1. I am on my 2nd week of your workouts. I'm a triathlete and marathoner but also a mom of three (7 mths, 2 and 4) so these are wonderful for me right now! This morning I warmed up with 2 mile run then did these burpees. I have no idea what a good score is in 7 min but I was out of breath by the end! 82 was my score. Very fun! Thank you! Also…when do you all have a rest day? On weekends I'm trying to get in long run, swim or bike especially with this amazing December weather (70''s here). And I have to do these WOD!

    1. I'd say 82 is an amazing score! I'm a runner, too, and do my long runs on Saturdays. During the week I do these WOD's every day and do short runs on Mon, Tues, Thurs. Sunday is my day of rest.

  2. 65. About halfway through I decided my goal would be 60. (since I didn't really know how many I could do because I have never done this workout) I am proud

  3. Can't do burpees because I tweaked my ankle last week and it's still sore. This is what I did instead:

    7 min. push-ups – 120(these sucked)
    7 min. crossfit sit-ups – 157

  4. Jenni, I don't hate you! That was an awesome jump start (literally) to the day! 112 with 20 reps of 4-count, 10 reps w/ pu, repeated 20+10 sets until 7 minutes was up. I messed up my elbow so I didn't think I could get through 7 minutes w/ pu burpees.
    Master's Mindset!!

  5. 60! I did it while I was cooking breakfast, so mine was more like:
    20 burpees
    Run to the kitchen to flip the bacon
    20 burpees
    Run to the kitchen to flip the bacon
    20 burpees
    But I stopped my clock every time I stopped the burpees, so I really did the whole 7 minutes. Which means I'm slow at burpees, I think, but that's ok. I'm working on it.

  6. 49, in a hotel room trying not to wake my husband or disturb the rooms around us, haha

  7. How do I do this modified!?!?!? I really want to figure out a way. My knees are not to be jumped with and limited motion. Ideas? Maybe a step back with arms doing push-up on steps?! Please help

    1. Maybe you could do caterpillars with pushups? From standing, bend over and walk your hands forward into a plank, do a pushup (if desired) then walk them back in. That would engage your core without too much stress on the knees.

    2. You could try "deconstructed" burpees – do 10 jumping jacks (skip if your knees won't allow), 10 squats, plank for 10 seconds, 10 push-ups. Then repeat.

  8. I think i could do both, of the last two! no jumping jacks though…the caterpillars, do i start each time from a standing position? It is really hard to get off the floor, maybe practice getting off the floor?!?!? just trying to do the best I can

  9. 80…lordy!
    Westside guy…yes start standing…walk hands out into plank, do push-up, then walk hands back in, then stand up. 🙂

  10. 60! That's really good for me, although my form deteriorated as I went along!

  11. 94 burpees in 7 minutes!! I am just so proud of the fact that I could do burpees for 7 minutes straight without stopping! Good job everyone!!

  12. 100 burpees
    After taking a whole week off for laryngitis, it's good to be back!
    Ran a 10k in 46:16 on Saturday!

  13. 62 after 3 mile warm up run…a little shoulder pain but great sweat!!!

  14. 35- a bit embarrassing after reading everyone else's… but I guess we all gotta start somewhere!

  15. 35 – the first 15 were regular burpees, and the last 20 included the push up.

  16. 50 and glad to have gotten there! I'm really inspired by everyone else's numbers! Been doing this for a month and a half. Just wait til I've been doing them for a year!

  17. 91.
    I don't hate you.
    Just the burpees. :o)
    Nice work everybody!

  18. 84. All boy pushups, about a third of jump backs/forward, the rest step back/forward.

  19. 65!! Burpees on a Monday… makes me hate them even more 😉 It's a love/hate relationship!! Good sweat, my last five were UGLY though!!

  20. 81
    Was really trying to get 101 to beat my sister, Britta's time……but I didn't take a break so I'm ok with that. 😉

    Chris: 90

  21. 105 but form got a bit week at the end.
    "Man!!! was I looking at that clock and wishing it was ticking faster!"

  22. I did 29 1/2, but all with really good form and boy pushups…Damn near killed me though 🙂

  23. 43 w boy pu's

    I think I am getting sick, had some trouble with my breath.

  24. 100 Modified. Still sore and tired. I should really film this for entertainment purposes…

  25. 40 (half of them a step touch) w/out PU

    did this after Jillian Michael's 30-day-shred

  26. 55! Woot. Did knee PU.
    Then jogged 2 miles at weight-loss heart rate (slow, 5mph for me) and did 75 CFSU.

  27. Well, this was my first official WOD and I did 33 with boy push-ups. I'm at the bottom, but I guess it's a good place to start.

  28. 70 but modified step backs and no push-ups workin my way up to no modifications on these, hard!!

  29. My first Crossfit Mama WOD! 115 in 7 minutes with my 3 year old and 7 year old cheering me on. (:

  30. 77. The first 30 were boy style pu the last half was modified

  31. 80 total did sets of 10 with a small break inbetween each set. Arms started to get shaky 🙂 now off to the tread.

    Oh and just to share my husband is a trainer and put me on an eating plan, I've gained weight in the past 2 years from teaching and getting married 😉 I've lost 5 lbs since last Saturday from eating right and adding these workouts to my routine. Down to 135, go me! Ok I'm done!

  32. 72, I don't hate you Jenni, just the burpees 🙂 Also did Friday's workout after.

  33. Harder than I expected!!! 35. Been MIA for a few weeks but I'm glad to be back 🙂

  34. 84. I'm very impressed by the numbers posted! Way to rock the burpees, Crossfit Mamas!

  35. 70 modified burpees. Girl style and walking up.

  36. 2 mile run first. 94 burpees. Started losing it after about 70, but kept pressing on.

  37. I put this off for a whole week, but finally did it: 83. Was hoping for a little higher. I totally psyched myself out. : (

    P.S. This is the first Crossfit workout I ever did! First time was 77.

  38. 68! I have no idea how u ladies pumped out so many! impressive!

  39. Bite me Gina, I got 58… I did make sure to touch my thighs and chest everytime though..' Ugh! lol

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