Friday 10.26.12

5 rounds for time of:
12 Push press, 20 lbs
40 meter Shuttle sprint (4 x 10 meters)
8 Hang squat cleans, 20l lbs

WOD Demo:
 Here is a demo of the WOD with a bar. I still don’t have one so I will be doing all the same movements with my two 10 lb dumbbells. Also, I changed the squat snatches to hang squat cleans for everyone who doesn’t have a bar. Hang squat cleans start with standing with the weights at your sides (hang=hanging weights from arms at your sides), then use the downward momentum of your squat (squat) to swing them up to your shoulders (clean) and then stand up. 
Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean Demo:


  1. 6:47. Not sure if I actually did 40 meters. I did the shuttle sprints back and forth across my playroom 8 times each round and figured it was close enough. 😉

    1. There is a video above. 10 meter touch backs (running back and forth as fast as you can).

  2. 2nd day 6 minutes. But I only have 8 lb dumb bells. Going to the store today to pick up heavier ones. Can't believe I'm sweaty and winded with only 6 min work!!!!!!! Thx

  3. 6:05
    Only have 10 lb dumbbells
    Great, fun workout!!

    Headed out to run 10 miles…

  4. 6:49. 30 # push press and hang cleans. Did this after completing yesterday's WOD. Have not worked out for an entire week…in Disney World. Feeling the burn!

  5. 8:05 but I only have 8 lb dumbbells and I did 1/10 of a mile on the elliptical . All this after my 60 min step circuit class . YEAH !!!

  6. 8:00

    My timer wasn't working, so I tried to estimate my time from when I started to when I finished.

  7. 9:10
    jump rope instead of sprints

    loved the video today!

  8. 9:08 sometimes with 30# and sometimes with 15# favorite wod this week! thanks!

  9. 7:30 – i was struggling with the last 3 PP each set
    for once i was thankful for the running 🙂
    thanks for posting the extra demo clips, Im a visual learner 🙂

  10. Kids loved this one! Had to do three more rounds so they could each do a round with me 🙂

  11. 4:49 as rx'd. racing a thunerstorm that's blowing in. man that one hurt once i stopped though.

  12. 8:40. 5lb dumbells on both push press and hang squat cleans. Gotta go to the store and get heavier weights. (Yay for groupons!) and since the temps are in teens here in Alaska, going outside isn't really an option ( sooo not a runner!) so I did 50 jumping hacks for each shuttle set.
    Thank you soo much Jenni for posting these! I have been dabbling in CrossFit since July, but with three kids and a free membership at another fitness club, joining a box wasn't really feasible. But now I totally can do it!!

  13. 7:48 as Rx'd. May have done an extra set, but not sure. Judging by others times, probably not.

  14. 4:48
    As Rxed with my 2 year old mimicking me. Super cute.

  15. I was looking for a site that offered daily WOD for Mama's at home! I'm just curious how everyone does the runs if they are indoors. It won't be long before the Canadian winters stop me from working out in the backyard!

    1. Hey there MelissaB, a fellow Canadian, doesn't seem as though there are many of us on here 🙂
      As for your question, use what you have, if that means an elliptical, or bike, our just jumping jacks, sub the best you can. I haven't done it but I think mountain climbers would be a good sub… Good luck!

  16. 6:24!!!!!!!!!! As rx'd with 24 lb dumbbells – WOOT-WOOT!!!! I did the sprint touch backs in my basement, which my husband informed me was 26 feet long, so I did 5 of those to get as close to 10 meters (32 feet) as I could. Great way to end the week! SO proud! 😀

  17. Hi, I am new here. Fighting back after baby #4 and 6 months of bed rest. it took me 10:50. I was working with 12lb dumbells and I kept stoping to see if I was doing it right

  18. 8:44
    30 lb for first two rounds then 20 lb for last 3 rounds
    Sprinted 100m for each round because I was on the treadmill

  19. I haven't done a WOD this week because I needed to save my legs. Today I completed day one of the Tampa Bay Susan G Komen 3day. We walk 60 miles in three days. Today the walk was 19.8 miles. Ready for day two. 🙂 hoping to be back at the WODs on Tuesday.

  20. Thanks for the great WOD!
    Push press with the bar and 20 lbs +
    Hang cleans with dumbbells 10 lbs each.

  21. 9:06 – but major substitution on the sprints for lack of space
    35lb push press and 12.5 lb dumbbells for the hang cleans

  22. 6 mins flat, our basement is approximately 30 ft from end to end so I started in the middle and did 4x sprints end to end. Love how much I'm sweating after only 6 mins!

  23. 7:04
    I was on the treadmill so I did 100 meter sprints. 45 lb for push presses for first 3 rounds. Did this one after tabata. Arms are dead!

  24. 6:32.9

    12.5 lb press and hang squat cleans, this was a good one!! whewwww

  25. 7:59,-

    However I did this all wrong. First, on my first round I read it all wrong. I marked off 40 meters. I also had 10 reps in my head. After 3 reps (yep, that's 240m) I realized something must be wrong. Re-marked 10m, but still had 10 reps in my head, so that time includes 100m each rep after the first, not 40.

    Oh an it's my birthday!!

  26. almost the same as you Jenni! 4:49
    As Rx'd with my 4 year old mimicking me!

  27. 4:51 as rx'd. Subbing this one for today's 'cause my tailbone needs a break from situps!!

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