Thursday 11.29.12

For time:
5 Front squats, 40 lbs
25 Butterfly sit-ups
4 Front squats, 40 lbs
20 Butterfly sit-ups
3 Front squats, 40 lbs
15 Butterfly sit-ups
2 Front squats, 40 lbs
10 Butterfly sit-ups
1 Front squat, 40 lbs
5 Butterfly sit-ups


  1. 7:41

    I hate CFSUs. Ian getting better at them, I can do them without hooking my feet, but I still don't feel like I am GOOD at them.

  2. I am terrible at them as well! Workout took forever. Didn't time it, forgot phone. Squats are getting better with my bad knees!

  3. 4:36 Went really quick! Think I may have to do it again. Actually, might go try those ring rows that Jessica is doing in the picture. Looks like a fun way to work out your back and arms!

  4. 11:35 I don't do CFSU's very well at all ( they hurt my hips … weird ) so I did regular situps and then I did standing abs the same amount per side , hence why the time is so high . I also don't have 40lbs so I threw all my weights I have 30lbs in a suitcase and held that for my squats so I doubled those reps also . Great WOD

  5. Did Tuesday's killer WOD first. 4:22 with 5 squats (40#) each round and an additional 5 at the end.

  6. 4:29 but only had 10# for squats so I doubled the amount! Loved this one!!

  7. 9:15 slow at the sit ups but did them all as rx'ed and only had 30lbs 🙂 thanks!

  8. 5:55. Went and did some speed work after finishing. I'm guessing tomorrow we're really in for it!

  9. 8:40 – AS RX'D, bitches!! 🙂 I can't believe I can not only DO CrossFit situps, but that I did them ALL!!

    squats w/50 lbs


  10. 6:00 even!
    Did twice as many squats since I only had 20 pounds of weight.
    Back from my vacation though, so this felt really nice!!

    Jessica you have AMAZING arms!!

  11. 6:59
    28.6# FS…I need more plates! Next time I'll try 50#

  12. 7:41
    This is my first time leaving my time, but I've been doing the workouts (intermittently) for about two weeks. They are perfect for the short time I have to work out during my 7 month olds nap time!

  13. 5:00 squats 54# otherwise as rxed. Thanks, short and sweet.

  14. 4:43 45# bar. My 2 year old sat in her chair and watched me. Every time I did squats she said "haha mommy, big butt" gotta love their honesty!

  15. 5:45

    I was blind! I did it in reverse: 25 front squats / 5 sit-ups !! I only have 2 10#s !! I better get some reading glasses!!

  16. First Time; 4:26
    Second Time; 5:15

    Looking forward to the CrossFit Foot-Ups looking more like the CrossFit Sit-Ups!

  17. less than 6 min, and all four of my kids did it with me! the youngest is only 3 months old and I am 70 lbs over weight I could not stand not being able to move or keep up with my kids. Thank you for this site.

  18. 6:29
    30# squats, but I did all the sit-ups CF-style. I know those are supposed to help you use your abs, not your hip flexors, but for me they kill my hips! Maybe my abs aren't strong enough yet to take the brunt of the work. I might switch back to regular old crunches until my core is strong again.

  19. 4:15

    Tweaked my ankle on my run after Wed. WOD, so I rested it yesterday.
    I did one legged squats instead of front squats to give my left ankle a break.

  20. Late on posting this


    Should have gone a little faster, but I had to run and grab a drink of water!


  21. 4:07 and my 18 month old was sitting on my lap with about half of the sit-ups.

  22. 3:49, did sit ups on a ball and did 5 fronts squats each time.

  23. 3:26 as Rx'd. Also added 3 sets of alternating 15 push presses @ 30# and 60# dead lifts. Gotta wear a LBD tonight and wanted to look HOT!!! 😉

  24. I tried posting earlier because I forgot to post yesterday when I did this and it wouldn't let me…..weird!! Anyway!


    Did 35lb front squats

  25. 7:43 – 30# front squats

    First time I've been able to do CFSU without subbing crunches!

    1. Go to the full site and scroll down the right side bar. There is a video demo.

  26. 5:30 with 22#'s because that's all I have.. I know im waaaay late on doing this WOD but today's rx-100 burpees wasnt going to happen with how sore I am so instead of burpees I did this!

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