Friday 12.28.12

50 Jump jacks
50 Push-ups
50 Jump jacks
50 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Jump jacks
50 Squats
50 Jump jacks
50 Back extensions

Compare to  03.30.12



  1. 7:48 I'm an expert at pushups,could do them all day (boy style) but back extensions over couch arm slow me down . hurt my belly . lol no ghb

  2. 12.5 minutes. Pushups are terrible! Convinced my husband to do this with me, he totally slowed me down 😉

  3. 12:32 can't get all the way up on situps, 12 weeks post c-section

  4. Busted this one out. 7:35 with 20 boy pu, the rest girly

  5. 9:21, and I'm pretty sure half of that time was just on the push-ups. Holy cow, I'm sore today.

    1. Goal was 10m but did it at 10:27 had about 35 good 'boy' push ups but finished the rest with decent boy push ups. Back extensions standing with 5lb dumbbells.

  6. 10:05, GPU and looking sorry!!! That is what a week of treats and non-Paleo will do to you! I could have busted it out in under 9 min, but I could tell I was slow!!

  7. I was slow compared to others but I shaved over a minute off last time 🙂 Happy with that. Happy weekend!

  8. 15:04 – girl push- ups

    new here! love the site! thanks!!

  9. 11:40
    girl pu
    can't do sit-ups yet without straining my back, so still doing standing abs and planks.

  10. 8:45
    Push-ups were really hard. Sorer than I thought. Crossfit sit-ups take longer than traditional.
    Those are my excuses. :b

  11. 8:23 after yesterday's…trying to play catch up. Good workout! Thanks.

  12. WOW! I'm almost embarrassed to post my time – I will say I am VERY impressed with each and every one of y'all!!

    25:00 – sucky, right? Oh well, it's done…I did it…yay me! 🙂

  13. 11:20 broke up the push-ups into 25 boy push-ups, and 25 tricep dips to give my triceps some love too! Felt soo good!!

  14. 8:53
    Crossfit sit ups make a difference in my times. I think form has improved since the last time we did this one. I am more strict with myself now. + I did it after Thursday's wod. I'm beat!

  15. 12:55
    PU's were all modified
    CFSU's used the bar to hold my feet down.
    Completed though… yay!

  16. 16:49 – first timer!
    thanks for the great workout – looking forward to the next.

  17. First ever crossfit work out ouch! – 17.26. (Girl push ups).

  18. 9:33. Subbed single arm bent rows for back extensions (25 each arm). Like these quick ones!

  19. 14:26.
    I took about 30 breaks during the push-ups, but I did the rest with no breaks!

  20. 13:50

    Did half jump jacks, half jump rope. Hard to breath with a cold. :/

  21. 23:32 :/ I really struggled with the squats and push-ups today, totally slowed me down!

  22. 8:13
    Push ups are still a struggle for me but I'm getting stronger

  23. 9:58
    First 20 were boy push ups
    First workout after the flu!

    Husband's time 12:04

  24. Ran 2 miles first then did the workout as RX'd (except I alternated wall PUs and girl PUs)

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