Tuesday 11.13.12

4 rounds for time of:
8 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
16 Burpees
15 Walking lunges
Run 600 meters/ 500 Jump ropes or jacks

Hiit Mama Britta
Keller, TX
“I became a Hiit Mama after having my second child. It started with
my sister texting me the WOD every day, and now she is “texting”
everyone! I’m so proud of her and so happy to be part of this community!
Now my baby girl is 17 months old and I just completed my first half
marathon in 1:50! I only had 1 week to train for it, but thanks to HIIT and all those lunges and squats and sprints, I felt totally


  1. 19:08
    Burpees:( Cant wait to feel stronger with these.

  2. 23:40
    Have a hard time with my knees getting up and down with burpees so I did them the first round but then did push ups the rest.

  3. 30:15
    Idk how you did that so fast Amy!
    Did jump ropes and subbed 10 cf sit ups while holding a 10 lb weight for the dead lifts.
    Too windy to start fishing today, so I got to do the wod! Subbed the dead lifts because my job requires a lotof heavy lifting and I didn't want to add extra strain on my back.

  4. 33:52 I suck at jump roping.. I eventually gave up and pretended I had a rope! I made better time after that 🙂

  5. 28:49 as RX for first two rounds, dropped deadlift weight to 40 and walked the third round, skipped burpees and running last round.

  6. 28:02 30lb deadlif , elliptical for the running and girl push ups for the burpees which pretty much almost killed me .

  7. 29:10
    50lb for DL
    600 meters on elliptical
    Felt really hard today…glad it is over! 🙂

  8. 31:58
    Added 200 meters to each of my runs, so I ran a total of 2 miles. Also added 8 more deadlifts to each round since I only had 40lbs.

  9. 29:01
    30 lb dead lift
    Walking lunges with 10lb in each hand
    500 jump ropes for a break from running

  10. 42:30. Did one round jump rope the other three on the treadmill. Took a lot of mental fortitude to keep going.

  11. 42:06
    As rx'ed except omitted push ups from burbees and did 16 wall push ups. Have a shoulder injury from p/u and lost strength there. 🙁

  12. 28:07-Ouch!! That is by far the hardest WOD I've done since I started! So much jump rope!!! It was awesome! 45# dead lift, I wish I would have thought to do extra since I was under the weight for that one! Thank you!! Some of you ladies are so fast! And its amazing that some of you add extra stuff! Keep it up, everyone! You're all amazing!

  13. 37:09! Did 12 deadlifts with 20 lbs since I don't have that much weight in my house yet, only 10 burpees on the last round, and jumping jacks all rounds. That was tough!!

  14. 19:55 but didn't do the push-ups in the burpees. I had just done a bunch in my kickboxing class.

  15. 24:41. Half jump rope, half run. Easier and faster to run. 🙂 I am not coordinated! Boy pu in burpees.

  16. 23:14.

    50lb deadlift. The last round of burpees looked pretty pathetic.

  17. 41:03
    I did girl push ups and my speed for the runs was not as fast as I have done in the past. Feels good to be done!

  18. 34:32
    Mixed jump rope with running
    Only got 2 rounds of burpees in and then had to go to girly pushups
    16 dead lifts with 24 lbs
    Maureen June 18

  19. 28:04–I am new here and had to scale this WAY down. I only did 3 rounds. did 50lb deadlifts, did modified burpees the first round (step back instead of jump back) and then girly pushups the last 2, and walked/jogged 400 meters instead of 600. Gotta start somehwere!

  20. 24:08
    40lb deadlifts……need to get a bar and free weights
    Boy p/u for all burpees.

  21. 24:18 Did the running today but added 100 jumping jacks too. Burpees were not pretty. Great job Britta on the half marathon!

  22. 20:21
    As RXed
    There us no formal push-up in a burpee but you are free to slow down and add one if you like. 🙂
    Ran because I live in CA and I can.
    So proud of my sister, Britta, too. 🙂

  23. 32:14 Holy cow, I am SLOW.

    DL 10/36#
    HOK push-ups w/my burpees
    rest as rx'd

  24. 34:19 – I DID BURPEES!!! They aren't pretty, but they ARE burpees! 🙂

    50 lb deadlifts and I rode my bike 1/2 each round at 5 resistance and never less than 18/mph.

    Sweating like a dog, but SO proud!

  25. 33:39

    Nasty, sweaty workout. That's probably the closest to death that I've ever been. 🙂

    I feel much better now though, having lived through it.

  26. 27:37
    50 lb deadlifts
    I took some breathers and slowed down sometimes on running

  27. 25:57 50lb dumbbell for DL
    And did 800m per round
    Good one!! I have to say this one was long I felt like t is never gonna be over!! Great picture and awesome time for the half marathon!!

  28. AND just wanted to say I was only able to do like 5 burpees at a time about two months ago – did 16 as rx'd in each set no prob! yay!

  29. 23:11 70 lbs for deadlift and 800m runs each time.

    Awesome workout!

  30. 23:11 70 lbs for deadlift and 800m runs each time.

    Awesome workout!

  31. OMG!!!!

    Deadlifts 60 lbs (o_o)
    Burpees are killing me!
    500 jump rope mix with jacks….
    don't know if I did them the right way …..

  32. Wow…
    DL #35
    10 (pathetic!) modified burpees each round (1st time ever doing one!)
    Lunges as rx'ed
    Mixed jumping rope (no rope just jumping) and jacks!
    My calves are dead and i am sweating like crazy! 🙂

  33. 26:38 but i didn't do the last 600m run. 🙁 This was a really hard one for me. Looking forward to getting stronger and faster. Keep the burpees coming. They are killer!

  34. 28:34 with 1 mile on treadmill instead of jump rope.

    65 lb dead lift
    Did burpees in set of 10 then 6 🙂
    Call me crazy but I like burpees makes me feel accomplished!

  35. Started crossfit mamas on Halloween but this is my first time posting a time! Already in love with it!! Got my husband to do it with me too! We did 16 deadlifts each round with 30 lbs, need higher weights! Everything else as rx'd. My time was 21:25, my husband James was 22:35.

  36. Stopwatch stopped working halfway through but I would say somewhere around 22 or 23

  37. Stopwatch stopped working halfway through but I would say somewhere around 22 or 23

  38. I did this yesterday but didn't have time to post my time 🙂
    21:32 with a couple of modifications… I had to combine the run pushing the girls in the jogger and then came home and finished the WOD using 20lbs for the DL

  39. 30lb deadlifts
    Jump rope today, I am a runner and needed a break from running. My calfs are burning from jump rope!!

  40. I have been doing CF for a couple of years now. Just started following your blog about a month ago. I love it.

    16:57 RX (85#deadlifts) I liked this one!

  41. Took me until today to complete this, but I did it in 13:40 after a 3 mile run and skipping the 600 meters each round.

  42. 24:10 did 14 dead lifts each round because I only have 35 lbs

  43. 2 rounds in 11:40. I hve some lower back problems and I felt a little twinge so I stopped while I was ahead.

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