Friday 11.09.12

5 rounds of:
11 sit-ups
11 push-ups
11 jump rope
11 squats
11 leg lifts
11 sumo deadlift high pull, 20-30 lbs
11 back extensions
11 walking lunge (total)
11 wall ball, 10 lb ball
11 push press, 20lbs
11 kettle bell swings, 15 lbs

Compare to 11.11.11


  1. You girls are fast!!


    20 lb sumo's
    12 lb wall balls

  2. 23:00. 20# squat, 40# DL, 30# PP and 20#KB. Round 5: dropped all weights to 20#. WHEW!!! Great one!!!

  3. 25:43 Just threw up my 10lbs for the wall ball ( glad I didn't miss catching it !! ) and I didn't under stand the walking lung total thing so I just did 11 each round .

  4. 21:21.

    20lb sumo deadlift high pull, 10lb kettlebell swings, and 10lb weight at my chest for back extensions. rest as rx'd.

  5. 27:31
    30lb KB for DL high pull
    Subbed slams for wall ball
    Fun one!!!!

  6. 19:53 as rx'd
    30# on PP and SDHL
    15# on WB and KBS

  7. 31:20 with lots of modifications:
    Girlie pusups
    Dumb bell thrusters for wall ball
    Deadlift, pushpress, thrusters, kettleball swings all done with 15# dumb bells.
    Supermans for back extensions.

  8. 27:10; 25 lb kettle bell and 15 lb wall ball. Good one! Liked using all my equipment in one workout!

  9. 32:10. 35# push press and SDL. 14# wall ball. Jax (no space to jump rope at gym). Everything is spread out at the gym, so that probably contributed to the slow time. On the other hand, I got to use more weight than normal :$

  10. First timer, app. 30 min, used kettle ball variation for wall ball.seriously bonked by third round but I liked it!

  11. 25:21, good to know some substitutes for the wall ball since I don't have one. I will use them in the future, today I just used a basketball,so pretty wussy! But those back extentions were killer!

  12. 19:27
    thrusters for wall balls
    20# for deadlift and presses

  13. Well, it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to incorporate my 5 month into my work out so I added some running with him in the stroller to it..yikes!

    1:08:31 with a mile in between each round (4 miles total)
    boy push ups
    wall ball with 20 lbs ball

    Great way to start the weekend!

  14. 20:36
    30lb sumo deadlifts
    10lb wall ball
    20lb push press
    20lb kettle ball

  15. 26 min with modified sit-ups. Loved the variety!

  16. Man you guys are so stinkin' fast. Hope to be like you soon…
    31:14 – Girly push-ups, 20# DL & PP, 10# KB
    Thank you CrossFit for helping me realize that my core is mush and for helping me do something about it.

  17. 35:09
    10# wall ball
    25# kb
    65# SDHP & PP
    Even used a real jump rope, had to do a little travelling between stations… 🙂
    Good one!!

  18. 37:07
    10# wall ball
    25# kb
    45# SDHP & PP first round
    35# SDHP & PP for last 4 rounds

  19. 21:23
    compared to 20:23 on 11.11.11
    I think the difference is the crossfit situps.
    20lbs everything
    15lbs KB

  20. 35:13
    25# for SDHP and PP
    8lb dumbells for squat thrusts ( instead of wall balls)
    Push ups on hands and knees
    And an 8lb dumbells for KB swings!
    Holy crap I'm sweating!!

  21. 22:44. Not bad after teaching an hour long Zumba class!

    SDHP 30#
    20# thrusters for wall ball
    PP 2 rounds 30#, 3 rounds 20#
    10# dumbbell swings for KB

    Awesome workout!!

  22. For those without a 10lb ball, I went to the store and bought a 10lb bag of rice for about $6.00. I took it home and wrapped it in duct tape, and that's my ball! And I have a little food storage hidden away, too. 😉

    1. Awesome. You can do the same thing with an old basketball: cut a slit, fill it with rice or sand then cover the whole ball with duct tape.

  23. 12 lb wall all 20 lbs everything else.
    22:53 with all the distractions.

  24. Didn't have time on Friday, so I did this today. My time was 39:44 – did I actually think it would be easy? Yes…yes I did…crazy girl!

  25. I'm not posting all my times but I am doing all the WOD's. Just want you to know a lot of people may do them and not post so please keep kicking our butts with the WOD's!:)

  26. 21:51 sumo deadlift high pull- 30#, thrusters with 30# for wall ball, push press-30#, kettle bell 15#, and boy push ups!

  27. Forgot to comment Friday… 24:56. I did muscle snatches instead of SDHP and jacks instead of jump rope.

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