Friday 11.02.12

Run 300 meters
20 Push press, 20 lbs
Run 300 meters
15 Push press, 20 lbs
Run 300 meters
10 Push press, 20 lbs
Run 300 meters
5 Push press, 20 lbs

Compare to 11.09.11


  1. 9:23. Ran .2 miles each time. 30# push press. Completed this after doing yesterday's workout.

  2. 9:13 25# press
    What a great week! Thanks for posting these WOD!!

  3. 12:09. I went ahead and added 100 meters to each run so I could get a mile. Also got chased by a dog today, so I had to waste time trying to get it to leave me alone.

  4. 10:38 I had to run on the elliptical and I did .20 each time . My press was done with 10lbs as it's all I have for the moment . I'm going back to the elliptical for a mile just because it's friday . Have a great weekend . See you right here Monday 🙂

  5. 19:37 500m laps (just because that's the loop around my block). 15# dumbells.

  6. I ran 2 miles with my daughter and then did the presses. Finished those in 1 minute, so I did another 50. 🙂 Couldn't have done that 5 weeks ago – thank you Crossfit Mamas!

  7. 10:40. 600m bike 25#. Needed a break from running.

  8. 16 :00
    about 400 meters each time(gunnels & back)
    30# pp

  9. 9:13
    I did 400 meters each round
    20 lb first round and 30lb for the rest!!

  10. 22:23 WOW, I was slow compared to y'all. I guessed on my run distance, maybe it was longer-it was uphill though!

  11. 9:42, slower than I wanted but my hips are hurting from my half. did it though! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

  12. ran 30 min. the did WOD

    6:09 with 50 jacks instead of 300meters

  13. Sucking wind!! 21:15 – Sounds bad, right? NOT! I RAN!! NO walking today! I stopped the treadmill when I needed to catch my breath (kept the timer going) then would continue the run. WOOT-WOOT!!

  14. 13:58 Did .2 miles each run, and added an extra .2 at the end to get the full mile. Thanks for a fun week for my first time to crossfit!

  15. 9:49 after doing Wednesday's workout to make up for missing it on Halloween. Not as fast as I would have hoped but I was beat!

  16. 9:22, 24lbs push press. Would have been faster if I hasn't accidentally done 30 PP the first round instead of 20 >.<

  17. I don't see my comment from this morning here, so sorry if this is a double post. I did it in 15:50. Did most of the running segments at 7 mph, but for the last I did half at 8 mph. Time also includes going up and down the stairs between running and weights since they are on different floors at my gym.

  18. 8:43
    400 meter rounds
    30lb PP

    Compare to 9:03 last year with 300 meters and 30 lbs.

  19. 19:39 (slow at running for now) did 400m each segment and used 8lb dumbells for the pp 🙂 see ya Monday!

  20. 10:27
    Instead of running, I did rowing
    Spent a lot of time just walking back and forth in the gym and trying not to be in other peoples' way!

  21. I am just starting CrossFit and my goal is to do it consistently for a month and have a before and after photo. Wish me luck!

  22. 10:41

    I am running outside and my lungs are just not up to the cold weather yet, so my runs were really slow!

  23. 6:40
    6 min/mile pace
    This is my 3rd WOD if the day. Playing make up!

  24. 9:46 as rx'd. My street is a circle, about 325M. Those push presses were pretty easy… I should probably up the weight. 🙂

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