Monday 11.05.12


5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 18 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball

Compare to 01.10.12

Hiit Mama Christina
Elk Grove, CA

“I love the shirt. This is right before the WOD today. I have
religiously followed this for the last 12 weeks, I am addicted. I do
the workouts during lunch with two of my coworkers. We are inspiring
others to join. Born and raised Cali girl!”
Love it.


  1. FIghting sickness – it is definitely winter in new york now…woke up to a temp reading of 35 degrees (F). Ugh. No outdoor running for me with this coughy thing. Went back to 10/15 workout cause I could do it all indoors. 2 seconds faster than last time – 11:33. Going to look into a gym membership now that winter is officially making an appearance. πŸ™ Wish I was a California girl. πŸ™‚

  2. I feel your pain Running T! I live in New Brunswick Cananda, and its getting really chilly!

  3. Having the sane issue as Running T. I subbed 100 jumping jacks for the 400 m. Also my ball for the wAll ball shots is 12 lbs.


  4. 39:07 :X
    did thrusters (20lbs)instead of wall ball. treadmill for the run. I had to slow down significantly after the third run because i nearly vomited…

  5. 34:55. only jumped 10" but that was plenty..the run was the best part of this w/o! phew! I also almost vomited!

  6. 21:39
    I did step ups on my stairs instead of box jumps since I can't jump. 25# thrusters instead of wall ball shots. Still killed me. Thanks for the WOD. Feeling my but and my thighs getting smaller now if only my mid section would just follow suit.

  7. now that I see everyone's times, I'm thinking I slacked off a bit.
    15:16, subbing jump rope for running (100 first set, then kept falling on the box jumps, so 75, 50, 50, and 25), step ups for box jumps, 15 lb thrusters, and I still feel like I got hit by a truck (in a good way)

  8. 26:12
    Not to rub it in but we'll be sunny and 80 today in CA.

  9. 29:19
    I did the box jumps on my stairs (1 step) and thrusters instead of wall balls.

  10. 29:59 WOW hello Monday !! I had to run on the elliptical , my box was a chair so an inch shy of the 18 I think and I did Squat Thrusters with 10lbs ( all I had ) for the wall balls . Only fell off the chair once … success I say . Thanks again and looking forward to tomorrows WOD .

  11. This is my first time posting but my 4th WOD. By far the hardest one but felt great! Had trouble running in the cool air.

  12. 47:48

    1/3 mile running each round and then 15" box and 5lb wall ball.

    I don't know how you guys did it in half the time. crazy.

  13. 44:49, made it before 45 minutes, woohoo! I did most of the running at 7 mph, a little bit at 8, and a little bit walking. I had doubts about my ability to finish, lol, but I made it.

  14. No running outdoors for this Alaskan girl. But I did the 101512 WOD per somebody's suggestion in 12:45.

  15. 22:59.

    SO did not want to work out this morning, but so glad I did.

  16. 35:00…I think my box was more like 22" or so. Tough workout. Glad it's over.

  17. 28:42 Great WOD to start off the week! Used a high step at the park today for the jumps. Officially been doing crossfit over a month now! Loving it!

  18. 19:50
    As RXed
    With Chris (same time)
    With a 4 year old and 2 year old trailing our rounds on their bikes. πŸ™‚

  19. 18:51
    Did box jumps first round then step ups for the other four sets

  20. 40:22 with 15 lb ball, otherwise as rx'd. i had to walk most of the 4th 400, also nearly puked. that one was tough.

  21. 22:29. Jumps right after baby are a dangerous thing but I got through it

  22. 23:13
    12lb wall balls
    Box a little short (prob 12in). It's my only option for now

  23. 30:51 no box so 18" lateral hops instead, no ball so 22# squat thrusters instead. Today day 1 of Paleo eating, will see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the great WOD, heart pumping, sweat pouring!!

  24. 26:03 subbed thrusters with 2 ten lb dumbbells for wall ball shots, great WOD loved it!!

  25. 30:21 I did step ups instead of jumps on a 19" ottoman, and did my wall "balls" with a rope pouf from my living room (abt 6-7 lbs), lol. Hopefully my amazon order will get here soon so my neighbors don't have to laugh at me anymore! Start of my second week doing this, and I LOVE it. Thank you so, so much.

  26. It's nasty outside so I did an indoor WOD.

  27. 49:19 – Suckie time, but I did it!! AS rx'd with 4 lb ball (it's all I had) and 6" box jumps! I DID BOX JUMPS!!! I couldn't do those the last time they were in a workout. Yippee!!!! (I say while still huffing and puffing!)

  28. 23:04 had to use my stairs (1) for box jumps, but the rest as rx'd

  29. 28:15. Whenever I do wall balls and box jumps my times seem to take forever. Working on it.

  30. I just started doing WOD today and I'm pumped and exhausted. I'm a medical student looking to get a great workout in, and can't afford my trainer or as much time as I used to dedicate to being in shape. Thanks for the motivation all! Excited for tomorrow's challenge

    31:19 – using 12" box and 8lb ball for wall ball shots

  31. So I made the mistake of going to my weekly Zumba toniΕ„ class before this and i could only complete 2 ad a half rounds! For 25:00 before my knees started killing me! I'm huffing and puffing and dripping! Hopefully next time I ca. Finish!

  32. 41:00. Ran 800s instead of 400s and used a 20 lbs wall ball! Yikes!

  33. 39:38
    Too cold to run outside in Alaska. I did the indoor track instead. Ran half miles instead and used a 12lbs ball.

  34. 30:45
    As rx'ed
    First day back in 3 weeks due to shoulder injury.

  35. 25:27 15 lb barbell with a "light" toss to sub for ball thrusts, full jump ups and down instead of stepping down for box jumps…..killer, thanks

  36. 38:54 had to walk some on the runs. Step ups for box jumps. Very tough

  37. My workout was so modified I feel silly posting my time.

    couldn't run today, so 100 jumping jacks per round
    step ups with 2 stairs
    thrusters for wall ball

  38. 16:23
    10x 18# kettle bell swings instead of running.
    20" boxes
    10# ball.

    Oh man those box jumps!

  39. 30 minutes flat.

    subbed thrusters for wall balls and jumped rope instead of box jumps after the 3rd round.

    This one was hard, my face was red for over an hour after I'd finished – this is going to be hard once Summer's finally here. thanks.

  40. Ran a mile
    30 wall ball with 5# ball
    30 box jump at 12"
    1 mile
    30 WB 5#
    30 BJ 12"
    1 mile
    30 WB 5#
    30 BJ 12"
    Time: 37:15

  41. Just getting to this WOD. Had to mix them up a little this week. 53:00 but..I walked the 400's on 5%incline at 4.7 pace. Box jumps on 18" box (modified a little). WBS w/ 6# ball. 5 rounds and finished up the walk to even out 3.1 miles.

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