Thursday 12.13.12

Run 5K.

Compare to 10.03.12

Don’t make excuses, don’t doubt yourself, don’t sub……just do it…. because you can.  


  1. 26:08. I don't think I've pushed myself so hard at 5 am in 29 degree weather. Fun! Thank you!

  2. Didn't sprint it, but 27:29, I am pleased with this time for an average run. 🙂

  3. 26:53. Not my fastest time, feeling the affects of yesterday's long wod. Still happy with my time it is an almost 6 min. approvement from my 10/03/12 time.

  4. 29:09. working out after injury happy with that.

    Britta, I don't think ill ever catch you!!!!

  5. 28:16.

    Compared to 30:53 just two months ago right before I started doing crossfit.

  6. This is gonna take me forever, I am not a runner therefore I am slow!! But I AM gonna do it 🙂

  7. Didn't do the 5k on 10/3 so couldn't compare but looked back thru my Runkeeper activites and see that before I started Xfit WODs I had a 9:04/km avg. Then on 11/10 I did 5k with an 8:34/km avg. Today it was 8:04/km avg. I feel better about that 40 mins now.

  8. 24:44
    Compared to 26:42 in October.
    I'm gaining on you Britta! 😉

  9. 26:12. It was not my fastest run, but it felt good for an average run. It was a nice change of pace too!

  10. 22:15, my personal best 5k time ever!! Thank you crossfit!! Amazing time, Duke-N-Morgan, pushing a double jogger! I've been there done that and it is hard!!!

  11. 35:12, but here are my excuses 😉 –
    1)a strong headwind, 2)my right knee. I don't know what the problem is, but it quit at precisely two miles. Feels like something inside the knee suddenly swelled up to prevent further movement. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I've never had problems with it before.
    And that is why my time today is slower than 10/3 (32:45) and the Turkey Trot on 11/3 (31:46).

  12. 62:09 – I didn't run, but did walk outside at the park. I looked up how far 5k is in miles (3.1) and actually did both 1 mile walking trails, uphill and down, plus the fairly flat pond trail (.6/mile) twice for a total of 3.2 miles! It's a beautiful, 60 degree, sunny, blue sky day in Georgia so I thought I'd take advantage of that! 🙂

  13. Unlike a lot of you gals I love to run…20:13

    then this afternoon I did yesterday's killer WOD (because yesterday I wasn't paying attention to the small detail of 12 rounds and didn't have time to finish) I enjoy a challenge so I had to do it…

    I have some tired legs!
    Thanks Jenni

  14. So I said I would do it and I did! Took me a long 47 minutes and I only stopped once to catch my breath! I looked at today's WOD and thought "no way I can't do this" but i did! Thank you Jenni! You're words of encouragement ( no subs, no excuses, just do it because you can" were awesome words of encouragement! Thank you again for helping me achieve something I never thought I could!!! 🙂 🙂

  15. I love to run too ladies
    Ran a 20:41 after dinner! Definitely wouldn't recommend it but it works. Lol empty stomachs are way better!

  16. Around 30m my phone died in the middle of the run but I had a great run, with great company!

  17. 44 mins ran first mile at 5 then took a speed walk at speed of 4 on my tread. I get bored looking at the wall so I watched YouTube to make the time go by lol. Hey I did it (too)!

    Randomness: past month we were still in the 80s where I live in socal and just this week we got cold "winter" weather of 54* and it poured rain today, so all I really wanted to do was lounge on the couch 😉

  18. Swapped into a 12k xc-skiing.That was the first time I got on skis tyhis year and I was smiling all the time pushing trough the blizzard we had.

  19. 27 minutes flat…not great. Brittany do you run and do the crossfit workouts? Or just crossfit?

  20. 27 minutes flat…not great. Brittany do you run and do the crossfit workouts? Or just crossfit?

  21. 29:30. 2 walk breaks. October was 33:30. Yay!

  22. 35 minutes

    I am posting late but did run yesterday. It's not often I can join in the fun because I don't have waits so mamas, what do you recommend as your must have weights?

  23. 32:15
    First mile: 10:15
    Second: 11:25
    Third: 10:35
    Excited to watch this improve!!

  24. 35 minutes flat. Sucky time, but at least I finished. Couldn't have three months ago before this!

  25. 24:36 Not my best, but I plan to get back to my 6:45 minutes miles!

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