Wednesday 12.26.12

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Push-ups
10 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
15 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs



  1. 12 rounds with 20 lb thrusters and 20 lb dumbbell swings. All boy push ups. Thank you for the workout!

  2. So slow today, plus I did Mondays WOD before this
    9 full rounds
    Girl push ups
    Thrusters with 5lb dumbells for wall balls
    And swings with 8lb dumbells 🙂 whoooo
    Feels good to work out after all that food over the holiday!!

  3. Can someone post the link to the challenge on the website. (Not the Vi website)

    1. There was mention of it and the shakes in an earlier post I wanted to re read.

  4. 19 rounds rx'd
    WB–14lbs (that is the size med ball I have)

    Great work out!

  5. Is this the only exercise you ladies do or do you do this in conjunction with something else?


    1. This is all I do. Some Mamas that have done extra weight to lose add a run after (run after, not before because it will affect your times).

    2. Thanks! I love been following the WOD for 2 weeks now & I LOVE it! Just wanted to get the best results possible, trying to add muscle weight & didn't know if I should lift in conjunction with this or just soley use this

    3. If you just do the WOD and progress with the weight of your lifts and squats and do a Vi-shake right after……you will get sick results! I did! 🙂

  6. 21 rounds plus pushups after a 2 mile run.

    24 rounds for my husband…after first stopping at 17:23 just to prove he could beat me:)

  7. Crossfit Day 3! 🙂

    9 rounds. Missed 10 just by KB swings.

    Thrusters for wall balls — 10 pound weights for everything

  8. 11 Rounds
    15# Wall Balls
    20# Kettlebell Swings
    Note to self: Do NOT take vitamins just prior to Crossfiting unless you want vomit in your future!

  9. I went 15 seconds over to make it 14 rounds!

    4# ball – I was hoping for one for Christmas, but looks like I need to buy my own 🙂

    15.5# dumbbell swings – does that extra .5# make up for the ball? I think so!! lol

  10. Thrusters with 10 lb in each hand
    Just 5 swings short of 21 rounds

  11. 15 rounds with 22 lb thrusters and all boy push-ups.. my goal has been to complete a WOD that features push-ups without having to switch to girl push-ups halfway through the workout, today I didn't switch!! Felt great to reach that goal 🙂

  12. Took it easy.

    10 rounds
    All boy push-ups

    Could have done one more set, but decided to jump rope it out. Plan on doing Monday's workout later.

  13. 10 rounds
    girl pushups
    10 lb thrusters
    15lb dumbbell then 10lb for last 5 rounds

  14. 14 rounds
    As RXed.
    Blows my mind that some of you did 21+ as RXed!

  15. 17 rounds as RXed, that was after completing the workout from 12/24. Both were lots of fun!

  16. Went over 19 seconds to get in 15 rounds.
    Was going to just save this wod for the weekend, but glad I made time and did it tonight. Was also excited to see wall ball because my husband made me a homemade medicine for Christmas. It is 22#'s a little heavier than I expected, but I am excited to get stonger from using it.

  17. Question about wall ball. I have a 10 lb med ball but i thought I needed a really tall wall to toss up ball. I just have normal height ceilings. Can I do wall ball shots in my short wall or just stick to thrusters? Thanks!

    1. You should have a 10 foot target to do wall ball. What about a beam in your garage or an outside wall of your house? I have used both.

    2. Our garage isn't real high either but I could use wall outside of house especially in the spring. It's chilly here these days. Thank you for the quick feedback!

  18. 14 rounds
    did thrusters instead of wall balls, used two 7.5 # db
    all boy pushups
    15 # kb

  19. 14 Rounds
    25# thrusters subbed for wall balls. Only made it 6 rounds when I dropped it down to 15#! Stupid Holiday food has me all outta shape!! LOL

  20. 17 rounds after 12/27 wod and teaching a barbell/weight class for an hour…first 6 rounds used 20 lb db for wallball with slight toss and kb swing…15 lb for remainder 11 rounds…great wod…thanks

  21. oh and 15 lb med ball and 15 lb dumbell for swings, after 12/27 wod today

  22. I am so glad I found your blog! I've been interested in crossfit for a little while now, but was nervous about just jumping into it. This was my first workout and I substituted the 10 wall balls with 10 push presses w/ 10lb barbells because it's pretty chilly today! I did 9 rounds and I just hope my arms stop shaking soon, but I love it!! And thanks for putting all the demo videos up, made me more confident in my technique!

  23. 13 rounds. After Thursday's WOD. Also sick. So it was hard.

  24. I only did half of this workout because I have an extreme sinus infection and I couldn't breathe right! But in 9 minutes and 30 seconds I finished 6 rounds.

  25. 17 3/4 rounds… Had 8 kettbell swings to finish at 20 mins!

  26. Both Pat and I 11 rounds:

    Pat – 25 KB
    Maria – 20 KB

    We throw the ball to each other as high as we can.. 🙂

  27. 16 full rounds. 20# KB. Last 8 rounds I did 10, 10 and 10 as my wrists were killing me from the kettlebell. Exhausted.

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