Monday 12.17.12

4 rounds for time of:
10 Dumbbell snatches, 15 lbs (alternate one arm per round- 10 left arm first round, etc.)
200 foot Sprint

Dumbbell Snatch Demo:



  1. I didn't officially time this…forgot but I do know the songs I finished during the workout 😉 10,000 Reasons and half of I Will Rise. About 8 min
    And I used 20 lb dumbells because I don't have 15 lb.

  2. 12 minutes. Walked, cannot run…from now on I will be doing a bike sprint for any and all running workouts. Great workout today!!!!!

  3. 6:50 I did 100 jump rope instead of the sprints because its raining cats and dogs outside.

  4. 5:56
    12# snatches because that's the highest weight I had
    20 lunges with 22#'s because it's snowing outside

  5. I think that I read and did this wrong…I read 200 ft so that was 60m…so I only ran 60m. :o)
    So with 60meters and dumbells as rxed…2:27
    Then ran 5km.

  6. 5:35 with 10lbs snatches 15 reps per round. Run as rx'd.

  7. 5:13
    On a eliptical, so it was a little hard to judge the distance…

  8. 3:24 with 25 lb weight and guessing on dist for sprint (down driveway and back…dodging ice 😉 Missed most of last week and HAVE TO go back and try 12-12-12…looks like a great KILLER for 12 rounds..

  9. Apparently I didn't turn on the timer like I thought I had. Grrr…
    But it was short enough that maybe I'll just do it again after I catch my breath.

  10. 2:51 with 15 # snatch
    the sprints were 100 feet there and 100 feet back for 200 ft, rather than straight 200 at full speed.

  11. I had just finished a 5 mile run before checking the blog today so I just did the snatches with a 15 lb KB all sets in a row. 1:05 for the snatches, 34:26 for the 5 mile run. Have a great day ladies!

  12. 10# dumbells
    Minute and a half on elliptical for sprint

    Did this after doing the shorter WODs from last week. Getting over a cold

  13. 3:55
    As RXed.
    100 ft there and backs

    30 lb snatch

  14. 7:10

    First workout, and first real exercise after my third baby. The sprints killed me!

    DH: 5:20

  15. 2:42 fastest workout ever and heart is totally pumping! Might do a little more to run off a bad day

  16. 10:23
    15lb snatch
    100 jump ropes each set

    Didn't do it for time, it's been a long day for me too.

  17. Just realized it was supposed to be one arm each round I did both each time. Whoops!

  18. ugh!! My phone died while timing this workout so I have no idea how long it took me. It seemed pretty fast…oh well.

  19. 4 min even. Did jumping jacks instead of the runs due to it's very cold in Utah today.

  20. 7:27
    Jumping jacks instead of sprints
    Held two 8lb dumbells in one hand for each set of snatches
    Did some CFSU's after 🙂 starting to love those

  21. 4:53
    10lb dumbbells
    Did 25 fast up-up-down-down straddle steps on my aerobics step in place of the runs.

  22. Tried to post this yesterday but forgot to put in password so it didn't get posted. Time was 12.8 which included a phone interruption. I was trying to use treadmill and bike for sprints but was too frustrating and time consuming so will try something else next time.

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