Thursday 11.01.12

21 dead lifts, 30-60lbs
21 push press, 20lbs
50 squats
15 dead lifts
15 push press
50 squats
9 dead lifts
9 push press

Compare to 11.10.11


  1. 9:00.
    40# deadlift
    I did 40# push press until I realized I was crazy and then went down to 20# – which then felt SOO easy. LOL. All else as Rxd.
    Added 15 K2E, 10 boy push ups, 10 K2E, 5 Boy pushups/5 girl pushups at end (untimed) just cause I haven't been here in so long.

    Felt good to be working myself again!!

  2. 7:58
    60# deadlifts
    40# first set of presses, 60# for last 2 sets
    Ow! My poor arms!

  3. 8:14. 35# deadlift 35# push press for first 15 then down to 25# until the last nine I went back to 35#..this was a good one!

  4. 6:43. I did 20# for both because that is all the weight I had. Hoping to get more weights soon because I think I could of done more weight.

  5. 6:08 . I only have 10lb weights ( on my wishlist for more ) so I just used those for everything including the squats . Now I'm off to hit the elliptical for at least 30 minutes if not more . Thanks again for the awesome WOD

  6. 7:41 30# deadlift, 30# push press for some, 15# for the rest.
    nice antidote to too much candy yesterday, thanks!

  7. 6:50 with 20# for all, including squats. Time for some heavier weights – I'm getting stronger! Thank you!

  8. 5:48
    50# dead lift, 30# push press, 30# squat.
    Added 10 curtsy squats @50#, 30 k2e and 15 squat jumps for an extra cardio boost. Master's Mindset!

  9. 7:00 30lb for dead lift, squats, and push press. That's the heaviest I have at the moment.

  10. 6:31
    Im totally cheating myself on the PP…i need to go up in #

  11. 9:25 with only 5lb dumbells ( need to get more weights! ) that last set if squats kicked my blank!

    1. Oh, LOL! Just realised I didn't need that last set of squats! Overachiever!!! Then my time would have been around 7:00.

  12. 6:45. Feel great!
    As RX'd…36 for deadlifts (10# &8# dumbells held together)

  13. 5:04. Once again, I must have done something wrong because that seems way too fast compared to everyone else.

    1. …or you are just really fast. Don't be ashamed. 😉

  14. 6:25 with 55# DL an 30# BP, i screwed up and did bench press instead of push press. oops. i do need to start adding more weight though. and i got my tank top! wearing it now! so comfy.

  15. 8:10 as rx'd (!!)

    Dead Lift w/36 lbs
    Push Press w/24 lbs

    I'm so squiggly after those squats! I was going to add an additional 50 to the end, just 'cause it looked weird without them, but QUICKLY changed my mind! lol

  16. 10:39, slow at squats they killed me! With a unweighted barbell for pp and dl 🙂

  17. 10 min with 15# dumb bells for push press and dead lift.

  18. 8:08. My kids were my weights. So it was a bit slow transitioning. Also had a 23# hitchhiker for the squats. Weights are 23# and 31#. Roughly, lol.

  19. 5 minutes flat. Felt great for my 1st WOD of the week! Now on to tomorrow's to catchup. Thanks! 🙂

  20. 7:21
    25lb dumbells for the deadlifts
    15lb dumbells for the first set of pushpress then switched to 10lbs

  21. Ouff! 5:40 with 20 lbs push-press and 30 lbs dead lifts! Thanks!

  22. 5:49
    30lb dead lift
    This is my second WOD of the day but it was a great one!

  23. 4:52, 40# deadlift. I'm pretty impressed with that. I did Friday's workout first (11/2). Hope I don't regret doing both. 🙂

  24. 7:59 could've and should've done it faster 🙂

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