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Wednesday 12.05.12

3 rounds for time of:
10 Knees to elbows
Run 200 meters
10 Bar-facing burpees
Run 200 meters

Post times to comments.


  1. I haven't done this yet, but I LOVE the fact that the girl in the video is WAY faster than the guy!

  2. 18:30 – I have a long way to go before I can do these things and do them well but I finished.

  3. 14:44. Haven't worked out much in the past week to let my ankle heal. Took my time on burpees. Feels great to get a workout again.

  4. And here I thought they couldn't make the burpee worse! Here goes nothing!

  5. 3:28
    Total: 10:22
    My calves are burning today!
    Then ran after to shake out some of that lactic acid! Great WOD! Loved this one!

  6. 21:43…..with kid interruptions. K2E on the floor and 2 min runs because my distance doesn't work on my treadmill .

  7. 11:55
    that seems a little low, I'm guessing I didn't guess right on the running.
    oh well, I still feel thrashed, and that's what's important

  8. 12:24 didn't love the bar burpees- felt like I was so concerned with the bar my form and push-ups weren't as good.

  9. I dont have a pull-up bar yet, is there a something a can sub for the knees to elbows?

  10. GreenBaby, you can do Standing Knees to Elbows. Put your hands behind your head, bring your left elbow to your right knee, and then your right elbow to your left knee, left-right is 1 rep.

  11. 26:12—-soooooo sloooowwww!!!!

    I subbed Standing Knees to Elbows because I don't have a pull-up bar. And I didn't have room to do burpees on each side of the bar so I did 1 and jumped over the bar and then jumped back over to the other side and did the next rep. Good workout and I am sweating in places that I didn't know I could sweat….my arms are drenched!!!

  12. 12:10
    did knees to elbows on floor, subbed jump rope for running.

    Any suggestions on pull up bar for home? Don't have a workout room, just the living room, so I need something easily put up and taken down.

  13. 13:27
    K2E on the floor
    last set of burpees were pathetic! :/

  14. K, Thank you !! well here goes nothing … This will be my third CF workout ever… Im already in Love and have dragged a friend along with me. My motivated is my Husband and I are going to TTC in May. and I want to be as fit and as healthy as possible for that future baby. I have about 50 pounds to lose and I want my body to be as ready as possible since we are planning a home birth. Thank you ladies yall are so inspiring!

  15. around 9 mins…got confused with the runs toward my last set. With the other mamas we work out with, we stagger stations. I thought I was done at 8:42 but then added another run at the end (I started with a run). I like the idea of one 400m run per round instead of two 200m runs per round.

  16. 16 min
    K2E on floor because my abs are too weak to do them on the pull up bar
    Almost 14 weeks pregnant
    Been doing Crossfit Mamas since 5 weeks prego but had to severely modify much of it until about a week ago because of morning sickness. Feels good to do it as Rx'd, or close to it.

  17. 17:05. I did k2e on floor, did 100 jump rope for each of the 200 meter runs, and added a push up to each burpee.

  18. 11:02 as rx'd, although KTE is still more like knees to armpits or knees to chest by the end.

  19. 16:07-K2E on the floor, 200 jump rope for the run on the first two rounds then I ran 3 laps around my backyard holding my one year old on the last round! 🙂 Wish I had a pull up bar, even though I know I probably wouldn't even be able to do one that way!! Great work out! When you do K2E standing do you alternate legs?

  20. 13:07 as RXed
    My first KTE was awesome (for me) they all went down hill after that. I am drenched. Good work out!!

  21. 14:28. Didn't think jumping over a bar would make burpees that much harder, but it did. also, those are Not legit burpees in the video, Right??!

  22. 11:14
    Knees to elbows getting better….probably knees to shoulders was more like it for me

  23. 11:06.

    I finally got my knees all the way to my elbows!! (but only in the first round)

  24. First timer here! Dont have pull up bar so I subbed 20 standing K2E for each set. 13:48

  25. Ran 1.5 mile, then 11:12 for workout, then ran another 1.5 mile

  26. 13.08
    Knees to Elbows was knees to arm pits on third round!
    Subbed 200m run for 2 regulation court liners (suicides)
    12 linears was hard

  27. 16:51 and that's with the modified Knees to Elbows and walking for the last few liners.

    Even the few Bar burpees I did were weak! More of a step back, step up, step over and hope not to trip, kind of event.

    Lot's of sweat and hard work though.

    I think I can, I think I can….

  28. 20:28
    Finally KTE's on a bar..not to bad!!
    My runs were 400 meters each.
    Bar facing burpees…ICK!

  29. 13:11, felt really good afterwards! Subbed KTE with leg lifts. my bar won't attach in my basement and my treadmill is there 🙂

  30. 6:55
    My times for today's.
    I HAD to take about a 3-4 minute break in between.

  31. 30:22 – WHAT a workout!

    Knees to slightly above waist line…and YES! I counted it! lol

    No bar, so I used my aerobic step and did a 6" box jump and over. I guess you'd call them box facing burpees!

    Treadmill for the running @ 4.6/mph

  32. 11:06
    Did 15 second planks instead of KTE. Ran 8mph then 9mph on last 200m.

  33. 13:51, but I only did two rounds.
    This one killed me! My knees to elbows were more like knees to nothing. The second round, I didn't run because the baby was crying every time I wasn't in his line of vision. So I did 100 jumping jacks for the first part and then 50 butt-kicks and 50 high-knees for the second part. He finds my exercising hilarious. And then I had to stop and change his diaper. I've never been so grateful for a poopy diaper! I didn't go back and do the third round after that. Next time!

  34. 9:49
    With K2E on the floor, and I tried to measure out how far I was running after the fact and it looks like I was only doing about 150 m each time, not 200.

    Ran a mile afterwards to make up for it, and finished it in 10:17.. excited to see my mile get faster as I get stronger :). Thanks Jenni!

  35. 18:40 but ran 350 Meters each time instead of 200. And did this WOD after yesterdays. Thanks!

  36. 17:03. This is the closest I'eever come to meeting Ms. Pukie during a CrossFit workout!

  37. 20:44
    K2E on ground
    Jumping jacks/running in place for 2 min each time (I think this really affected my time…)
    'air' bar for burpees
    Jax/Running in place

    I went a little slower today because I was recovering from yesterdays' craziness! Still felt good!

  38. 17:46
    I think I ran close to 400 meters each time. Great workout though! Running after those burpies was tough!

  39. 17:16
    K2e on floor
    Did regular burpees (no push-ups)
    Running as rx'ed 🙂

  40. 11:23 – Hubby out of town and broken treadmill, lots of modifications.

    Floor toes to the bar
    Not enough room to do both sides so burpees had to jump over the bar and back
    Twenty 10' shuttles for each run

  41. 11:52

    Burpees as rxd
    K2E on the floor (hope I do those right because they feel kind of funny)

    I can run 400m in lil over 2 mins so I ran in place a lil over a minute each time for 200m. First round I did 100 jumping jacks, but my calves are burning from whatever I did yesterday.

    Feeling good!

  42. 18:45

    KTE on the floor
    Guessed the distance on running
    Burpees were comical but I did my best!

  43. 14:23- had some logistics issues getting in and out of the house for the runs but trying to keep the dog inside

  44. Totally messed this up.

    Jumping Jacks: 30
    KTE: 10
    BFB: 10
    Finished with a .6 mile run

    16 minutes.

  45. Couldn't do this on Wednesday bc I was alone with the kiddos all day…
    But my K2E are unimpressive. Burpees are tons better than when I started 2-3 weeks ago! Now I'm warmed up and ready for a shake out run.

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