Friday 12.07.12

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
8 Bench dips
10 Box jumps, 18″ box
20 lb
walking lunges, 12 steps

15 Butterfly sit-ups


  1. 7 Rounds – with the last set of sit ups after the 15 minutes ran out.

    Box jumps – jumped onto med ball (no box yet) (about 14 inches)
    walking lunches – carried 15 lb med ball

  2. 7 full rounds and 3/4 of 8. 20" box, with modified step ups the last two rounds due to leg injury. Thanks!

  3. 5 full rounds then I added 25 standing abs each side. Hello Friday.

  4. there seems to be a theme here: 7 and three-quarters rounds, just did the sit-ups after time.
    Great week, thank you!!!

  5. 9 rounds, went about 30 seconds over to finish CFSUs. Box jumps were tuck jumps, no box yet! 30 lbs for walking lunges. Yay Friday!!

  6. 7 rounds with a short phone call in the middle from my daughter. TGIF and TGNB (Thank God No Burpees)!

  7. I only did 5 and 1/2-made it through the fifth set of box jumps. This was my first time trying the workouts and my first workout in, let's just say, a while!

  8. 8 and half rounds. My ankle is still not 100%, so I did step-ups for box jumps.

  9. 7 3/4 rounds
    25# for walking lunges. I did 12 per leg, 24 total steps each round. Is that how I was supposed to do it? Those lunges burned!

  10. 4 3/4 rounds, but just went ahead and finished to make it 5 rounds. Ran 30 minutes outside afterward, beautiful misty morning.

  11. 7 full rounds, all dips and 4 box jumps of round 8. It was nice to know exactly how much time I had left. 😉

  12. 9 rounds + 8 bench dips and 6 lunge steps. 30 lbs for walking lunges…. missed most of this week, glad to be back!

  13. 7 3/4… 10 seconds off to finish all cfsu's to be exact. Dang, I really wanted to get to 8! So close!!

    Have a happy Friday!

  14. 8 rounds. Loving these workouts! THANK YOU!

  15. 8 rounds. Loving these workouts! THANK YOU!

  16. 6 rounds. I think I did extra lunges. I did stepping lunges instead of walking and did each leg as a count of 1. Thanks for the sweat!TGIF!!!!

  17. first timer have been looking at the blog for awhile…
    7 rounds
    with modifications:
    no box set a broom across 2 chairs jumped that high
    could only find 1 10lb dumbbell so had to use 2 15 lbs
    had 1 year old climbing on and under me and throwing Christmas ornaments under back!

  18. 7 but I totally screwed up and dd 20 lunges, no weights (oops), no box yet so used the treadmill to jump up onto. 2 tons of pellets to unload later, that should finish me off.

  19. 4.5 Rounds in 14 minutes.

    Still using a little 6" box for jumping and not quite ready for more.

    I agree W/Foster… TGIF!

  20. 9 rounds with timer going off after lunges completed during 10th set. Went ahead and finished the 10th set with the 10 round of CFSU completed after time. Thanks!! Tough!

  21. 6 full rounds, literally was on my second to last sit up when the timer went off!
    Step ups instead of box jumps
    Used 2 8lb dumbells for lunges (ouch!)
    Rest as rx'ed 🙂

  22. 5 and some 🙂 I'm starting to get better at box jumps it's exciting!

  23. 8 rounds done in 15:15.
    Used 10" box and 25 second planks and semi-squats pulling on resistance band for abs.

  24. 7 full rounds this morning after 4 mile run at moderate pace for me. Have a good weekend! Thank you again! Tomorrow is rest day! Thank you again!

  25. 10 rounds plus bench dips, my knee is acting up so I jumped on one stair and my last two rounds of lunges were not very deep. Good sweat to start my Saturday with!

  26. 6 rounds even, did 12 lunges per leg.
    Followed it with 17 assisted Pull Ups, 5 wide grip, 7 regular and 5 narrow grip.

  27. 6.5 rounds.
    Got through the dips and box jumps of the 7th round.
    Used my aerobics step for the jumps, and that's nowhere near 18". Otherwise as rx'd.

  28. 6 rounds with 1:45 left on the timer.. Not feeling it at all today, so in pretty proud that I did something!

  29. 8 1/2 rounds exactly (just finished box jumps when timer went off)

    As Rx'ed

  30. No time and no energy (Daddy's been gone ALL week and I teach a 1 hr dance class Sat morns) so I did 10 mins. Running step ups instead of box jumps. I made 6 1/2 rounds in 10 mins.

  31. 1 mile run at 7.3

    6 sets

    This one was fun! Thanks!

  32. 12 Rounds minus the last five setups. But, I did finish them just for the record!!!!

  33. 12 Rounds minus the last five setups. But, I did finish them just for the record!!!!

  34. 5 full rounds, plus a 6th round on bench dips and box jumps

    I'm on 11" box jumps now – YAY!

    lunges w/24 lbs

  35. 9 rounds, went about 15 seconds over timer to finish. Did this workout directly after yesterday's. Great fun!

  36. 8 – I think! Maybe be 9, wanted to end so kinda lost count! 2 seconds over to finish. Dripping!

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