Thursday 12.06.12

“20 X 20”

For time:
20 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
20 Sit-ups
20 Box jump, 18″ box
20 Push-ups
Cleans,20 lbs

20 Jump rope
20 Thrusters, 10 lb dumbbells
20 Front squats, 20 lbs
20 Kettlebell swings, 15 – 20 lbs
20 Push press, 20 lbs
20 Bench dips
Sumo deadlift high pull, 20 lbs

20 Burpees
20 Hang squat clean, 20 lbs
20 Butterfly sit-ups
20 Walking lunge steps
Deadlift, 20 lbs

20 Knees to elbows
20 Squats
20 Leg lifts

Did I leave anything out? 😉


    1. Loved this workout! Finshed 20 rep round in 15 minutes. Then added 8 sets of tabata sprints (20 sec sprint/10 sec rest). Then went back through workout doing 10 reps per exercise.

  1. 16:36
    Used 2 8 lb dumb less for all weight because that's all I have

  2. 17:45. Did step ups for box.jump. After I went back and did real box jumps so it was prob more like 20 mins. Awesome workout!

    1. Forgot to say we added more front squats to round it out to twenty of everything. Like the Crossfit website. 🙂

  3. 17:35 I only had two 5 pound dumbbells to use. I had to get rid of all my other equipment because I'm moving to Australia next week!! Still a great workout!! Happy birthday, Jen Roe!!!

  4. 29:35….I probably could've shaved about 5-7 minutes off my time but I took LOTS of rests. Shewwwww!!! I am wiped but such a great workout. Jenni, I must say THANK YOU for making this blog and allowing me to stretch myself to do things that I never thought I could do. "I can't" is no longer in my vocabulary!!!

  5. 16:42
    Then 2 mile run
    This is my 2nd month of CFM and I am so sore this week! Box jumps were brutal bc my calves are so stinkin sore!

  6. 16:42
    Then 2 mile run
    This is my 2nd month of CFM and I am so sore this week! Box jumps were brutal bc my calves are so stinkin sore!

  7. 23- was at the gym so lots of time wasted by having to find/move equipment and locations. Burpees kill me.

    1. All barbells were 25#. Used 40# for the last set of squats

  8. thrusters for wall balls, everything else as RX'd. Feel pretty slow!! 23:38 Dang good workout though!!

  9. 15:08
    I had to sub in tricep dips for ball
    Jump squats for box jumps
    Added 100 for jump rope and jumping jacks
    For lack of equipment — great workout!!
    4mile run

  10. 25:25 did step ups and one box jump still feeling the fear! Added over head squats to make it 20 things.
    Thank you!
    Still shaking!

  11. 20:02.

    Everything 45lb except push press and thrusters.

    I felt like I was in slow motion this morning, but I'm running on little sleep because both my kids are sick.

    I added the tabata sprints at the end after seeing another post. Loved this workout.

  12. 22:40. Did 40 walking lunges on mistake. I was so in the zone I just kept lunging…ha!
    Great workout!! Thank you!

  13. Happy birthday Jen Roe
    6# wall ball
    15# thruster
    42# on all cleans/squats/dead lift

    Great workout! I feel accomplished.

  14. 20 min. Subbed p90x steamrollers for k2e, crunches for sit-ups. Had to do 5lb dumb bells for 15 of the push presses. Box jumps on a 12" step because I don't have a box.

  15. 17:35

    15 lb wall ball
    45 lb cleans
    15 lb kbs
    45 lb dead lift
    knees to elbow on ground (my arms are sooo sore, just could not handle hanging from the bar today)

    rest as rx'd

  16. 23:13
    Subbed 10# weighted ball toss for wall ball , jump squats for box, and used two 10# dumb bells for all the weighted movements.

    Whoa! Dripping in sweat and love it.

  17. Oh, and I did 100 jump ropes. 20 seemed like I was getting off easy.

    And happy bday Jen Roe!!

  18. 23:12! crunches subbed for all sit-ups, very lazy burpees. I did knees to elbows on the floor and it felt great!

  19. 29:49.
    You guys are lunatics! How did some of you do this so fast! I had to take so many breaks!
    8lb wall balls
    10lbs for push press and hang squat cleans because my arms just couldn't do the 20lbs at those points.
    K2E on the floor.
    Other than that, I did it all as rx'd, even if it did take me almost half an hour!
    Over a week of these workouts, and I'm still looking forward to it every morning! But can I request that you bring back those nice short ones? I need a rest tomorrow!

  20. 22:21 first time I have come to puking in quite a while! I did not do the weights as RX, did heavier. Phew!

  21. 24:18
    30 lbs. for everything except wall ball (10#), kettle bell swing (17#), and sumo deadlift high pull (22#).

  22. Just ordered a second tank because I can't find my other one anywhere! I didn't even get to wear it, it went missing the 1st day. Watch, it'll turn up now that I ordered another one!! I'm excited and this one will NOT be left anywhere near my children…I'm sure they are the culprits!

  23. 16:02, 2x 10lb dumbbells for everything but swings which was 15lbs. Upright rows subbed for SDHP. My arms are still recovering from fight gone bad, those push presses today were killer!

  24. 16:02, 2x 10lb dumbbells for everything but swings which was 15lbs. Upright rows subbed for SDHP. My arms are still recovering from fight gone bad, those push presses today were killer!

  25. 30:58
    My knee hurts and I couldn't even squat low enough. Next time, I'll be faster!!
    No wall-ball, did thrusters.
    10" box
    No sit-ups, did plank.

  26. 19:05 32# for all 20#of BB stuff, 15# for KB. K to E not good today just K to Chest really. Kicked my fanny and full of sweat!

  27. 29:11… I had to look up some of the moves before hand because I didnt know what they were. I forgot a few mid workout so i had to look them up . Would have had a quicker time if not having to take breaks looking up the work outs. It was ugly but I finsihed:0

  28. 17:50
    Everything that involved weights (outside of kettlebells and wall balls) were with 30lbs (2, 15lb dumbbells). Kettlebell is only 10lbs and was used for wall balls and KB swings. No box, so box jumps were tuck jumps. K2E on the floor. The hang squat cleans felt impossible today, had to split them into 10 before CFSUs and 10 after!

    This has been another tough week! Could barely move all day from the last two workouts, so this one felt so difficult!!

  29. 29:02

    Thrusters w/ 15 lbs for wall ball
    Regular Thrusters w/ two 15 lb dumbbells.
    Did good up to the burpees. Checked my time after burpees and I was at like 13 minutes. I fell apart after that. If its possible to argue with a computer, I did! 🙂

    But, I did it! My legs are trying to recover from yesterday and then I do this to them.

    JW: Does crossfit workouts take days of rest in between for muscles to rest after a work out? ex: Legs Monday then no legs Tuesday

  30. 22:52
    Mod: thrusters in place of wall ball
    Only 5 burpees, and no knees to elbows.

  31. 25:53 Ouch!
    Box Jumps on a 6" Box… Weak!
    No push ups on the Burpees…
    20/20 Completed!

  32. 18:00. I'm working a day behind when I have to look up the exercises. I love this! Thank you so much for these workouts!

  33. 20:20

    push ups half boy / half girl
    cleans- 30 lbs
    thrusters- 30 lbs
    front squat- 30 lbs
    kettle bell- 20 lbs
    sumo dl high pull- 30 lbs
    hang squat clean- 30 lbs
    deadlift- 30 lbs
    knees to elbows- more like knees to chest height

    I am SORE- I love it!

  34. 19.09! This was probably my favorite workout yet. I need to work on my form for the cleans though. I was kind of nervous to do them so I ended up doing back squats instead, still with 20lbs. And no equipment to box jump so I jumped up steps

  35. 15.58
    used 40lbs on deadlifts, squats, swings and 10 of the cleans 🙂

  36. 22:24 45 lbs for cleans, front squats, push press, sumo deadlift, hang clean, deadlift and first 5 of thrusters/30 lbs for last 15 of thrusters…20 lb db with slight toss for wall ball, 20 lb kb swing, 10 hanging k2e 10 off end of bench….so glad the last half was mostly body weight moves….

    Did this after Fridays workout


  37. 17:49.
    2 8# dumbbells. That is all I have..
    Step ups instead of box jumps

  38. 15:37
    thrusters for wall ball
    25# KB swings

    Awesome workout. I stayed on the floor for a full minute after the leg lifts were over. : )

  39. Forgot to post yesterday
    Did thrusters with 2 5lb dumbells for wall balls
    Step up for box jumps
    Jumpin jacks for burpees
    And k2e on the floor

  40. Mine was more like 18 x 20. I didn't do the burpees and the hang squat cleans – I just can't work them out!

    time was 18.57.

  41. Just did this today – 27:02 as rx'd except 24 lbs with all weighted exercises

    GREAT workout! 🙂

    1. All while coaching my 8 year old daughter through each exercise. She made it through until hang squat cleans. 🙂

  42. 15:46, 2x 10 lb dumbbells for everything but swings which was 15 lb KB. K 2 E on floor, 12" box jumps. Great workout, thank you!

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