1. 5:48 Squats were with 40lbs. I also added 10 push ups to each round…trying to build up my upper body strength! This was fast and FUN!

  2. 4:11. 40 lb squats.

    Must have been so fast since today is my first day wearing my new tank!!!

  3. 4:35 Fun and fast! I did 100 jump ropes without messing up! Big stuff for me!

  4. 5:54, before coffee. I definitely need my caffeine first.

    40lb front squat.

  5. 7:02 I did 20 squats with my 10lb dumbbells ( seriously need MORE weight ) . I am a total wreck when it comes to jump rope … I was actually good back in the day .. WAY back in the day now I just trip .. a LOT . Once I was done I did 100 crunches ( 25 each side, 25 front and 25 reverse ) . Thanks again

  6. 5:50 as rx'ed. (I kept tripping over the rope, too!)

    i love these short and sweet ones that work me hard.

    betcha this means we'll have a long one tomorrow!

  7. 4:35
    Compared to 2:52 thought I was feeling slow today 🙂

  8. Yesterday I subbed jump rope for the run; today I ran 3 miles with my 12 year old instead of the jump rope. I only had 20# for the squats, so I did 20 and added 20 push ups each round. 3:58

  9. Man I feel slow, ~10 min, I walk/jog the dog first, the did my 16# weight(two milk jugs)now for some yoga and a good breakfast!

  10. 9:39 – gotta work on my jump roping skills. Tripping every few jumps doesn't help my time at all.

  11. 4:34 Fun fast one! Thanks! Feeling that heart pumping hard.

  12. 4:12, I had to keep dodging my one year old when I was doing the jump rope!

  13. 8:15 horrible at jumping rope!!!! 25# squats but awesome quick workout!

  14. 4:58 as rx'd. Had a mama moment where I stopped the click to help a little one and forgot to turn it back on for about 30 jump ropes.

  15. I'm really slow at 10:10! But this is my first WOD and I'm trying to remaster the jump rope 🙂 Excited to be joining in!!

  16. 6:30 subbed jacks for jump rope because I haven't gotten a rope yet. Fast and fun!

  17. 4:43 Am I supposed to do anything special with the jumprope, or was it really just 100 times over as fast as possible each round? It almost felt too easy, although my heart is pumping! Off to jog a mile or two.

  18. 5:30 I think I did more jump rope…was talking and lost count. 🙂 40lbs bar for front squats.

  19. 4:25, but I didn't have a jump rope so I guess you could say I did air jump roping. I was a lot more coordinated that way!

  20. 15:01 – Again, the worst time…BUT…I did it! 🙂

    Squats w/50 lbs, 44 lbs, 31 lbs respectively – I have adjustable dumbbells

    I can see such an improvement in my breathing while doing jump rope!

  21. 3:38 using the 35# toddler as my weight for squats.
    Followed with a nice 35 minutes walk/run with the family.

  22. 6:28 first set with 50 lbs last two with 40 lbs in my case 3 German shepherds wanted to join the jump roping 🙂

  23. 6:21 as RXed. This was my first workout in about a year, and first crossfit workout ever.

  24. 5:20 25# for squats no jump rope so I just jumped as if I had one 🙂

  25. about 7 minutes. i started my timer but spent about a minute figuring out the hand placements and how to keep my elbows up to do front squats. i used a 45# bar for all of the squats and had to go from one side of the gym to the other between squats and jump rope. This one definitely got my heart pumping!

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