Thursday 12.27.12

3 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
7 Push presses, 10 lb dumbbells
14 Knees to elbows



  1. 5:18 only have 5lb dumbbells and modified knees to elbows on the ground since I have no where to do them.

    My biceps are so sore from yesterday, they hurt so good 🙂

  2. 9:57
    I really took my time on the k2e, still a little pathetic, but a lot better than last time.

  3. 12:33 I did a 2 min run because my distance thing on my treadmill doesn't work. My first time doing k2e with my new bar….gonna feel those I'm sure.

  4. 8:54

    Used 10 lb dumbbells and subbed sit ups for the K2E

  5. This looks good but I'm saving it for a nicer day..its snowing and raining and blowing like mad here..def not going for a run in that!

    1. 6:05 for my husband, but he did it at the gym, and was slowed down by people in the way…or so he says;). I think he's just bummed I beat him.

  6. 14:22 – Another "sucking wind" kind of day!

    Push press w/24#

    Knees to Elbows are now Knees to Waist – it was hips so I'm improving! 🙂

  7. 7:21
    200m @9mph
    10lb dumbbells
    sub planks and resistance band abs for k2e
    did 3 more rounds to feel the burn!

  8. 7:32 Subed 200 meter run for 100 jump rope because my little ones are awake!
    Great Workout!

  9. 8:50. Subed the runs for 100 jump ropes each time, we got about a foot of snow yesterday so running outside was NOT an option today!

  10. 7:32 as RX'd. My knees to elbows are sad….so very sad. I wonder if some day I will actually get my knees up to my elbows?

  11. 6.39 for the runs
    Did a full mile and got my best time at 8.53, that was killer
    2.49 for the rest
    Total 8.88
    Used 30# bar

  12. 10:24
    8lb dumbells for pp
    K2e on floor
    Turned timer off and ran more to complete 2 miles

  13. 9:22.
    Too cold to run outside, so I subbed, 100 jacks first round, 200 jump rope second round, and 100 high-knees and 100 butt-kicks for the third round.
    k2e on the floor.

  14. 9:02. That was after doing half of the workout from Wednesday. Rough times. Have to do Today's workout, and the other half of Wednesday's…. should be fun….


  15. 8:17. Just ran on treadmill for 2 minutes at 5mph's for each 200 meter rotation… The knee to elbows were also modified, but i made them count!

    On to Friday's WOD!

  16. 5:53
    subbed 100 jump rope for 200m (too cold to run outside)
    KTE on the floor

  17. 11:00, I subbed 60 jumping jacks for the run (which is probably below par) did 15 push presses each time and K2E make it to about my waist!

  18. 11:01
    2 minute runs on the treadmill instead of 200m
    Push press with 15lb dumbbells
    K2E on the floor

  19. 6:15 subbed 60 then 80the then 80the jump rope for run. Too much snow!! K to E on floor. Yay! Almost caught up now. Did too many winter sports last week. 🙂

  20. 7 mins
    Didn't have a timer with seconds this time around.

    K2E on the floor

    2 11 lb dumbbells for pushpress

    I haven't eaten that much junk food this break, but man I feel like a chubster!

  21. 6:17. 200 jump ropes instead of run. K2E were terrible…did some on floor.

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