Tuesday 10.30.12

For time:
Run 500 meters
30 Bench presses, 20 lbs
Run 1000 meters
20 Bench presses, 20 lbs
Run 2000 meters
10 Bench presses, 20 lbs

*If you don’t have a bench, face two dining room chairs towards each other, straddle one for your butt to rest on and put your shoulders and head on the other (bench).


  1. 1:34 for the presses. I did all 60 of them at once after running 3 miles with my 12-yr old. Didn't time the 3 miles.
    I use my exercise ball as the "bench."

  2. 28:19 I only had 13 lb weights ( two dumbbells together is tough to hold !! ) and I only have a crappy elliptical so I know it's not the same as running but I make do with what I have . LOVE the WOD thank you again for posting … bring on Tuesday !!

  3. 26:50 with 25,30, and 45# for the bench. It still felt too light. Thanks for the WOD!

  4. 39:32
    I don't have a jogging stroller (on my wish list for Christmas) so that is the time with pushing a sit and stand double stroller. I did jog a bit of it but mostly walking fast.

  5. 23:30, did 30 BP each time with 30# and added another 30 to the end. Total = 120 BP @ 30#. Drenched!

  6. 20:28
    I miscalculated distance and had to add 400 m onto my time after I had stopped, so I got an extra / unfair rest in there

  7. 28:52….pretty proud since I haven't ran in months, and before that 3 miles was my MAX distance!! Thank you!

  8. I don't know if I could run 3 miles if I tried and I'm training for a specific physical test where I need to run 500yds in 1minute50seconds (yes I know some of you crazy people run sub-8minute miles all the time) and I wish I was one of you!!!
    So I did:
    500yd sprint
    30 benchpress w/two 15# dumbells
    500yd sprint
    20 benchpress
    500yd sprint
    10 benchpress and my time was 14:30

    Not great, but ya gotta start somewhere!

  9. 23:50 plus some extra second running upstairs to do weights and back to the basement to run. This was a good one!

  10. I was a little afraid to go do this in the park- I live in Brooklyn, and we went for a walk to check out the park a little bit ago… trees down everywhere, and just a mess. Until things are a little more cleaned up, I want to stay inside.

    That being said, I swapped out jumprope for the run. I did 400 jumpropes for each run segment.
    Bench as RX'd.


  11. 37:27 – WHOO-EEE!! THAT was hard! Walked/Ran the "run" segments – I ran more than I walked, yippee!! I'm getting better. I cut the last run segment down to just 1/2 mile instead of the 1.24 – I just couldn't run no more. BUT in my defense, I did 15 situps on the bench after my bench presses! Bench pressed as rx'd.

  12. Haven't run in months so I could only run one mile in 17:00 and did all 60 bps with 8 lb weights in 3:16! Can't wait for tomorrow

  13. It was rainy here today, tail end of the hurricane, so my friend and I went back and did a WOD that could be done inside.
    3 rounds
    10 bench press (60#)
    20 box jumps (19")
    30 crossfit sit ups…

  14. 30:21 as RX'ed
    Can't believe I ran so much! Achieved my two goals: finishing and doing it all in 30 min. Woot!

  15. 34:30. I did most of the running at 6 mph, except for part of the last run I walked for five minutes. I did bump up the speed to 7 mph for about a minute during the second run, so maybe that's why I couldn't run for a bit for the third! I'm getting there!

  16. 29:53 I am still punishing myself for my non-existent workout week last week.
    Here's what I did
    For the run .4 miles, .8 miles, 1.6 miles
    For the BP 20# with 30,20,30
    I added leg lifts off of my bench(old hope chest)…30 for each round.
    Loved this, but killer.
    Bonus…no kids, hence the faster time!

  17. 27:14, and that was right after doing Monday's WOD. Used my stability ball for a bench and 12 lb dumbbells, and added 50 Crossfit situps at the end

  18. 25:11- as Rx'd…Had to fiddle with my phone to make sure it was recording my distance each time i started the run. I definitely need to add weight to bench press but didn't want to waste time adjusting the weight. I need to double the weight and do 40#'s next time.

  19. 18:58
    Thinking I didn't do the full run though.. But not sure

  20. Didn't finish the last 1500m running. I started too late and chickened out running in the dark. Lesson: don't put off workout till the evening.

  21. 17:35
    I used a excercise ball with the bench press! Fun WOD!

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