Monday 12.24.12

5 rounds for time of:
10 Front squats, 40 lbs
20 Butterfly sit-ups

Merry Christmas Eve Mamas!



    1. Okay… I meant.. Lets get This Done!
      He can do his own!
      Merry Christmas ladies.

  1. 8:45
    35# squats..in a hurry this morning and didn't wanna mess around with weights..grabbed my bar and just got er done!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. 5:45!!! Thank you so much for this website! It is truly changing my life.. I now look foward to working out!,

  3. 7:37 as rx'd
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    I can't wait for the challenge!

  4. 8:56 with 7 squats each time and unassisted sit ups(nothing holding my feet). That was a struggle! Need to do more core

  5. 6:53 with about 50 lbs FS. Already managed to out on a few holiday pounds.. gotta get them off before they get too comfortable 😉 !

  6. 8:55 as rx'd
    1 mile at 6.5 after
    Merry Christmas Eve!

  7. 9:59 Doubled the squats each round because I only have 20 lb weights, but I think Santa is bringing me more. Merry Christmas and thank you for the incredible gift of Crossfit Mamas!

  8. 10:32 doubled the squats each round because I only have 20# weights. Had to take a few breathers throughout, I don't think I waited long enough after breakfast!

  9. 5:45. My 4 year old was my weight…he's about 43lbs. 🙂 Merry Christmas Jenni and all the other CF Mamas!

  10. 6:02
    30#'s. I think Santa has something for me too under the tree 🙂

    Thanks Jenni and Merry Christmas everyone!!

  11. 10:34 doubled the squats because I only had30 lbs. I look at my time and realize how out of shape I've let myself get over the last year and a half… Iam so grateful you started your challenge! I finally feel motivated to work hard at feeling like my REAL self again!!!

  12. 7:21. Merry Christmas everyone! See you all on Wednesday!

  13. 5:56 with 30lb squats (miscalculated the weight and only realize that after two rounds! Lol)

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