Wednesday 11.14.12

For time:
Run 500 meters
50 Box jumps, 18″ box
50 Push-ups
50 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs
50 Back extensions (Supermans)
50 Bench dips
20 Burpees

Compare to 11.14.11

 Hiit Mama Kasey
Spring Branch, TX
“I started right after labor day
and I am hooked! This photo is during ‘Kelly’ before I finished and
collapsed. Thanks for the wods! And the tank top!”


  1. 23:04
    I forgot to start my timer when I started running since I was doing it on the way home from walking the kids to school but I just added a couple of minutes and hopefully that works out.

  2. 22:36 Elliptical, 16 inch chair, 100 crunches ( 25 each type ), 50 triceps ( 25 each arm ) then 25 bench dips . Holy crap I want to die now

  3. whew. even with stopping in the middle to put the baby down to bed i'm still whipped.
    16:53. Ran around my apartment for 3 min. (not worth dragging four kids to the workout room across the complex), did step ups for box jumps because my legs were tired enough I was afraid I'd trip, 15 lbs for kettlebell, my form for burpees was terrible, everything else as rx'ed.

    this was an awesome work out! thanks!

  4. Mondays wod killed me only did 30 reps of every thing, ran with the stupid dog and did 30 squats instead of burpees. have no clue what time had to get the kids on the bus I think about 30m

  5. 18:46.
    Did 500 jump rope instead of run (10 degrees outside, kids did not want to go in jogger). This week has been exhausting!! : )

  6. Seriously, killer!!! 17:37, I don't even want to know what my burpees looked like, all I can say is they were slow and pathetic! I did 100 kettle bell with 10#, everything else as rx'd. Great workout! Thanks! And way to go Kasey!!!

  7. Butt whooping! 20:35 with interruptions to get the nessesery gear (like a sweatshirt for under my lumbar on SU). 250 jump jacks in stead of running, 10lb on Kbell. My bench dips are non existent, I think that is the weakest muscle in my upper body. So I did 10lb dumbell tricep extentions.

  8. 14:20
    15lb kettlebell swings
    Box jumps on 2 stairs in my house
    Great WOD

  9. 17:19
    Almost all girl push-ups…I think my arms were tired from yesterday!
    20lb kettleball
    16" box jumps because I had to use stairs

  10. 17:35, mix of JJ, high knees and butt kicks for running. Whew, I've been away for a while and this was definitely a WOD to kick my butt back into it!

  11. 19:47
    25# kb's
    Half boy, half girl pu's
    19" jump, I know thats only an extra inch, but it does make a teeny bit of difference.

  12. 14:02 kettle bell is only 10lb and probably about 12" jumps

  13. 20:19 25# kbell, 11" box jumps..its definitely time to up the height on my jump..

  14. Saving this for Saturday – I need to give my hip/back time to heal. SUPER sore!!

  15. Oh my gosh seriously, why do I suck at this? Sigh. I'll just console myself by saying that I did all 50 CFSU without stopping. 2.5 wks ago when I started I had to stop after like 5…
    10" step stool for box
    50 HOK push-ups
    50 KB 13#
    rest as rx'd

  16. 27 mins but that includes answering a call from my moher in law and had to lessen to 30 push ups and sit ups because my 3 year old wanted to lay in me … Step ups for jumps also.

  17. 16:39
    As RXed
    15 lb kettlebell (dumbbell)
    Those dips and push-ups killed me.
    My time was about a minute longer than last year but I am going to blame it on the crossfit sit-ups. I will take it though because the results in my abs has been way faster!

  18. 20:10 those burpees at the end were killer!

  19. New to the workouts and I have to say I am in LOVE! Thank you:)
    21:30 22.5#KB Burpees killed me at the end

  20. 26:02-had to do step ups half way through box jumps but I did all the burpees! Took me 5 min just for those

  21. 17:43, so proud because I FINALLY got over my fear of failing and did all 50 box jumps on two steps!

  22. 19:00 girl PU, 20# KB for 1st 20 then 15# for rest. Burpees with full PU and hop.

  23. 18:05 after a 3 mile run and yesterday's WOD. Did step ups instead of box jumps. My legs were already shaky and I was too chicken to try.

  24. For the next month I am on vacation. I will be travelling across Canada and visiting family. Very fun but it makes it hard to workout. Today I was able to do push-ups, sit-ups, extensions and dips. I didn't time myself. Hopefully, I will be able to do a little something every day until I am back home on Dec 12th.

  25. 14:15
    Kettlebell is only 10lbs, no box so had to just jump high (definitely not 18" but who knows how much!), mostly girl pushups. Definitely a tough week- LOVE it!!!

  26. 19:19 Ha, I did it as Rx'd. Tough to get started but so sweet to finish and since I was alone I came in first!

  27. 30:23. I put something under my low back this time before doing the sit ups, and wonder of wonders, I actually made it! My burpees were very slow and I had to take breaks with the bench dips.

  28. 19:02 – did a little over 1/2 mile run to start, 17.5# kb swings, star jump burpees, and finished with 10 reps each side of middle, high, low wood choppers and 10 k2e. Master's Mindset!! ~Aleta

  29. 22:14

    My box jumps didn't make me want to die this time. I think that means I'm getting better.

  30. 26:45. Ran .55 miles, 12# kettle, 25 extra squats and skipped the burped because I was going to throw up.

  31. 29:44
    20" box
    25# kb
    Strict Back Ext (No SM's)
    Paralette dips (feet on box)

    Good WOD. Tough on the upper body!

  32. Totally forgot to post my time on Wednesday. 17:17 did jump rope/JJ combo sub for run and step ups.

  33. Totally forgot to post my time on Wednesday. 17:17 did jump rope/JJ combo sub for run and step ups.

  34. Had to catch up on the weekend for this one, work travel.

  35. 35:22 – Just did this one today. I ran .25/mile without stopping(!) and walked the remainder. I could only do 36 back extensions before my back was giving my troubles and I only did 10 burpees. Kettlebells w/15.5 lbs. Everythinng else as rx'd. 🙂

  36. Been MIA because of work.


    21:28 just the exercises as required.

    Added time is for the mile I walked instead of the 500 meters! 🙂

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