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Thursday 10.25.12

1000 meter run
Rest 4 minutes
Dumbbell “Tabata” Thrusters, 20 lbs

Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do as many thrusters as you can in 20 seconds, during your 10 second rest, write down your reps, then do it again 7 more times. The score of your tabata is your lowest number of reps per round.

Comments should be run time then Tabata score.


  1. Sorry guys, while this one looks fun, I am on rest til Sunday I am running a 5k obstacle race, and need to be not sore or worn out for it.

    It's called Run for your Lives, and 'zombies' chase you! So excited!

    1. I live in Brooklyn, but the race is in Maryland. Google it, they do them all across the country.

    2. Cool, cept I'm in Canada, maybe they have something here too… sounds like fun anyway! 🙂

  2. Is there set amount weight for thrusters? New here, sorry if its dumb question.

    1. Sorry Lyndy, my bad. Thrusters should be 20 lbs.

  3. 5:00
    9 Thrusters with 10lb dumbbells.

    OUCH !!!
    I actually ended up running a full mile because I felt dumb getting off the treadmill at 5 min LOL

  4. 5 min run and 9 tabata score. Why can't the tabata score be the highest number of reps.! Just kidding…I know why. Great quick workout!

  5. 7:55 run
    Tabata 10 with 20# dumbbell
    Man, all the running this week is kicking my butt. I'm not a runner.

  6. I'm new to this, and don't have a barbell, can I use dumbells for the thrusters??

  7. 5:31 run. 9 tabata score with 10# dumbells in each hand.

  8. Lauren: 7:20 7 thrusters (arms cramped, was averaging 12) 25lb bar
    Shawntae: 7:40 9 thruster 20lb

  9. 6:34
    Tabata score 6 with 10 pounds.

    Just when my legs were starting to feel normal again!

  10. It is really nasty outside, so I went and did Oct. 25, 2011 WOD. My time was 10:54! 🙂

  11. 5:20
    10 with 20#
    Totally missed the 4 min rest between, so I was pretty winded on the thrusters… Oops… Lol

  12. 5:18, 10 lowest rep with 22# BB, hubby 5:18 lowest rep 6 with 65#the BB

  13. 6:13
    1.2 Kilometers (1200 meters)
    Jogged rest of the way home 1.19K
    Way longer than 4 minute rest
    Tabata score- 10
    20lb thrusters with two 10lb dumbbells

  14. ran/walk 50/50 – 10:50 – I am SO over running this week!

    tabata – 8 – SO mad – I had 12, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10, 9, 8 = all with 2 12# dumbbells

    1. Ha ha! That is the way a tabata works. It pushes us to keep our reps up until the end! 😉

  15. Well I had a poopy score..I hope that one day this workout will be done again so I can go back and compare 🙂 7:20 run on rocky sandy gravely road
    6 tabata with 10 # dumbbells
    Lots of room for improvement here!!

  16. Did this one first thing this morning- I was on the treadmill for my run and wasn't even watching the timer. For my thrusters I used a 45# bar.
    8 thrusters

  17. 8 min
    0 (sigh**) with 17#thrusters, my arms are really weak, you wouldn't think I have been carrying a 22# toddler for the last year and a half (well 22 lbs for the last 3 months).

  18. Just starting out 10:16 run/walk with a Tabata score of 6 with 2 5lb dumbells, should I be using heavier weights even for just beginning?

    1. No, start with 5 lb dumbbells and work your way up.

  19. Ouff!
    8;03 for the run and 10 for the trusters but I only got 10lbs dumbbell at home… Anyway it was had with the 10 lbs, I don't even imagine with 20 lbs! Thanks for the WOD!

  20. First week following your WOD's. Loving it so far, I'm very sore though, I hope it will get easier! 6 min run, 6 count on the thrusters.

  21. When you say a workout is with 20#s and you're using dumbells, do you use 10 in each hand or 20# in each hand, totaling 40?

    1. It is always total weight unless specified otherwise.

  22. 4:59 run and 11 on thrusters with barbell and 10#'s on each side for total of 20

  23. 4:50 running
    10 reps

    So bummed- I was supposed to run my race today, but it was cancelled because of hurricane Sandy.

    Doing Thurs and Friday's to catch up now.

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