Wednesday 11.28.12

10 push-ups
15 deadlifts, 40 lbs
25 box jumps, 18″
50 butterfly sit-ups
100 wall ball shots, 10 lbs
200 jump rope
400 meter run

Compare to 11.17.11


  1. 23:30

    20 lb dumbbells for deadlifts
    14" box
    12 lb ball for wall balls
    800m run (around my block, it's just a tad over 800m)

    Slow today, but at least I finished!

  2. 16:11 I did squat thrusts instead of the wall ball because I don't have one and I didn't do the run . I just got over being sick for a week with Strep so I'm just glad I was able to finish what I did . I'm still dripping sweat so run or no run I'm proud I worked out today .

  3. 14:19
    Boy PU
    Did thrusters instead of wall ball

    After every wod I usually do extra running and just twisted my ankle really bad. Looks like I will be taking a little break from some things. Hoping for lots of sit-ups and push-ups in the next few wod:(

  4. 15:19
    Ball slams instead of wall balls
    Elliptical instead of run

  5. 20:10
    Thrusters instead of wall ball and I did all the sit ups. I usually putter out and do some crunches. So YAY for ME!!!

  6. 14:10 those wall balls are killer!!! All boy push ups, and I did 45 dead lifts with 5# dumbbells, (its all I have!)Great workout!

  7. 12:00
    all boy push ups, 45# for dead lift, wall balls with 5 lb weight, ran around my living room for 2.5 min (not willing to drag all the kids to the complex weight room this morning, so i improvised), feel awesome

  8. 23 minutes:
    still can't jump so substituted step ups and down on my 12 inch box, 10 sets of my 10 stair steps instead of the jump rope ( I have to get one) and used a 6# ball.

  9. 19:46
    Wall push-ups
    Dead lifts with a 5lb and 8lb dumbells in each hand
    25 step ups for box jumps
    CFSU's as rx'ed!!!
    50 kb swings and 50 thrusters for wall balls
    Rest as rx'ed!
    Phew!!!!! Great quick workout before I head to work! Thanks!!

  10. 20:34
    Elevated push ups
    15lb deadlifts
    12" Box jumps
    Did thrusters with 10lb dumbells instead of wall ball

  11. 10:15
    Boy push ups
    Box jumps on 2 stairs in my house
    10lb wall ball

  12. 4 Mile Run

    45lb deadlift
    20" box jumps
    14 lb wall ball
    rest as Rx

    Great work out….I could really feel my shoulders/arms at end of wall balls.

  13. 10:55
    18" box jump did 10 then the rest were step up/down
    20lb deadlift
    10lb wall ball (used dumbbell)
    Messed up so many times with the jump rope and had to restart

  14. 6 bpu, 4 gpu
    15 lb db's deadlift
    12" box jump did 15 the rest were step up and down
    35 situps, 15 crunches
    thrusters with 10 lb. dbs
    ran stairs for 3 minutes instead of run (too cold to get the little guy outside)

  15. 17:49 – 20lb dead lifts, split up the wall balls and jump rope. Those box jumps still scare me. I think I did about five before I switched to step-ups.

  16. 12:50. First time conquering the real 18" box jump!!! 25lb bar dead lift, 22lbs thrusters instead of wall balls. The rest as rx'd.

  17. I had time so I did this one twice.

    40lb deadlift, 10lb wall ball

  18. 17:59
    My first time doing your WODs. Had a to improvise a bit, didn't have a med ball, but used a basket ball and did some extra shoulder exercises later. Did a heavier weight with the Dead lift. I will feel this in my legs tomorrow! Hope to keep using your site. Thanks!

  19. 17:41

    10 Girl push-ups
    15 deadlifts with 50#s on barbell
    25 step-ups
    50 sit-ups
    100 goblet squats with 10# db (don't have a ball for wall balls)
    200 jump rope (just did the motion–don't have a jump rope)
    and then walked/jogged the 400 m

    Good workout!

  20. 11:40
    40 lb DL
    18" box
    10 lb wall ball
    400 meter run in the pouring down rain while little man stood in his rain boots and umbrella on the driveway and watched. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. did a 10 min walk/jog with the dog then 10 for everything else, girly push-ups, 16# for dead lift, did step ups need a box or step to jump on, 8# for wall ball, and skipped the jump rope.

  22. 11.57 45# Dead lift, Jump rope was hard after 100 wall balls. Can we call boy push ups something else? Like just Push ups? Call the "girl" ones adapted or knee push ups? I'm not a hard core women's activist it's just that I teach PE and it's a pet peeve of mine…

  23. 12:06 Boo-ya! So happy with that time. Girl P/U and my 7 lb pouf for wall balls, lol. Of course the day after I get an email saying the med ball I bought is back-ordered, we get a WOD with 100. Jogged another 1.75 miles to get a full 2 in. Feels great to not be sick, and it was a great WOD, thanks!

  24. 12:17 boy pu, 45lb bar for DL, 20 lb dumbbell with slight toss for wall ball

  25. 10:45!!! My lovely homemade wall ball leaked, so it is probably only about 6-7 lbs, I did 200 JJ and used 65# for the DL ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26:56! ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Box jumps w/10 in. box – getting better – could only do 6 in. 2 weeks ago!
    -Wall ball w/4 lb ball – I need to get a heavier one
    -Could not run the full 400 meters, so I walked 1/4 of it. Next time, I'm running first!
    LOVED this workout!!!

  27. OH! Deadlifts w/50 lbs – I decided to use more for these since my weighted ball was so light. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 11:57
    I feel like maybe I did something wrong bc that time seems too fast. I did have several modifications.
    This was my first time doing box jumps. I don't have a box so I used my stairs. I could only jump to the first step. Had to use 3# and 5# dumbbells in each hand for DLs. I don't have a ball so I had to do thrusters.

    1. Those modifications will definitely make your time faster!

  29. 12:26 – real pushups (!!!) and 20# thrusters for wall ball

    After 100 push ups Monday and 100 burpees yesterday, those wall balls were tough. ๐Ÿ™

  30. 15:50
    28.6# DL's
    10" box jumps
    1 min plank instead of SU
    100 10# thrusters insted of WB
    200 JJ
    400 m at 7mph on treadmill.
    That was a good one!

  31. 14:23
    All boy pu!
    35# dl because that's all I have right now
    15# wall ball

  32. 10:36, but I forgot the jump rope ๐Ÿ™ I knew my time was too fast considering how drained I feel today

  33. 13.75

    We had to complete this in a hallway at work, due to rain. We did the wall balls on our knees, so we would not hit the ceiling and jumped over our medicine balls for the box jumps. We are going to get rain poncho's so we can continue outdoors.. Great workout.

  34. boy pushups
    50lb deadlift
    tuck jumps-couldn't get to my box
    situps as rx
    don't have a medicine ball so i used a 10lb dumbell
    jump rope as rx
    and ran 800m instead of 400
    total time=17:13

    great workout today!

  35. 24:00

    girl pushups
    deadlifts 50 lb
    12" box jumps
    30 crossfit sit ups 20 modified
    subbed kettle bell squats with full up swing for wall ball
    (made that up?!?)…100
    200 jump rope with heavy rope
    run 800 meters

    nice one!

  36. James and I finished at the same time – 11:03!
    Had to do a lot of substitutions today because we lack some equipment. Did knees-to-elbows jumps instead of box jumps, and he tossed a 15 lb dumbbell instead of a weighted ball, while I used 10 lb kettlebell for wall balls. He did 100 jumping jacks instead of 200 jump ropes too.

  37. 20:16

    20# for dead lifts
    20# thrusters instead of WB


  38. 19:32
    Incline pu
    15 x no-riser step, 10 x 3-riser step
    Rest as rx'd

  39. 10 push-ups
    15 dead lifts, 30 lbs
    25 box jumps, 12โ€ However, my โ€˜box jumpsโ€™ could better be described as box step-ups with an occasional box jump.
    50 Crossfit sit-ups Oh, and these โ€˜CrossFit Sit-Upsโ€™ were quite funny to watch. Not sure if my hands were reaching my toes, or, my toes were reaching my hands. A few rolls to get around, funny, but accomplished.
    100 Wall Ball Shots, 5 pounds
    200 Jump Rope
    400 Meter Run, Iโ€™d like to blame the wind, the sand and the rain for doing this run in doors, however, it was just plane easier to do inside! I have to be honestโ€ฆ

    My first shot at both WODโ€™s and Blogs!


  40. 11:26
    40 box jumps, 12" (don't have an 18")
    100 kb swings with 15 lb as I don't have a ball for wall balls. 15 dead lift with 36 lbs. I used a 10 lb and an 8 lb dumbbell crossed in each hand.

    Really having fun with these workouts!

  41. 13 min.

    No rope so just pretended I was jumping. I also walked the 400m on the elliptical; knees gives me problems when I run. I am not really sure how big the box I jumped is though. I do these things at the gym.

  42. 25:08

    45lb dead lifts.
    Did motion of wall ball shots but used 15 lb weight to just shoulder press as I pushed up.
    Ran 800 meters.
    Everything else as required.


  43. 17:05 only 10" step, pretend jump rope. 8 pound Kettlebell Wall ball. Followed it up with a nice swim!

  44. 14:51, and that is with walking to and from different stations (at the gym). Thrusters #18

  45. 12:13
    don't have wall ball – used 8 lb dumbbells in each hand

  46. A day late, but still got 'er done. 17:25 with 30 deadlifts since I only have 20 lb weights, and squat thrusters since I don't have a ball. Rest as rx'd. Loved this one!

  47. Forgot to post yesterday! 17:00 with a couple interruptions from my 7 month old. Thrusters for wall ball

  48. First WOD! I did yesterday's early this morning. 17:48! Not bad!
    Girl push-ups.
    Dead-lifts with a 10lb and 5lb weight in each hand (that's all I have yet).
    Did all the box-jumps, but had to step down for most, instead of jump down.
    40 CF sit-ups, then I couldn't do any more, so 10 regular crunches.
    Didn't want to throw my medicine ball against the wall in my house (especially with the baby sleeping) so I just threw it up in the air 100 times (50 overhand and 50 underhand).
    Jump rope without a real jump rope.
    Ran circles around my court like a crazy person until I hit 400 meters.
    Plus, I did the push-ups and deadlifts again at the end, because I'd forgotten to start the timer until after I'd done them the first time.
    I'll be sore tomorrow, but this is the first time I've had fun doing a workout since before I got pregnant, so Thanks!

  49. 16:28
    15" box (couldn't find 18", but 15 was tough enough)
    Wall ball- I threw it up in the air and caught it (walls are too nice to throw at) ๐Ÿ™‚
    200 jumping jacks in place of jump rope (I need to invest in one!)
    Those wall balls felt crazy good on my hamstrings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 12:03 as Rx'd! Great workout. I almost lost it on the wall balls (sometimes get light headed at 6,000 feet).

  51. 17:30, missed wall balls went back and subbed thrusters but could only do 50. I think I worked out a little too close to dinner! added 10 cfsu's & 10 pushups after a break.

  52. 10:32 was the time
    Boy pu
    50lb DL
    About 12" for box jumps
    10lb wall shots (this was the hardest for me)
    Sit-ups and run as Rx'd

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