1. Jenni, what is your recommendation on what to sub for running for those of us that live in winter climates? I will run as often as possible, but for example, we are expecting a Nor'easter today, and I won't run in rain and wind, and have no treadmill access.

    1. Jump rope- 1 jump = 1 meter
      If it is miles- jump for as long as it takes you to run a mile.

    2. Jump rope- 1 jump = 1 meter
      If it is miles- jump for as long as it takes you to run a mile.

  2. 21:29
    burpees ,yuck
    Also I subbed jump rope 2 min for running..

  3. 20:18 the last round of situps I did reverse crunches instead . Elliptical instead of running . Sweating like a pig .. thanks . See ya same time tomorrow 🙂

  4. 15:17 modified burpees on the wall. Back/leg injury makes getting up and down from the floor nearly impossible!

  5. 20:12

    Burpees are KILLING me – not literally, but almost… – I feel so slow when I do them :X

  6. 19:23
    putting my sweatshirt under my low back (like the video shows) REALLY helped with the situps

    the burpees are SO hard! tell me it will get easier…

  7. How long should we jump rope for if we do do a sub for 400m?

  8. I skipped yesterday's WOD because I hurt my leg somehow, so I did a lot of Yoga/stretching, hot pack, and rest. It worked because today I feel MUCH better, so I combined yesterday's and today's WODs to ease back into it: 10 deadlift-45#, 10 situps, 10 burpees, 10 situps, 2 rounds of all. More stretching. Did it super slowly w/o focusing on time and I still feel great, I should be back in business tomorrow!

  9. wow that was hard for me! I took last week off (crazy times here) and lost 5 lbs BUT i feel so much weaker. I sooo regret taking the time off!
    17:51 subbed 2 mins of jump rope/jumping jacks for run. I usually sub the run for bike but it was 32 out this morning – so not getting on my bike in that cold!

  10. 16:04 with 100 jump ropes subbed for the run. I also broke down the burpees and did 21 seconds of plank, 21 push-ups, 21 squats, and 21 jumping jacks each round.

  11. 13:32 but my Treadmill doesn't have distance (it's broke unfortunately) so I ran for 1:00 each time. Everything else rx'd!

  12. Also LOVE the picture! I'm a farm girl and it's the right color tractor too!! 🙂

  13. 17:26
    Did Burpees incorrectly first round ( omitted push up part) but then correctly the last two rounds

  14. 31:30. My first time doing burpees and I think that was what slowed me down. I'm going to try to put something under my low back next time we do CFSUs and see if that helps me actually do one all the way.

    1. Erin, I am pretty short, with a long torso. I have found that even with back support, I CAN'T do CFSU'S without someone holding my feet. It felt like cheating at first, but then I realized that when I do them on my own, it's mostly my arms swinging me up, and with holding I can actually engage my abs. Just a suggestion!

  15. 19:02 as rx'd. seeing definite improvements. 10 weeks in. And for those that have trouble with the CFSUs, check out this site: http://www.roguefitness.com/abmat.php. Our xfit "boxes" here in town use these ab mats so my husband bought one a while back and I love it.

  16. I did the burpees wrong, I didn't do the push up everytime, but I don't know if I would have survived with the push up. So I just did 63 push ups to make up for it! So my time was 15:22. Seriously killer!

  17. 23:17, with 50 walking lunges added per round.
    Major kid, time, equipment malfunctions and modification issues!

    Def a crossfit MAMA day!

    My mod's for running, first round was Jump rope for 2 minutes but the said tired baby kept walking up to me. Jump rope fail.
    JJ for 2 minutes for 2nd round, and high knee running in place for 2 minutes for last round.

    I also added 50 walking lunges for each round.

  18. 21:15 as rx'd
    My burpees are slowly improving, but I still feel like they take forever to do.

  19. 28:27 500m and mix of proper and girlie pushups for the burpees. We should do those more often because I suck at them.

  20. 24:51 Burbees very modified since this is my first time doing them

    1. 15:40
      Did mt. climbers instead of sit-ups and elliptical instead of running. Burpees are killer!

  21. 18:55 as Rxed. Love the running. When I first started the WOD, I was thinking I would go for a fourth round, but Ah No, those burpees kicked my fanny!!

  22. 24:13 – fairly slow compared to everyone else today, but I did it all as rx'd, and I'm super proud of myself.

  23. 22:23 – Did the cf situps and burpees for 3 rounds in 6:08, with 2 mile run following up a few hills for 16:15. Not a bad 8 min mile pace 🙂

  24. 29:02 – with modifications – I still can't do burpees due to a combination of horrible coordination and my stomach gets in the way! – I did pushups as rx'd – burpees were 21 pushups, followed by 21 squat jumpy things – ran/walked on treadmill 1st segment – stationary bike the other 2 at 5 resistance/18 mph for 1/2 mile each

  25. 19min.
    with crunches/leg lifts & jack/punches for run

  26. 14:25 no pu with burpees 🙁 everything else as RX'ed

  27. 17:44
    This is only my second crossfit mama work out I am liking them so far thank you

  28. 27:41, everything as written. Well, if you count my sorry attempts at doing a solid burpee (girly pushups) as "as written". Ha. Jogged a slow mile after just because, 11:25

  29. 22 minutes flat. wow, burpees were awful. i am so slow at those. as much as i would love to never do them again, they are such a great workout. i agree with whoever said we should do them more often so i can get better at them!

  30. Had to skip this one today, hoping to add it to tomorrow or Fridays wod! Never done a burpee so that should be interesting! 🙂

  31. 19:47. So happy, my goal was get under 20 mins and I'm fighting knee injuries so my burpees were slow but I DID IT!

  32. 29, did high knees for 2 min each round and the last two round only did push-ups but I did all the sit-ups right and I finished!

  33. 16:38 with girly burpees (this was the first time I realized that burpees included a push up…whoops! guess my other WOD's were cut a little short)

  34. Hubby wanted to work out together and do WOD from crossfit.com….

    10 handstand push ups, 20 boy push ups
    50 back extensions
    30 toes to rings
    95 lbs deadlift, 30 reps
    40 lbs push press, 30 reps
    50 kettlebell swings, 30 lbs
    15 burpees
    30 lat pull downs, 50 lbs (Hubby did 10 muscle ups)

  35. 21.11 subbed plain push ups for burpees on last round as I was dying!

  36. 17:48 – Started and ended with runs for a total of 4x giving 1 full mile. Did it on the treadmill with bit of an incline. Substituted the burpees (done too many of this in the past week…yuck!) with Sumo deadlift high pull, 30 lbs.

    Great workout!

  37. 22:37. And I got engaged right after! I worked out in the park and was muddy and cranky, but then my boyfriend proposed, mud and sweat and all!

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