Wednesday 10.31.12

2 rounds for time of:
50 Push-ups
75 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Front squat, 20 lbs
75 Jump rope

Happy Halloween!!
Thank goodness for HIIT!!!
(My oldest, Ryli, 19 months old- 2005)


  1. 18:45
    Oh my..situps were tough today for me. I was so tempted to switch to crunches but hung in there.

  2. 19:22 Girl pushups ( I have ZERO upper body strength ) and situps hurt my hips so I put my legs straight out in front of me and did the Pilates type ones .

  3. 11:06
    I hadn't noticed much difference with the crossfit su until I tried doing 75 in a row.

  4. 20:05, I was surprised by how much better my second round was than the first

  5. 20:50 with girlie pushups and 10lbs dumb bells

  6. Was only able to do one round this morning. 9:50
    I will try and do the second round later today.

  7. 19:46 The sit-ups really slowed me down, but I did them! And if I keep doing them, I know I'll get stronger and faster. Thank you for posting these!

  8. cute picture!
    and this seemed extra hard after yesterday's WOD.

    I did the first round as RX'ed, except 30# for squats.
    Second round was: 25 push ups, 40 sit ups, 25 squats (30#), 75 jump rope. Total was 15:32, but shave off some seconds for being a bridge for my son while doing squats, putting a necklace on my toddler, untangling the jumprope someone knotted up while I was doing the other stuff… sheesh 😉

  9. Very cute pic!!
    I went to the Y to do the workout, and I was almost half way through when one of the childcare staff came up and let me know that my son was making himself gag he was so upset…:P Poor kid REALLY did not want me to workout today! So I did all but the skipping for one set and it took me somewhere around 7 minutes.

  10. 16:45, I'm back! Had to stop CF per Dr. order until after my half and that was last Saturday… awesome time for me and I am excited to be back!!

    Cute pic!

  11. 20:29 did wall push-ups (I really struggle with push ups they hurt my wrists! But ill work up to them) have never done a cf sit up and those were hard! Did 30 each round with crunches for the rest and the squats with 8lb dumbells, I'm dripping!!

  12. 17:14-girly push ups and had to switch to crunches for half. I'll get there soon enough!

  13. 12:24
    I used my almost two year old for my weight for the squats and my daughter cheered me on!

    1. I kindof lost count with my kids all around. I am thinking my time is a little fast

  14. 17:41 girl pushups and had to do goblet squats with 25 lb kettle bell. Great workout. Thanks

  15. 20:26

    I HATE crossfit push-ups! They are always by FAR the slowest part of my routine

  16. 16:29
    Girl push ups!
    I'm getting stronger but the push ups still kill me.

  17. 19:00; had to modify almost everything and getting over a cold. Those situps were killer!

  18. 15:14
    1st- 50 girly push ups, 50 CF, 25 latteral crunches, 50 squats w/ 3lb
    2nd – 25 girly (just barely), 25 CF, 50+ lateral crunches (lost count), 50 squats w/3lbs.
    yowsers! I thought I might end up in a face plant with those push ups!

  19. 20:39
    As rx'd, I felt like I was really slow, just a tad sore today!!

  20. 15:34 but I am pretty sure it was closer to 20 minutes. I had some timer issues and had to stop a few times because my little guy was fighting his nap today.

  21. 12:27, but i did crunches because i could feel myself overcompensating on the sit-ups.

  22. 27:20 I have to admit I wasnt doing it as fast as i could…I put off working out till 10, then grumbled about how hard it was. Thanks for kickin my butt, I needed it 🙂

  23. 17:53 girl pushups, crossfit situps, 20 lb squats, jumping jacks cause I don't have a rope.

  24. 20:28.4

    what kind of jump ropes does everyone do? skips or just single jumps with both legs?

  25. 17:50

    wall push-ups (first time trying these and my form was SO much better than girl push-ups!)

    10lb. hand weights

  26. 15:47
    second set of push ups from knees.
    front squats with 24#

  27. NO time today!!! 🙁
    I had to put together trick or treat bags. I'll do this one on Saturday. 🙂

  28. 25:00. Push ups and sit ups were not good for me. I did girly push ups and used 25# for the squats.

  29. 21:46 35 # squats, 25 crossfit situps the rest crunches, girl pushups

  30. 18 min as rxed, except all girl PU, 30 of the situps were crunches on 1 set instead of full. Squats were with 32 #s. Kicked my butt!!

  31. 21:14 with little boys distracting and this was my first time!

  32. 16:09. Jax sub for jump rope. I should have used more weight and maybe it's time to try boy pu's. Was 1:35 faster than my husband. Feeling pretty awesome.

  33. 16:50, subbed jacks for jump rope. The last round of pushups… ow.

  34. 18:23
    35 lb front squats
    1/2 full 1/2 knee pushups (chest to floor on all)

  35. 24:00
    I worked out in the morning and I was in slow motion. I did it though, so I'm glad.

  36. 6:03
    30# for deadlift (i need to do this @ the gym!)
    24# for pp

  37. first WOD for about 3 weeks, am feeling it!

    40-ish minutes, but that included feeding the chickens – as you do. thanks.

  38. 24:41 as rx'd but girl push ups.
    love the picture…… I am an avid jazzerciser……really, I am.

  39. 16:55 – first 25 boy pu, the rest girly, the reset as Rx'd

  40. 26:15 seeing my weakness big time with this one. I did this hours ago and still feel wobbly. Looking forward to this being hard but not excruciating. Actually looked forward to the jumprope section.

  41. 21:07 as rx'd. Saved the WOD for today since I didn't have enough time on Halloween. The push-ups were definitely the hardest part!!

  42. Suckie time for me! 21:04 and I only did 1 round 🙁 The situps were KILLER! I used to split this type of workout up into smaller segments, but thought I'd try as rx'd. On the plus side…I can now jump rope! I kept tripping over the rope, but today I only tripped 10 times! 🙂

  43. 21 min, with modified crunches for my diastasis. Missed some last week because of a sick baby, and I chose to go back and do this one because I can't run (joint issues). Glad to be back in the routine today after a crazy week last week!

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