Tuesday 12.18.12

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
15 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
15 Deficit push-ups (put your hands on books, blocks, weights)
15 Box jumps, 18″ box

Deficit Push-Ups Demo:



  1. 6 full rounds but more girl push-ups than boys. Thank you for the workout!

  2. I have been off for two weeks, fighting a bug. First day back to it. 4 rounds, all boy push ups, 40 lbs dead lifts. Not great but I am happy with it!

  3. 8 rounds
    30lb deadlifts
    Box jumps were step ups today in 2 stairs in my house

  4. 6 full rounds. 60# first two rounds, dropped to 50# for last 4. Those push ups are HARD!!!

  5. 5 rounds in just over 12 mins.

    Been battling fitness and body discouragement for about a week and skipped yesterday's WOD.

    Feels great to be back on the wagon! These workouts have really helped me get stronger–mentally and physically. Thank you.

  6. 6 rounds plus all deadlifts and some push-ups of round 7. Took me an extra 48 seconds to finish round 7.
    Didn't have 60# for deadlifts so I added an extra 5 reps. each round.

  7. 8 rounds. 50# dead lifts. Thanks for another great workout! I got my Vi-shakes in the mail yesterday and am excited to try it!!!

  8. 4 rounds
    20 lb deadlift. Could definitely use more weight.
    20 in jump. I really hate box jumps. A LOT.

    Thank you for the fun workout!

  9. Four very slow, struggling rounds as RX'ed (due to battling with morning sickness)

  10. 5 full rounds then finished deadlifts, push ups and 2 box jumps
    40 lb deadlifts
    First round boy p/u then the rest girlie p/u
    18" box jump

  11. been gone for several weeks. sick + no movtivation

    was hoping to make it to 4 rounds and ended up doing 6 2/3

    good to be back!

  12. I got in 5 rounds. I only had 20# so I doubled the deadlifts each round. Been sick in bed for 3 days, so this wiped me out! But it feels great!

  13. 5 full rounds + DL of 6th round
    Girl push-ups
    Been fighting sickness so I don't have a lot of energy… :/

  14. 8 rounds (as rx'd) in 12:08. Tried to fit that last round in before the timer, but couldn't quite make it.

  15. 6 rounds, 30lbs.
    I fought mental issues this morning. Didn't want to do it, but now I am glad I pushed through!!!

  16. 5 rounds + 36 reps (darn it! 6 was my goal)

    60# dl and 18"box
    used dumbells to hold for the deficit push ups. man they are tougher.

  17. 6 + deadlifts

    I have a question that's not really about this wod. The last few weeks after I run my left hip is really sore. The harder/longer I run the worse it is. I've never been much of a runner. But over the last year of crossfit I have never had any problems. Any tips or ideas of what might help? Thanks 🙂

    1. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor. They can fix that right up. 🙂

  18. 3 rounds. Have a cold and didn't want to stress my body. Slow goins. Getting on the eliptical for a 'walk'

  19. 7 2/3 rounds (didn't get the last round of box jumps in)

    subbed 20# shoulder press for push ups – rest as rx'd

  20. 5 rounds plus deadlifts.
    As RXed.
    Man, those deficit p

  21. 7 rounds with 6 seconds left, 40 lbs deadlifts and step ups on two stairs. Also went for full range of motion on all the deficit painups, I mean pushups 🙂

  22. 5 rounds and last minute speed jump rope. Deadlifts (squats) sometimes make me nauseas. Tonight was one of those nights.

  23. Almost 3 rounds; 7 deadlifts short of 12 minute mark as I did the routine in opposite order. 60# deadlift, 18" bench step-ups. Girl pushups–mostly deficit.

  24. I meant to post this yesterday after I did the WOD Rx. i got in 5 rounds + 10 deadlifts. Great WOD!

  25. 5 rounds, plus a 6th round of deadlifts.
    Deadlifts w/20lbs.
    I'd say maybe my first two push-ups included the actual "deficit." After that I just did regular knee push-ups, and by the third round I was only bending my arms half-way. Totally not ready for the deficit yet.
    Box jumps on my 8" aerobics step.

  26. Forgot to post yesterday. 4 rounds, only had 30 lb in weights. I need some work on my push-ups!!

  27. I'm a day behind again.. did 6 rounds plus an extra round of DLs. They were about 50 lbs, box jumps were tuck jumps.

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