Monday 10.29.12

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Sumo deadlift high pull, 20 lbs
Lateral jumps, over 18″ obstacle

I have seen all your questions so here is a demo video:


  1. 13:07
    18" was the seat of a chair. I started a little slow because a. I was waiting to see if I would break the chair and b. I wasn't sure I could jump that high anyway 🙂 but I can!

  2. I am hoping to post today. I have been gone for a couple of weeks due to a back injury. Can't wait to get back to CF.

  3. 8:37

    used 30 lb. kettlebell and smaller step- 12" I think.

    LOVE these workouts! Thank you for posting them!!

  4. 6:56 My daughter loved watching this one. Used a broomstick between 2 kitchen chairs. Got the idea off of a Crossfit.com workout that used a pvc pipe for the same WOD.

  5. 11:31
    25# kettle bell and I used it to do my jumps.
    I don't know how you guys did it so fast.

  6. 7:26
    Still can't breath from this cold but it's good to be back.

  7. 6:23 too!
    used 15# dumbbell for sumo thingys.
    great workout!

  8. wait, what are lateral jumps? I was jumping across (like a long jump) but it sounds like people were jumping up.

    1. I think I misunderstood, too. I did sideways jumps over an obstacle 18 in wide, not high. I'm still sweating and shaking, though. 🙂

  9. 10:33 . I only have 10 lb weights and I wasn't at 18 inches exactly but pretty darn near . I put a broom stick across the chair seats and jumped over that .. holy crap I'm shaking and sweating like a hog !! Thanks for the WOD .. you rock !!

  10. I did it in 6:35, but I did the lateral jumps over an obstacle 18 in wide, not high. Still kicked my trash!

  11. 7:10

    Only ate it twice tripping over the bar for my jumps:)

  12. 10:25. Used a 25# bar for the sumos (I think…it wasn't marked), used a 15" high box for lateral jumps.

  13. 4:44, but I may have done it wrong, since that seems a little fast. I did the lateral jumps over a blanket on the ground, and jumped from side-to-side? I may have also skipped the 6 and went straight from 9 to 3. Not sure about that…

  14. So I am finding lateral jumps done two ways online. One is jumping over, the other is jumping up on and back downonthe other side. Which is correct

  15. I've been following this blog for a week but this is my first post – 9:00 ish (didn't get exact seconds). Used two 8# hand weights. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. i was confused about the jumps as well.

    7:10 did the jumps forward over an 18inch high broomstick?

  17. 6:23
    Using two kitchen chairs with a broom stick worked great for the lateral jumps!

  18. 12:06.5 with addition mod's.
    I added PU and leg lifts, doing 4 exercises for each round. I wanted to make up for my crappy week last week.
    I did lateral jumps over an object(similar to the ski jumper) that was 18" wide,downsized to 12" after 2nd round due to my tendency to trip.

  19. Did the broom version

    8:50- the lateral jumps are brutal!

  20. 10:07. I just jumped as high as I could on the laterals.

  21. 10:54 and a 15 minute run. been doing this for a little over a month..it still kills me every time but i love all the workouts

  22. 8:33 but no pole for laterals so I just jumped as high as I could, not the same I know. Who would have thought two seemingly simple movements could kick your butt so good?!

  23. 26# kettlebell for SDHPs
    broomstick between 2 kitchen chairs for plyo-jumps
    time: 9:26
    (some of that time went toward correcting multiple wardrobe malfunctions: my pants kept falling down! apparently crossfit really works!!! 🙂

  24. That's an awesome run Britta!!! I did my first half this summer and got 2:10, which I was pretty happy with, my goal is to do one in the spring and get under 2! 🙂 You are fast! WTG!

  25. 9:23 did it outside in 45 degrees and boy my chest hurts! Also used a 12'' pumpkin for jumps lol

  26. 6:44
    As RXed.
    Broomstick between 2 dining chairs.

  27. Ok. I'm a newbie and I gave my times earlier. Now that I've seen the video completely disregard my #'s. I did that way wrong:(

  28. 16:11 – I am SO impressed by y'alls times!! I modified from 18" to 9". I used a broom handle balanced on my aerobic step and a trash can on it's side – hey, it worked! It took me a bit to get the jumps right – I kept wanting to do a skip, one legged jump thing – but I am proud to say I did it! Also – used dumbbells totalling 24 lbs. OH – 13.25 inches smaller after 5 weeks of CF! Thanks for the blog!

  29. 24 minutes, decided to push myself and try the 65# as in the demo video, had to quickly work down to 42# which I was able to stick with. Did the 18" lateral hops as prescribed. Wow my heart rate was high and I was sweating! Feels great! Thank you!! 🙂

  30. 9:20
    I'm with you Vanessa, I tried to do the 65# like the video, but I quickly realized that wasn't going to work if I was doing 80+ deadlifts, so I switched to 40#. I wrapped a resistance band between some shelving in my garage to get the 18" jump. My hamstrings are screaming! I've been with ya'll (from Texas 🙂 since the beginning of October but this is my first post. Loving it!

  31. 13:39, 18" stick on chairs and stuck it out with 60# bar… 🙂

  32. 7 mins with 8lb dumbells and a 9inch jump over a broom handle between 2 chairs, working my way up! Still sweating!

  33. 9:30 with 10 lb dumbbells and step up squats (missed the video)

  34. 13:48 ..35# bar and 11" lateral jumps..the jumps were very hard for me..I had huge surgery 18 months ago and had some muscles removed from my upper legs..now my right leg is numb, feels like its asleep all the time..needless to say I was scared to death my leg wasn't going to come with me on the jumps lol I'm happy to say I made it through and loved this workout!! thanks again 🙂 can't wait for tomorrows wod! bring it!!

  35. 6:20 12# weight. And only 12 inch jump..3 knee surgeries have left me with very little "ups"

  36. 7:48. Thought I was having a heart attack for a minute there!

  37. 7:11- I watched the demo and thought "if they can do 65# then surely I can do 40#"…after the first round i thought my legs were going to completely stop working so i removed 20# from my bar and continued….my legs felt like tree trunks!

  38. aw- can't do today's workout. no bar (just dumbbells) and can't jump. 🙁

  39. how would you do the sumo lift with dumbbells? I'm not coordinated enough to lift them at the time/to the same height. The hang cleans I can handle because I'm ending up at my shoulders but the overhead lifts? Just a hot mess!

    1. I use one 20 lb dumbbell and hold on to the center with both hands, like a kettlebell, (which you can also use) and then raise high to my chest and sumo squat down.

  40. 9:56. Modifid to 15 lb bar and 12 inch jump. Had to take several breaks.

  41. Jean Rouse – I google the weight exercises and add "with dumbbells" to it. There are a lot of videos that show you how to do them with a bar or with dumbbells – most of them are CrossFit, too! I don't know about you, but I'm a visual learner so these videos really help me.

  42. I'm not sure what my time was, but this was my first day of a CrossFit Mamas WOD. I am sure I wasn't as fast as any of the times posted, but I am already feeling it in my legs tonight. Looking forward to getting better! Thanks for posting these workouts!

  43. 8:09 with 25 lb kb my first WOD back after 2 weeks off.. It was killer!

  44. 6:21, subbed dumbbell swings with 20 lbs for SDHP. I've had some tendon issues after doing them before. Also did the broom (well, mop) stick between two chairs at 18", but I didn't have great form most of the time… My legs didn't want to go over together. I think I need to lower it a bit next time and build confidence!

  45. 5:11!!! I used 35 lbs and I did high knee slaps because I was afraid that I would hurt my ankle. I need a little more practice on those 🙂

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