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Friday 12.21.12

3 rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
Thrusters, 20 lbs
Walking lunges

It will look like this:

Round 1: 15 Thrusters, 15 Lunges, 15 Push-ups
12 Thrusters, 12 Lunges, 12 Push-ups
 9 Thrusters, 9 Lunges, 9 Push-ups

Rounds 2 & 3: repeat

Compare to 11.22.11



    1. Wow..I really need to read the workout closer at 4:30 am.! Oops…I will have to do it tomorrow for real

  1. 13:33 girl push ups 3rounds. Almost quit after two but pushed through! That was awesome! My arms are hello!

  2. 10:06 this required me writing all the reps down and crossing off as I went. Been a long week. Tgif!

  3. Bahahahaha! I misread the workout (pre-coffee!) and was so proud of myself for completing it in 5:27! But I only did one round, so…..I'm going to go finish my workout now. LOL

  4. 16:00 I think I'm getting slower instead of faster! phew thank heaven's its Friday! can't wait til next week!

  5. Okay, for real now. 16:30. And that was wicked. I'm pretty sure that I most definitely will not have use of my arms for the entire weekend. LOL. Thanks for a fantastic workout!

  6. 18:01. Glad to have a break from push ups this weekend.

  7. 12:35. I hate push ups almost as much as I hate running….ouch I'm gonna feel that all weekend.

  8. 12:35. I hate push ups almost as much as I hate running….ouch I'm gonna feel that all weekend.

  9. 18:15 – Did this after 100 burpees. Did not do push ups, but added squats and cross fit sit ups to each round. Arms shaking…

  10. 12:10 yay! It's Friday! My 3 girls did the first round with me. They were like isn't that it??? I said no we have 2 more rounds. Ha!

  11. 13:46 girl push-ups all 3 rounds, needed to take a little breather after the first two rounds

  12. Visiting my parents 1000 miles from home (literally) and they don't have dumbbells or a bar, but I brought my resistance band and used that for the thrusters. I think I was getting more than 20 lbs of resistance, and ended up doing rounds 2&3 one arm at a time. Finished at 13:02!

  13. 9:49
    For anyone wanting the numbers that is 108 of each total. Way to go ladies.
    Merry Christmas!
    (Pre-bday workout for me — 43 on Sunday)

  14. I think I did it as RX'd.
    15's x 1
    12's x2
    9's x2

    If not that's ok, I am sweating and shaking!

  15. 10:40….my arms are in definite need of a rest this weekend, but it hurts so good!

  16. 12:13 with my 25# bar. My arms are killing me! Lots of push ups this week! Happy Friday!

  17. 16:30 – 24# thrusters, otherwise as RX'D (I don't get to say that much!) – The last round slowed my down!

    I don't know about you guys, but my upper body is now officially in protest!

  18. 13:24 I used 30 pounds on the first 2 rounds for thrusters and I couldn't figure out why I was struggling so much.. moron. So I switched to 20 pounds and I nearly threw the bar through the ceiling. My arms and shoulders are non existent now. Awesome. haha.

    I feel like I'm getting slower as well. Not sure why that is.

  19. 15# thrusters everything as rx'd. 19:00. Maybe I'm not pushing myself enough?

  20. Only could make it through one round since this was only my second workout here – burpees yesterday were hard! Forgot that I could do girl push-ups so did one round of boy push-ups! 5:05, but again only one round.

  21. 24:00 so slow!
    Everything as rx'ed but the push-ups, were on my knees
    But that's good for me! Struggled with this one but
    I'm pretty proud that I finished! 🙂

  22. 1st workout in a long time. 1st workout here ever!
    15:13 with girl push-ups and 8# each hand for thrusters

  23. WOD not as RXed:
    Subbed everything for 5 hours of snowboarding! 🙂

    Happy 12 year anniversary to me!!

  24. Been sick the past few days but managed to get just one round done today. 3:29

  25. 16:22

    don't have 10 lb so did 12.5 lb dumbbells for first round of thrusters, then 8 lb dumbbells for the second 2 rounds.

    Used 2 8 lb dumbbells for the lunges



    Substituted air squats because I don't own weights (yet!) and girl push-ups. wow!

  27. Went back to the 12-12-12 workout and did 3 more rounds. 🙂 my average of time per round got better by a whole minute. Each round averaged 6.12 minutes I'm happy about that.

  28. 14:45 total, but I kept getting interrupted.
    Rounds were 5:47*, 4:41*, 4:17.
    *My husband called me during the first and second rounds.

  29. 6.39 for the runs
    Did a full mile and got my best time ever at 8.53 I won't lie it was killer
    2.49 for the rest
    Used 30# bar

  30. Pat – 17:48 Rd 1 – 75lbs thursters then rds 2 & 3 – 65lbs

    Maria – 20:24 – Rd 1 – 45lb thursters and rds 2 & 3 – 35lbs

    slow but finished…so sore from the rest of the weeks WODS…but we love it

  31. 16:16
    Did this one today because I didn't workout on Monday
    I did some thrusters 20-30? with 5lb dumbbells during last 2 rounds. Modified pushups

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