Thursday 11.15.12

“Lieutenant Murphy” 

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Push-ups
200 Sit-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run.

Compare to 11.15.11

Hiit Mama Erin
Clayton, NC
 “Here is a picture of me happy that I got my new tank!!!  Thanks for
this workout blog!  It’s awesome.  I went from running everyday for 17
years to doing your workout and I am so much better off!!!”


  1. My timer says 41:47, but I definitely had some dead tone in between. I did this whole thing outdoors, so when I hit a mile, I had to walk a bit to find a flat spot to do my push ups etc. also had some wasted time getting my iPhone in and out of my pocket to start/ stops running program, which is how I track my distance.

    Did 50 boy's and 50 gpu's.

    1. Try Runkeeper if you don't absolutely love your current running app, it has an auto pause function that I find super useful for things like this!

  2. I was only able to do 1 mile and then 10% of everything else since I just remembered I had a meeting to go to this morning. 27:00

  3. 42:06
    I am thankful I live in Arizona and it is not to cold in the morning, so I could do all of it outdoors. I had to split the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats into 4 rounds. Another great workout.

  4. Okay y'all, I was amped to get started on my first day of CrossFit, and completely prepared to kick this in teeth. Then, I saw today's workout, and almost threw up. How in the world do I start with one like this?! Maybe I misunderstood and am supposed to start at a different level? From zero to this workout seems…like a death wish. Or do I just do it and it will take me 5 hours to complete. :/

    1. Welcome Shari! Don't count yourself out!! Your biggest challenge will be to not let your mind tell your body what it can't do. Jog as far as you can. Breath and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Power walk the rest but keep pushing. For the other exercises, do as many as you possibly can. Record your results here and then be proud of yourself when we do this again in a year and you complete it. 🙂

  5. 37:15. Split into 10 reps (10 PU, 20 SU and 30 Squats) which was tolerable. It was the last mile that almost killed me.

  6. Shari, this one is one of the harder ones. Don't beat yourself up. Do only what you can. You'll gradually improve.

  7. I am looking at this and want to tackle it but I am so not a runner….can I walk/jog the 1 mile??? It will just take me FOREVER!!!

  8. 41:30. all girl push ups. good one. thanks.

  9. Welcome, Shari! The best thing about crossfit is you are doing it for YOUR best time! Good luck!

    My time today was 39:55. I had to do some squats, and sit ups holding my 20 lb one year old! Also had to walk the last quarter mile holding him. He wasn't cooperative today! But at least it added some weight to my workout! 😉

  10. to any mamas disheartened by today's workout: "murph" is one of the longest and most difficult of the crossfit "hero WODs." as with every WOD, there is no shame whatsoever in scaling "murph" to whatever is appropriately challenging for you. sweat, give thanks for your freedom, and be proud of what you can do!

    time: 58:46, "hero Rx" w/ 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups

  11. 38:31- portioned the pu/sit-ups/squats: 30-40-30 pu, 50-50-50-50 sit ups, and 100-100-100 squats

    Did the fist 15 pu boy and then switched to girl

    had to answer a phone call in the middle of my 2nd run…tough WOD!

  12. Shari, just start. I started 2.5 wks ago and I'm incredibly slow and I modify like crazy, but I feel great doing it. I can already see improvements in myself, which makes it easier to not compare myself to others. Do what you can. I came down with a head cold last night but I'm going to do my best today anyway because I don't want to lose what I've been able to accomplish so far. Just do it, you'll thank yourself – I promise!

  13. Well, that sucked!! I walked/jogged the 1st mile. Did 100 girl push-ups, 200 sit-ups (combo regular and CrossFit sit-ups) and then did 200 squats (but wasn't able to go all the way down) and didn't even get 1/4 mile in the last time…..It took me 58 minutes. I am so incredibly out of shape and I would've attempted to complete the whole thing had I not been home alone with my 7 month old son because I definitely felt like I could black out! LOL! But it was a good feeling! Haha!!

  14. 34:28, split the pu,su and squats in half. Last year was 30:30 without the last mile

  15. 55:28 I just don't know how u girls r so fast! I am so not a runner but hey I am getting a bit better..that nearly killed me but I am so glad I finished! this was by far the hardest mental workout yet! I just kept telling myself 'u got this, don't stop' and look I didn't die! lol

  16. 44:20 total as rx'd (broke PU,CSSU,Squats into 4 circuits)

    I ran my first mile in 11:28 and the second in 12:20.

    This is my 11th week of doing the WODs. My first week I ran a mile in 13:25. I have shaved 2 minutes off of my mile in 11 weeks!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

  17. 23:35, ditched the running (with a foot of snow on the ground me thinks nah!) and 10 rounds of 10-20-30, with a variety of SU versions. And now Imma go die.

  18. And Hobbit Wife. I agree, very well said. When I woke up this morning and saw the WOD I was starting to cuss you out Jenni. 🙂 Then I looked up what the original WOD is and saw how it got it's name. Shut me up real quick. Then I couldn't wait to get outside and do this one. I'm so proud of myself for not only finishing but improving on my times, and doing a work out a man like Michael Murphy (and so many others) would do.

  19. 39:24
    I had to make modifications on the run because it was too cold to take the baby out this morning. I did 9 minutes on the stairs for the first set and then 12 minutes on the stairs for the second. I think I would have been much slower at the end if I had run. Thanks for the story about Murph, that definitely kept me motivated!!!

  20. 33:28 girl PU. Great WOD. Thanks!! My Toby Mac pushed me through it! 🙂

    1. Vanessa, TobyMac is usually on my WOD playlist too

  21. 56:21! Sucky time–but I finished it. The last mile just about killed me.
    Girl pushups, had to sub in about half crunches for the sit-ups and did 3 differnt types of squats (normal, sumo, 1 min wall sits). Thanks for the great workout today!

  22. 1:04:12. Wow, that was hard! I broke the push ups, sit ups and squats into 10 rounds. My first mile was 9:50, my second mile was 14.

  23. 26 min without the running. Modified crunches for sit-ups. Had to split it into two rounds.

  24. 38:62
    Split the exercises into four sets
    First 15 boy p/ u then the rest girl p/u for each set of 25
    That was hard!!!!

  25. Wow.
    4 sets of 25 pu, 50 su and 75 squats between the miles

  26. 39:53
    Did the mile on either end, but only did 5 rounds of 10-20-30 (1/2 of what's rx'd)
    But I'm proud that:
    1. I still did a WOD even though this cold makes me feel like my head is a giant glob of snot.
    2. I was able to do as much as I did.
    3. I survived a near-death experience involving a sneezing fit while running 5 mph on a treadmill.

  27. 38:20 20 reg 80 girly pushups
    LOVED this one!!!! I was totally spent:)

  28. 37:37
    As RXed.
    Alternated push-ups and sit-ups every 20 PU/40 SU.

    100 pull-ups instead of push-ups.

  29. 39:47
    10 rounds of 10 boy push-ups/20 sit ups/ 30 squats

  30. Ok so the Wod when you post my picture is the day I get interrupted! I was at 31 minutes with 1/2 mile left when my youngest needed his booty wiped, so I got off the treadmill and wiped it and never got back on. It was a great workout though. Hope to sneak in the 1/2 mile into tomorrow's workout.

  31. Took me 55 minutes and 22 seconds, and I'm not even a mother!! That was HARD! Guess I better shape up. I hate mother lovin' push ups.

  32. I just started with CrossFit last week and am happy to have found this group. Partitioned into 5 sets of 20-40-60. 50:18. Now I'm really tired….

  33. About 40 mins without running (I did an hour Zumba class tonight so I skipped the running)
    Did 300 wall push ups ( trying to build upper body strength it's even hard for me to do a girl push up :/)
    300 squats in sets of 25 ( ouch!!!)
    And could only do 100 full sit ups!
    Looking forward to tomorrow, although I'm not sure if ill be able to walk! 🙂 thanks!!

  34. 🙁 Still couldn't work out today and I MISS IT!!! Keep your fingers crossed that my back pain is gone tomorrow. Saving this one for Sunday!

  35. 45:27 some regular and some girl push ups. great work out!! Thanks.

  36. 48:25

    Ran first mile on treadmill.
    partitioned the push ups, situps and squats.
    Last mile on elliptical

    Took everything I had to power through this tough workout.

  37. 40:29, all boy push ups (so excited about that!!)
    split the middle section of pushups, sit ups, and squats into 5 sets of 20-40-60.

  38. 36:19. Mile: 8:15. 4 rounds of 25 push-ups (on knees), 50 sit-ups, 75 squats. Mile: 7:45, on treadmill.

  39. A day late, but I did the pu, sit ups, and squats in 29:03 after running 6 miles. Now, on to today's WOD!

  40. 37:24 subbed 1.6 miles on bike for run. Wowza that was tough but awesome!

  41. 38:49 Finally did it, needed the weekend for more time. 🙂 Awesome WOD!!!

  42. 35:40
    Did 4 sets of 25 push ups, 50 sit ups and 75 squats
    Ran 7:30 miles!
    Tough but great workout

  43. 42:48. I split the P/U, S/U and squats to 10 rounds as Mindy Krall suggested. I could hardly finish the last half mile. Does anyone's lower back sore from the S/U squats combo?

  44. 42:02

    did 3 rounds of 33, 66, 100

    first mile: 6:14
    second mile: 7:24

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