 15:23 I skipped the running because it's about -7 out today.. I will do the running tomorrow. I added 30 back extensions to each round and then finished with 30 crossfit sit-ups. Great way to start the year off!!

  18. Well…this is a crappy way to start off the new year! Being a girl is really lame sometimes!! Like once a month! Going to make this one up on Saturday. :/

  19. For the first time ever, I did a crossfit workout with my boyfriend (a longtime crossfitter). We did a hero WOD:

    6 rounds:
    24 air squats
    24 pushups
    24 lunges
    400 meter run

    I didn't time myself and the guys finished way before me, but I made it!! It was an amazing feeling! Happy New Year!

  20. Didn't want to do it tonight, but feel a lot better now that I did! 30ish. K2knees on the floor, 20 lb squats, 20 and then 10 lb cleans. Those killed me.

  21. 21:35 with some modifications…still feeling weak from a week off due to the flu
    Second round of squats was 30lb
    Second round of knees to elbows was on the floor
    First 10 p/u were boy; the rest girl p/u

  22. When you say 40lb is that ea with dumbells? So total of 80? Also, when you do pu are you doing cross fit pu chest to floor? Thanks telling everyone I know about your blog.

  23. 20:30 all girl PU, and K to E on ground, otherwise as Rxed. Thanks!!

  24. Rewarded myself post workout with my first body by Vi Shake, mixed up with milk frozen berries, and a banana. Yummy! 🙂

  25. Only had time for one round, did it in 9 min with jacks for running and isometric abs for sit-ups because of my diastasis.

  26. 27:45 Half boy p/u and half girl p/u. Subbed rowing for running and did 40lbs for the power cleans. Thanks!

  27. .5 Mile
    30 PU's Modified
    30 Front Squats #40
    30 KTE's Floor
    30 Power Cleans #20
    .5 Mile
    30 PU's Modified
    30 Front Squats #20
    30 KTE's Floor
    30 Power Cleans #20


  28. 20:17
    I only had time for one round. Might go back and do the second round over the weekend. How do you guys do this stuff so fast?!
    Knee push-ups
    20# front squats
    k2e on floor
    20# power cleans (I had to take a break after every 5)

  29. I am going to go out and buy the suggested items and start doing this! I am excited! I am especially happy that it can be done at home due to I have a wonderful 2 year old there with me! And it is about time to get back to pre baby shape!!

  30. 25:51….ouch!did this after today's wod since is the only one in 2013 i hadn't done yet.

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