1. Feeling really slow lately. 4;54 as Rex's. 40 lb DL

  2. 5:15
    50lb dl and incline pu
    That's right, Jenelle, tgif!!

  3. 3:23 50lb DL.
    And yes! TGIF!! 🙂
    In hopes for a very Happy Friday! The high school football team, which my husband and I work at, and he coaches for, (and where we met in high school!) is going to CIF Football finals! Wishing them the best of luck! Go Diamondbacks!!

  4. 3:46
    Didn't feel like I was out of breath until I sat down just now to record my time. I love the short WODs!!!!

  5. 3:50
    40lb DL
    mix of boy and girl girl p/u
    have a great weekend!

  6. 3:54 mix of boy and girl pushups and 30lbs for dead lifts. I also added standing abs just because its Friday. Have a great weekend .

  7. 3:16
    knee pushups
    @45 lb DL (I really need a bar, lifting a very heavy led drilling tool!)

    Now to go run off some of this lactic acid!

  8. 3:45 45#bar for DL, first 15 push ups were boy version–couldn't do that when I started two months ago!
    thanks for another great week!

  9. 3:43 Saw a number on the scale today that I haven't seen in over 14 years. Thank you Crossfit Mamas!

  10. Stacey — 2:26, 2:28 = 20 lbs deadlifts ( all we had today 🙁 )
    Boy push ups

  11. 8:00 40#. 50# for last 9. Lost count and did an extra set of 15 deadlifts! Even knee push ups are difficult so I am very slow with them, but I am improving. I'm warmed up now for snow shovelling. . .

  12. 2:50 with 60 lb dead lifts. Love those quick and intense workouts!

    Took it easy this week in preparation of doing a very special WOD tomorrow. A trainer at my old box was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer about a year ago. He was only 24 and he died on Thanksgiving. Tomorrow my box will be doing a memorial WOD in his honor. I may not be there, but I am also going to be doing it. I have a feeling it's going to be brutal!

  13. 5:55 finally got a timer, did incline push ups and only 16# weights.

  14. /did Thursdays and Fridays together. 2 min run for warm-up 10 min eaa WOD. 10 min bike for cool down for 1 mi. Subb'd 30 lbs for the 40's…

  15. 2:45 with 65lb for deadlift..after doing yesterdays WOD….THanks!

  16. 5:50 as rxed. i'm back after hurting my back a few months ago. YEA!!!

  17. 3:09 with 60# DL, Push Ups were 28 boy and 13 girl

  18. 2:35

    I did this workout after yesterdays wod. I only did 20lbs. for deadlift because I tweaked my ankle on Wed., so didn't want to do to much weight.

  19. 2:42
    60 lb deadlift
    I love workouts where I don't have to wear tennis shoes or a bra! Just pushed it out in my jammies. 🙂

  20. 3:20. First round of deadlifts was at 50 pounds, the others were at 40. Girl push-ups.

  21. 2:45
    Only had 40lbs to lift and use to dead lifting 125, so I did single leg dead lifts to make it more difficult. And always boy pushups.
    After doing yesterdays WOD.

  22. 4:12

    30lbs. & girl PUs

    my 3-year-old as he was looking at my laptop "mom, what are you doing to do second? snowboarding?"

  23. 4:16 40# DL and girl PU
    Lol Jenni! I'm nursing, so for me that means no bra = no good.
    Trying to catch up from missing the beginning of the week from the stomach flu. Did 4 rounds of 800m run/25 CFSU (24:59). Going to do Monday's WOD tomorrow since I missed it completely.

  24. 2 times through –
    2:19 with 50# db for dl
    2:32 with 40# db

  25. Back after a month off after a death in the family; glad to be back! 4:22 with 65# deadlifts and girl pushups

  26. 21, 15, 9 X 2!

    1st time:
    DL 40 Lbs
    10'Regular CFPU's
    Remaining CFPU's were adapted.

    2nd time:
    DL 30 Lbs
    21 adapted & remaining CFPU's were band pulls
    5:02 & excruciating

  27. 7:05
    60lb dl (heaviest ever for me!!) we're difficult so I'm sure my form was a little wacky but I'm trying
    I'm extremely weak with push-ups even on my knees doin did bench presses with 8lb dumbells and added a few extra sets of those! Determined to do a push up!! 🙂 thanks!
    See ya Monday!!!

  28. 3:05 60lb deadlift. Not very good with push ups still.. but I did regular push ups this time, not girl push ups! So that's an improvement.

    Lower back.. OW! Haha very sore today. But very grateful for that.

  29. 4:00 flat!
    30lbs. Did it this morning while the coffee was brewing. I love the quick ones!

  30. 3:21 as required

    I agree, that one gets you when your done, then you realize your breathing hard!

  31. First time CF workout yesterday(long time follower decided to finally give this a try. this blog reigned me in). I had my third child 7 months ago, turned 40 last week, and am having a hard time finding my fitness groove again.

    Did "Diane"in 3:42, 30# DF, girl push-ups (perfect form if I might say so myself) 🙂 CF mamas looks like a great community of supportive women. Look forward to plugging in and getting my booty back in shape.

  32. Forgot to post yesterday.


    50# dead lifts

    first time completing a WOD with ALL regular pushups!! YAY!!!

  33. 3:35 Feel like jello! 30lb dead lift with girl push ups.

  34. 2:37
    Girl push ups
    30lb deadlifts ( I need to get heavier weights)

  35. 3:39 with 50lbs, after today's WOD (Monday 12.3.12, 72 burpees).

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