Monday 12.10.12


5 rounds for time of:
100 Jump rope
10 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
Rest 1 minute

Hiit Mama Vanessa B.
“Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and WOD’s!  I have been doing
your workouts for 2 months and love them. I feel so much stronger!  I am
a mom of 2 sweet, busy boys.  Sometimes when I come home from a rough
day at work, I do one of your WOD’s, and life’s stressful burdens are
lifted from my shoulders.  A good sweat will do that for you. Thank you
for the great tank, it is soft!”


  1. 11:56 I only have 20 lbs, so I doubled the deadlifts each round. And I had to take a potty break in the middle – jump rope has that effect on this Mama. 🙂

  2. 9:31. Used clothesline (from project with kids) for jump rope because I couldn't find the jump rope. Clothesline worked well! It pays off to hv kids playroom and workout area in basement! Thanks again!

  3. 11:42 only could fit 40# on my dumbbell . And I SUCK at jump rope LOL

  4. 14:19, 45# deadlift. thanks for the breaks, it gave my brain a break from all that jumping!

  5. 19:12
    This is my 4th day of CrossFit and not sure how to approach things. Do I go for the Rx'd weight, taking as long as I need, or do I lower the weight and go for a cross between ability, form, and speed?
    I started at 55#'s but lowered it to 45#.

  6. 12:38- Oh the joy of jump roping after 4 kids.
    Also was able to squeeze in a 3 mile run before getting the kids ready for school. Ran my fastest time of 23:38. Thanks Jenni for posting these awesome workouts they keep helping me to improve my time.

  7. Jumpin jacks instead of rope
    Ran a mile…great start to the week!

  8. 7:26 as rxd except I forgot about the minute rest in between! Oh well. Such a fun one! I love jump rope! Thanks!

  9. First crossfit workout ever: 22.57. Embarrassing, but I'm gonna work at it!

  10. 6:52
    But I didn't do the rest. I read this this morning and did it just now. Totally forgot about the rest. My calves are on fire!

  11. 10:30
    Only used 40lb for the deadlifts…need to ask Santa for more weights

  12. 8:36
    Imaginary jump rope (I never would have gone this fast if I'd had to navigate jumping over an actual moving object.)
    Only 30# for deadlifts, so I doubled the reps.

  13. 7:58….i just noticed the rest 1 minute part. I didn't rest. oops.

  14. Oh, I just realized I forgot to rest. That's why my time was so short. 🙂

  15. 17:10. Doubled the reps as I was lacking heavy weight. First time ever trying crossfit and I'm the most out of shape I've ever been. Enjoyed! See ya tomorrow! 🙂

  16. 14:26 – skipped the rests, but had plenty of "technical difficulties" to make up for it (I swear that jump rope has a life of its own). 40lb dead lifts until the last 10, when I did 60lb.

  17. 10:50 including the rest
    Only had 30lb for deadlifts but I did 20 reps to try to make up for it!

  18. 32:51 :/

    My jumprope skills SUCKED turds!!!! I finally did the last set without the jumprope – my time was WAY better that way, but I was determined to jump that DAMN ROPE!!!

    50# deadlift, but I did 12 reps instead of 10 each round – my reasoning 10 reps x 60 lbs = 600, so 12 reps x 50 lbs = 600. 🙂

  19. 6:02, skipped the rests. Only used 50 lbs for the dead lift since that is the heaviest I had. I need more weights! Thanks again for a fun workout.

  20. 12:33 with 62# DL and time includes all 5 minutes of rest as rxed. Thanks!!

    1. Then 4 mile run, starting to train for a 1/2 Marathon that I signed up for. Whoohooo 🙂

  21. 9:22 as rx'd. 2nd WOD of the day. I did last Mon's 7 minutes of burpees first. Whew!

  22. 12:06
    50# deadlifts
    Ran 1/3 mile & worked on assisted pull-ups

  23. 10:32
    Jumping jacks for jump rope
    only 15-30 second rest…I was in a hurry to get kids to jujitsu.
    Great start to the week.
    Have plan to do some situps later.

  24. 11:11. Doubled deadlifts..don't have heavy enough weights..

  25. 14:20

    Added time for chatting it up with friend during breaks 🙂

  26. 10:29
    65 lbs. (only have my husbands mens bars)

    and i didnt take the 1 min rest.

    I wanted be out of breathe. and that i definately was. hah

  27. 11:49 with an imaginary jump rope. 60 pounds as rx.
    First day back after taking a 2 week break for a back injury. Pulled a muscle playing at the trampoline park with my kids. That's what happens when a 40 year old pretends she can still do tricks like a 12 year old!

  28. 11:32 for both of us, including all the rests except the final one. About 50lb DLs. James sub'd 50 jumping jacks for 100 jump ropes.

  29. 9:35, resting to to the top of the minute between rounds. That usually ended up about 20-30 second rests. Stop trying to count to 100 and jump roped for 1 minute, instead. Attempted some double unders in the process.

  30. 13:46 with 30 lb dead lifts. I gotta get back in the groove of the WODs!

  31. Well, this is my first WOD. 13:12, did not have a jump rope so did imaginary jump ropes. Only had 30 lb, guess I know what to ask for from Santa!

  32. 8.22, I didn't rest much, becasue I didn't have time… 🙂
    Better late than never!

  33. 12:47, took the deadlifts pretty slow so I would keep good form and not pull my neck like the last time I deadlifted 60lbs… glad I did, my neck is still fine 🙂

  34. We (pat and I) are a week behind, although I like it that way, we can see what is coming up and if we are out of town can plan for it. We started this July 20th and love it, it fits in with our lives…My husband is 46 and I am 42

    our time was 10:15
    Pat – 95lbs DL
    Maria – 65 (first round) then had to go down to 45lb (my back is statined)..yes that made me mad, but finished..

    Thank you Jenni for all you do!

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