Monday 12.31.12

 I am super excited to announce that I am now the proud new owner of 
so now you can get here from either address! 🙂

3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Reverse pull-ups (start at top & lower down slowly)
10 Hang power snatch, 20 lbs

LAST DAY OF 2012!!

 So I tried to find a good hang power snatch video with dumbbells but I struck out.
So here is all I’ve got:
Hang power snatch (with a bar):
…and a really lame video of a dumbbell hang power snatch with a lunge added so please ignore the lunge and the lameness and only watch the first few seconds of the video to get the idea! :/
I need to work on getting better videos. :/


  1. I want to join the 90 day challenge! Sending this to a couple of my Friends as well 🙂

  2. 9:16 assisted pulls ups 30lb snatches. Thanks!

  3. 7:27 but reverse pull-ups were more like jump up to bar and slowly go down. Thank you for another great workout! Happy New Year!

  4. 6.20-Thanks for the great workout! Happy New Year! Excited for the 90 day challenge, I am going to have a vi shake right now (starting off a little early w/ one a day to get used to it will start 2 a day in 5 days)!

  5. 10:33….I have ZERO upper body strength…so pullups haha kind if sad.

  6. 7:59

    Substituted pull ups using a heavy band over the door and used 10# dumbbells for snatches.

    Added some sit ups and russian twists afterwards for a little ab work

  7. 6:23 Subbed 10 push-ups and 20 push presses each round for the reverse pull ups and snatch. No bar, and my coordination is way off this morning.

  8. 7:06
    Great quick wod for a busy day. Thanks! I've been crossfitting for a year now and I feel great. Thanks for all of the great workouts Jenni!!

  9. Slow day today! 12:30. Ugh. Had to take a water break and a few breathers so my breakfast wouldn't make a second appearance.

    Happy New Year!

  10. 14:23
    Squats were hard for me today
    Snatch with #25
    Assisted pull-ups subbed for pull downs

  11. 10:01 Used 40# bar for snatches. This was my first Crossfit workout in a very loooong time. Looking forward to the challenge!

  12. 8:41, used a heavy band over the door for chin ups and don't have dumbells yet so I did the snatches with a broom stick (trying to get the form down!0

  13. 4:56 as rx'd (I think), but maybe I didn't do it right because my time seems too fast compared to others.

    1. 5:34 for my husband, pull-ups and 60lbs snatch.

  14. 7:07 as Rx'd
    Woohoo! I'm getting stronger 🙂 Yeehaw! Yippekyyay!

  15. 6:46! I used my 25# bar for the snatches and subbed HSPU for pull ups as I still can't hang without pain. 🙁

  16. 10:49 subbed push ups for chin ups no bar yet.

  17. 9:34.
    My reverse pull-ups are more like jump squats holding the pull-up bar. I wasn't providing that much resistance on the way down. Other than that, as rx'd.

  18. 7:30. Did push-ups instead of pull-ups. Used 10# dumbbells for snatch.

  19. 5:40 with a few breaks (Stopped timer). Recovering from a week long stint of the flu and am completely wiped out. Tried to get back in the swing of things, but I think I need a few more days 🙁

  20. 7:05
    jump up, hold, slow down

    50 lb hang snatch
    Full pull-ups

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