Tuesday 11.06.12

10 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts, 40-60 lbs
10 Butterfly sit-ups

 Hope everyone had a great Halloween last week!


  1. Do any one elses' abs hurt a lot after the work out yesterday??? I'm trying to figure out why mine are so sore when it was mainly a leg workout 😛

    Looking forward to doing this one! (Feel like it wont help my ab situation though 😉 )

    1. You flex your abs when you run, when you jump and for wall ball. You use your core for everything!

  2. You used your stomach muscles to pick your knees up high for the box jumps. I'm sore on my sides from the wall balls!

  3. 11:00 exactly! I liked this one, even though it included my dreaded CFSU's!

  4. Hi there everyone! My name is Sara and I'm excited to say I am officially starting CrossfitMama's. I'm currently not a mom but have a crazy demanding schedule due to my job, so I'm excited that these WOD will fit wherever I have that opening. I have been following your site and workouts for the last couple of weeks and finally decided to go for it this morning. I do have a question…what is the best way to substitute running? I live in Delaware and we are already having close to freezing temperatures so running would become very difficult (especially when it starts snowing). I'd love to hear your suggestions…Thanks

    40 lb. Deadlifts
    Time: 9:51:62

    1. Welcome Sara! You can sub any kind of cardio for the running: jump rope or jacks, timed running in place, etc.

  5. 8:52!! Need more weights… Filled a duffel bag with canned goods to get to 35#

  6. 7:35. I must be the only person who doesn't hate CFSU. LOL 50lb for deadlifts.

  7. Thanks Queenbeeberta! That must have been it 🙂
    7:50 with 75lbs
    I also love the cfsu's – I find they hurt my back less 🙂

  8. 8:59. 55# first time I've ever completed all situps crossfit style!! yay! I love progress

  9. Worried my back was too weak to do 40lb without reinjuring it, so 20lb sub, 8 minutes.

  10. 10:35 I ended up putting all my weights in a suitcase to make 30# . It worked but I need a smaller suitcase I think . I did 5 rounds of the CF situps and then the last 5 I did 20 side crunches then the next round 20 other side crunches then 3 rounds of reverse crunches ( 20 each round ) .

  11. 8:46 with my husbands tool bag full of weights that I'm guessing weighed around 35#!

  12. 15:10 I only have 20#, so I did 15 deadlifts each round. Can't wait to get stronger abs so the situps don't slow me down so much.

  13. 8:30
    Only 30 lb for dead lift
    In that time was a pause because my son smashed my daughter's finger in a door.

  14. 5:53, 55# deadlifts, and I did 10 deadlifts, then 10 cf situps and 10 v-ups for 5 rounds. Added 5 minutes of rowing at res5 fir extra cardio.
    GO VOTE!!!!!

  15. This is my first work out, so excited that I finished it! 15 min, and I have no weights so I filled two milk jugs, I know that's only 16# but its a start. can't wait to keep going. Ended with some yoga, hope tomorrow I feel this pumped.

  16. 8:01 42# DL, thanks!! Now for a 3 mile run through the mist, to burn off election day angst. 🙂

  17. 14:00 used milk jugs too so I increased to ten deadlifts each round. Situps getting better

  18. 9:06
    45# for deadlifts
    Also ran 4 miles today for the first time. Feeling great today!

  19. 13:01 36# DL, did 10 every round. I thought I was doing ok on the situps until the last 3 rounds…

  20. 6:57 with 75# DL. Going to go run some now, I have got to get my endurance up!

  21. I have been doing the workouts for a little while now, but I have never posted my time! I'm never quite sure if I'm doing the workouts completely correct, but I will keep you tubing all of them and hopefully I'll figure it out! Have really loved this blog and plan on continuing. For today's workout I did 45# and my time was 7:48.

    1. Welcome Noelle! There are demo videos for every exercise if you go to our full site instead of the moble version.

  22. 5:41. 40lbs dead weight. Love CFSU. Already seeing results. 🙂 That's amazing after 2 c-sections!

  23. 11:29 with 55lb deadlifts. Balanced the 20lb dumb bell on top of my 35 lb bag of popcorn kernels today. Sure would be nice to have a bar…
    Christmas, maybe?

  24. 6:14
    Pretty darn good after an extended break with bronchitis and after a 10 minute run.

  25. 10 min with 30 lb dead lifts and modified crunches because of my diastasis…when is that thing going to close??? My baby is almost four months old and I still have a two finger separation. Guess that's what happens when you have a big baby?

  26. Crossfit "Grandma" here. 🙂 20 minutes but , , , I completed it –3 with 50# the rest with 40#. Satisfying when I can complete the WOD even with such a slow time. As I said previously, I am improving! Thank you, Jenni.

  27. 9:31

    DL with 15 lb. hand weights
    alternating crunches/leglifts (tailbone still not %100 so no CFSU yet)

  28. 8:55
    deadlifts were only 30 lbs plus the bar

  29. 13:57 – 50 lb deadlifts and I tried CF situps again…only did 1! I quickly stuck my feet under my treadmill – lol! My core muscles are definitely letting me know they are there and are being used!

  30. 6:15, used my needy 3 year-old as weight for dead lifts for a few rounds, then 35# kettle bell 😉

  31. This is my first crossfit make workout. I did it today but forgot to time myself. I'm excited to keep doing these along with my running everyday

  32. Hello ladies,
    I'm sooo excited to finally join you after a long sinus and ear infection 🙁

    6 dead lifts with 30 lbs since that's the heaviest I have right now.

  33. 13:34 with 8lb dumbells for the dead lifts 🙂 sit-ups were easier for me this time 🙂

  34. 10:41. I did 30 pounds for the dead lifts and while I didn't manage to do a proper CFSU even once, I got closer than the last time, so that's something. My calves are sore from yesterday!

  35. WTG Wanda!! You rock!!! 🙂 I have a cool pic for you if I can figure out how to post it!

  36. 9:53 with 60 lbs. First time using our new bar and that much weight so I went slower. Loved it!

  37. 12:01 with a 2 year old needing me in the midst.
    45# DL

  38. somewhere around 8 minutes…I'm calling a kidtastic work out. Between my 13 month old, 4 yr old and 10 yr old(thank you lord my 11 yr old was distracted)…it was a challenge today!!
    I was hoping to be able to do yesterday and todays workout together but that is where the kidtastic workout started. Oh well…I'll get it in there!

  39. 7:53 40#
    Missed you all last week. Glad to be back 🙂

  40. You just copy and poster it into the web address bar, its the best I could do…

  41. Hello, I'm brand new to the blog as I've read some of you are too! I've been tracking it after finding it on pinterest 🙂 but just did the WOD for Tues today! Look forward to tracking with all of you!

    Today 9.15 with 65 lbs

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