Friday 11.16.12

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 11.18.11

Hiit Mama Cindy
Northern Colorado
“I love the tank top and am so blessed by your workouts that I can do at home with my kiddos running around.Thanks for all you do!”


  1. 5:58

    So glad that is work out was today! I had so much to do that I cancelled going to the gym (i don't really have any equipment) but I was able to do this one in five minutes at home with my 7 month old crawling around me:)

  2. I am going to say 6:49, but that is a guess as I accidentally reset my timer in the middle of the round of 18 sit-ups. I just added 2 minutes to what the rest took.

  3. 7:39 plus ran the 1/2 mile I didn't get to finish yesterday…I did air squats…..is that what we are supposed to do when you say squats and don't have weighted ones?

  4. I missed yesterday's so I did double of everything in today's WOD, only to find someone cleared my time before I was done so I have no idea what it was!
    Love the picture, and I agree with Cindy–I'm so glad to have found something that I can do at home with my kids around, yet is challenging at the same time. Thanks so much!

  5. 7:35
    Added weight to the squats. Gonna do some arm work now since I whimped out on yesterdays.

  6. 9:13 I added push press to my squats and weights . I did half crossfit situps and the rest crunches .

  7. 6:38… best way to start my birthday! love crossfit mamas and am anxious to see how much i continue to improve in the coming year.

  8. 5:23
    Have been unable to WOD all week since my son is sick and running wasn't a possibility. :/
    Thankful for 5 minutes of "me time" this morning!!!

  9. 6:16 good job everyone, happy Friday!! So sore from yesterday and day before and well the whole week was pretty killer! Thanks!! I'm with Cindy, too, so nice to have a good work out to do from home!

  10. 6:33 thanks..that was killer after yesterday! loved it tho 🙂 can't wait for next week!

  11. ~10 Plus walk/jogged with dog. I have to remember to stretch after these work outs, I was so stiff yesterday.

  12. 8:52 – Glad I finally got one in. My baby is teething, and I haven't even gotten any dishes done in the last couple days, let alone a WOD. Feeling like I should have picked a harder one for today, since this is my first workout since Monday.

  13. 6:30 with 10lb kettlebell pulled up during squats. Pretty likely that I did the set with 9 reps twice, lost track and figured it was better to maybe do it twice than not at all!

  14. 8:58
    Added 20 lbs. of weight on the squats, my sit-ups still look terrible but they're getting better!!!

  15. Abs and quads still feeling it from yesterday, but very happy with my 6:26!

  16. 7:28 after a 6 mile run and yesterday's WOD. What a great week! I echo others' gratitude for this site and this community. It has made such a difference for me! Thank you!!!

  17. Saving this for tomorrow. I was sick yesterday but didn't want to miss that killer WOD so I did it today. Been working out here since the beginning of August. Love this blog Jenni and the commraderie it fosters!
    Happy Friday Mamas!!

  18. 5:13 after a one plus mile run. I need to catch up this weekend

  19. Argh, forgot to press start on my timer… My best guess is around 5-6 minutes. I'm bummed because I felt like I was doing awesome, so I wish I knew if I really was or not, lol.

    Going to go run a mile or so. Thanks for an awesome week!

  20. 7:24

    Happy for the short, easy workout as well!

  21. 4:50
    Your welcome to everyone! I love it just as much as all of you!

  22. 6:47 – FINALLY got one in! I have to admit, I'm kinda scared to do Wednesday's and Thursday's workouts after reading all the comments. Wish me luck tomorrow and Sunday!

  23. 5:21, abs and quads are spent. Glad I did this workout today so I can have a sweet recovery day on a Saturday, which I normally don't 🙂

  24. 11:17, first time with crossfit swapped 15, 12, & 9 crossfit sit ups for crunches with legs up. Squats weren't too bad though. Glad my first day wasn't yesterday!

  25. 7:01 Missed last 2 WOD…glad I got to do this one. Going to work on Weds and Thurs this weekend.

  26. A day late…did this after running 11 miles. Perfect after run workout!


  27. 15:28 included burpees in each round. Thanks for the wods.

  28. a day late…..9:10….I am so slow at sit-ups and I am really working on form for my squats.

  29. 9:19. Seems like it took me a really long time! This was my first WOD.

  30. I'm one of your Australia groupies. Just wanted to say, "Thanks!" for the great workouts.

  31. 6:00 even
    Second WOD today since I am catching up! 🙂 I did sit ups on work out ball since I did cross fit sit ups earlier today!

  32. 6:39 This is my first day working out since having my second child… heres hoping I can stick with it

  33. Loved this one! My husband and I did it thanksgiving morning after running a mile at the track – 5:36. Great way to start off a great day (and get in a preemptive strike at all the feasting later that day :-).

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