Monday 11.19.12

7 rounds for time of:
12 Thrusters, 20 lbs
9 Knees to elbows
Run 200 meters with a 10 pound medicine ball/weight ball

Hiit Mamas Jen & Gina
White Head Island, New Brunswick Canada
 (Only about 150 people here, and definitely no gym!!)

“This is me, Jen, and my bff Gina. She’s the tall one. Just got done with
today’s WOD! We love your workouts!! I’m off for a couple of
weeks for lobster fishing, but can’t wait to start back!! I’ll have to
catch up to Gina.”


  1. 12:32. K2e on the floor, and had to sun jumping jacks for runs since my daughter was up.

  2. 12:34. Jumping jacks, knees not even close to elbows,yet..

  3. 12:05
    20# thrusters, k2e on floor, sub 50 jump ropes each round for run

  4. Can a man leave a post. I find this to be the best workouts going on a website…I recently getting over bilateral patella tendon ruptures and this is the best workouts for me….I modify to fit what I am able to do, but LOVE this…my wife does the workouts daily

    1. Absolutely Westside Guy! My husband started me on Crossfit and now he does these workouts with me, just increases the weight and sometimes switches the push-ups back to pull-ups. 🙂

  5. 16:41 as rx'd (except knees to armpits)…and before coffee.

  6. Is there a page describing what each exercise is? I'm a newbie and would like to make sure I know what you're talking about and am performing things correctly.

  7. Devin, just do a google search. Make sure you put "crossfit" in front of whatever move you are trying to figure out. There are many you tube videos that are helpful. Also, on the right side of this blog you can scroll down and see videos Jenni has posted. Very helpful.

  8. 22:00 K2E on the floor , ran for 2 minutes each time since I don't have a distance monitor on my new treadmill ( cheap model but at least the running part works ) and I only had 10 lbs for the thrusters .

  9. 10:24.
    I didn't measure out the 200 m, I just ran up the hill and back in my yard, and did 8 reps instead of 7. K2E was on the floor, plank style. Everything else as RX'ed. Thanks this was awesome!

  10. First time posting but have been doing these for about a month as xtrain while I prepare for a half marathon in December. Today's time 16:55. Dripping!!

  11. 15:06
    K2E on the floor
    Thrusters 25# bar
    Since I didn't have a 10# ball, I just ran with my 25#bar. The running was hard, but I love getting stronger.

  12. 17:40
    Thrusters 20#
    K2E on floor….did reverse crunches
    200 meters on elliptical on level 8

  13. 14:15 35 lb bar for thrusters, k2e on incline bench, ran with 15 lb dumbbell….BTW great workout for biceps carrying weight for the run!!!

  14. 19:38. Did squat clean thrusters on accident. Took a little longer than I expected. Started with 30# and halfway through switched to 20#. Rest as rx'd.

  15. 15:38
    Running on the treadmill with a weight was a bit awkward. And harder than I thought it would be 🙂

  16. 14:34
    Did 50 JJ for each run. Started with 6 lb dumbells, but ditched them after the 3rd rd. k2e on the floor. #25 on thrusters. Dripping. Thank you for these amazing WODs.

  17. I completed the workout in 28 minutes. I did box squat thrusters, did situps for knees to elbows and walked the 200 meters due to my injury! I am finally working out again and feeling great! Such a great workout

  18. 13:28 with k2e on the floor. Running with that ball was so awkward. How did you other mama's carry it? I tried my hip, my shoulder, and football style, but all were very awkward for me.

  19. 21:34, we did a family thanksgiving this weekend and i'm feeling it this morning, obviously. Did 30# on thrusters. Actually getting knees up to chest now. And the weight on the run made a difference. Was really feeling it in my arms.

  20. 16:24, K2E on the floor, 45# thrusters and I carried the weight running crusher style. It was hard, still dripping sweat! Great workout, thanks!!

  21. 13:19
    Sub 60 seconds if running in place with 10lb weight for the 200 meters! Great workout

  22. K2E on floor. By round 5 I was dying, round 7 shaking. 22.47.6 – running with a 10 pound weight makes you very aware at how much stress an extra 10 pounds puts on your body.

  23. 15.06 but only did 4 rounds as I had a 6 mile run scheduled later in the mornin. Good workout!

  24. 18:32

    plank & floor KTE
    and various cardio exercises instead of running

    feels good to be back!
    and I'm loving the tank!!

  25. 15:43 – 50 jump rope subbed for run, 10 reverse crunches subbed for k/e, thrusts with 24 lbs

  26. ok as usual I did something wrong!
    8:57 subbed run for jump rope. still trying to figure what i forgot to do. nonetheless I am dripping!

    Westside guy – i fee ya on the knees. I've had 3 patellar grafts to repair ACL injuries. no running for me ever again but I love subs i can do with crossfit

  27. Sarah, what do you do for subs for the running, right now I can only run, I am 6 months post op of the patella tendon ruptures and not supposed to be running until 18 months…I would love to hear what you do. Like I said, this is the best website as far as workouts…great deal here…hope I am not making anyone upset joining in on the fun….


    1. No way! There are a lot of hubbies on here and we post their times all the time! We welcome all. 🙂

  28. 17:16 as rxed. Whooo Running with the medicine ball is work!! Thanks!!!

  29. 10:48 with some modifications

    Knees to elbows the floor (reverse crunches)
    Short on time so I did 6 burpees for each round instead of run

    Also – tried to work out today before eating breakfast… bad idea. I was seeing spots! :/

  30. What is wrong with me? 24:08 as rx'd (well, k2e on floor). Goo.

  31. Saving this one – my sinus issue yesterday has turned into fever and chills today. 🙁

  32. 14:49. Ran on treadmill with 5# dumbbells in each hand. That was probably easier than running with a medicine ball – but it hurt like heck when the weight hit my hip – ouch!

  33. 21:30. Ran on treadmill with 5# weights for .15miles per round. Used 5# and 3# dumbbells for thrusters and did reverse crunches.

  34. 17:19

    Only managed 5 rounds. I should have done it first thing this morning instead of waiting till the afternoon when I am tired……..LOL

  35. 17:06
    As RXed.
    I agree with you Abbie, running with that 10 lb ball was B.R.U.T.A.L.!!!!! That was the first run in a LONG time that I felt like I couldn't breath. That was WAY harder than I expected! I am so glad that was over in 17 minutes and I am drenched. It killed me and I love it!!! 🙂

  36. 12:03
    Subbed reverse crunches for knees to elbows and did 1 minute on the stairs with 10 pound weight instead of the run!!

  37. 26:23 thrusters as rx'd
    Reverse crunches for k2es
    Ran a mile at the end instead of rounds (1/2 a mile was with 5 lb dumbells in each hand! So hard!) I am not a runner so in pretty proud of myself for running a mile non stop! I'm drenched!!!

    Plus I had to skip Fridays WOD and I did that today too! That one took me 12:06 🙂 thanks, this was great!

  38. ok. my first time today. that was tough. knees to elbows? OMG not yet. did not time it, but know it was less than twenty…could have gone faster i suppose, but was panting like a dog. my run was down and UP our driveway. fairly steep. awesome fun. thanx for the inspiration!

    1. 1. I killed myself. 2. I've been doing this for 1.5 years. 3. I just kept pushing even though I felt like I was dying. 🙂

  39. My husband joined me again today! 12:26 for me and 12:07 for James. We did 30 lb thrusters and K2E on the floor. Running with the added weight was much harder than expected, whew!!

  40. 16:09
    Knees to chest or armpits…can't quite get to my elbows yet

  41. 21:37

    I lost count and actually did 8. I used my Garmin to track the runs. That is how I realized I did 8 intervals.

    No weights. The last time I did 100 crossfit thrusters at the Box using 35#, I wasn't able to walk for a week.

    I need to get some weights!!

    This is just plain awesome!

  42. 17:00. Excited to be in the middle of the pack for time! Third week doing these workouts and love them! I don't have a barbell yet so i'm using a mop handle with my weights in bags tied to the ends: necessity is the mother of invention…

  43. 23:21, second workout. 8# db's thrusters, 2 sets knees to chest, then alternated KTE on floor and in plank. Ran on treadmill .11 mi each set with 2-4# db's. My tail was officially kicked!

  44. 23:21 with 25 lb. thrusters and ran with a 15 lb. med ball. knees to elbows as rx'd. Did this workout last monday also from the main CrossFit site. Really a killer workout. Don't know why I did it again.

  45. 23.15 – loved this one, I think it was the first one I've completed the whole thing. K2E on the floor though.

  46. 18:45- I accidentally did squat clean thrusters instead of just thrusters…I was wondering why it was taking me so long….everything else as Rx'd

  47. 10 min jog with dog and just under 10 min for the rest of the work out.

  48. 30:33. I used a 10 pound ball for the first four rounds and an 8 pound ball for the last three. K2E are getting easier! I was able to get up to chest level today.

  49. 28 min exactly..
    did this after 3 days off and it was hard
    rx'd but used 10# sandbag carried on shoulders..

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