Monday 10.22.12

Complete as many rounds in 25 minutes as you can of:
7 Push-ups
11 Thrusters, 20 lbs
14 Knees to elbows


  1. 17 rounds. I did boy pushups, but subbed leg lifts for k2e every few rounds. This was a good one!!

  2. Hi! I'm new here. I got 11 rounds with 12lb dumbbells. Boy push ups. My knees never made it all the way to my elbows πŸ™‚

  3. tweaked shoulder this weekend. Got in 3 rounds in 4 minutes, decided not to push it. Unfortunately I'll stick to running this morning and try to tackle later this weekend!

  4. day 4
    9 rounds
    whole family was knocked out by the flu over the weekend…gettin back on my feet

  5. First timer here!! 9 rounds ( after a 60 minute step class .. oops ) and it kicked my butt !! I'm excited to do tomorrows workout .

  6. Battling nausea(hoping it's just to much coffee)so I only got 7 rounds in.
    I still have 17 minutes left. I am hoping that I will be able to finish or do a full 25 minutes later today.

    Week 3(again) and I am determined to make it through this week!

  7. 13 rounds after a 2 mile run. Went over by 35 seconds to finish the final round. K2E on floor. Thank you!

  8. I think 8 rounds with girl pushups. Kind of lost count toward the end. My knees are getting really close to elbows! But my last round of KTE were on the ground

  9. 16 rounds
    K2E on the floor. I am putting up my bar today, so no more K2E on the floor.

  10. 19 rounds
    K2E on the floor.
    Boy push ups.

  11. 19 rounds. Boy push-ups, 15lb. weight (all I had). Killer workout! Dripping sweat and heart rate thru the roof!

  12. 1st day! 10 rounds but only made it 19 minutes.
    sad, girly pushups, K2E on floor & 3 lb weights (all I had today).
    I found you on pinterest and looking thru your older posts, I thought this was something I could do. Recovering from total reconstructive foot surgery 10 months ago – 5 screws and 16 weeks non-weight bearing. All that time on crutches left me with a bad shoulder too. As a former runner, walking 2ish miles a day isn't getting me the sweat I crave – after today I'm sure this will do it! Main goal is to loose the 20# I gained while off my feet and redevelop my core.

  13. 24 with KTE on the floor… Since I had to stop half way due to baby waking up and crying I definitely was a bit refreshed to do the 2nd half. Still a great workout! Looking forward to a fantastic week of WOD!

  14. first timer here! 9 rounds. the k2e KILLED my hands and slowed me down. but it was good! excited to try more!

  15. 19 2/3 – alarm rang during 1st KTE

    did at least 5 KTE on bar (9 my highest) on each round then finished rest on the floor.
    personal best on the KTE!

  16. 11 rounds ,,boy pushups and only did 8-10 k2e (that was a first time with those for me) but I did get my knees to touch everytime!!! good workout!

  17. 10 rounds
    Boy push ups
    40# for first 5 rounds, went down to 35# for the last 5…
    I get a few secs reprieve because my friend Gina made us laugh, said she feels like she has the ugly sex face doing k2e's… Hahahaha…that killed me!!

  18. 14 + push-ups and thrusters
    Blisters and knees to boobs most of the time.

  19. 11 sets plus 1 set of push ups and 1 set of thrusters. Completely wiped today – literally felt 0 motivation to exercise :X Hopefully I will be better tomorrow!!!

  20. 9..girly pushups
    25# thrusters
    k2e on floor…that was wild! thanks πŸ™‚

  21. 11 – plus 9 seconds over – I wanted to finish the 11th round!

    Used 24# dumbbells w/thrusters and alternated rounds of floor K2E and standing K2E.

    Just so you know…standing K2E are WAY easier!! πŸ˜‰

  22. 12 rounds
    all boy pushups
    one round of K2E on the floor, the rest on the bar

  23. 13 rounds after a 3 mile run. I'm dying…

    Jenni, that advice about knees to elbows really helped. I didn't realize how much I was pushing my head back. They were so much better today. Still only like knees to armpits, but I am determined to be able to do them all the way.

  24. I had no steam today!!
    14 rounds, K2E on the floor for 9 rounds, last 5 rounds were crossfit situps. I must have a really bony back because it is always getting bruised!

  25. 10 rounds…boy pushups…dumbell thrusters-12.5#…K2E floor…touched elbows every round

  26. first-time poster here at crossfit mamas! i did knee push-ups, goblet thrusters w/ an 18lb kettlebell, and k2e on the floor. 9 rounds, plus push-ups, thrusters, and 10 k2e. (a lousy 4 k2e shy of 10 rounds!!!) i'm dripping. see you guys next monday, if not before!

  27. 11 rounds plus 7 push-ups. I finished the rest of the 12th round after the timer.
    The last 4 rounds of k2e were on the floor.

  28. I got six rounds in about 9:40. I stopped a lot…I am feeling so tired and blah. I just couldn't finish it tonight. Gonna try again later this week.


    Nice job, ladies!

    And I LOVE the tanks!!! Yay!!!!!

  29. My WOD today was a little unconventional, but here it goes πŸ™‚ I planted 2100 cloves of garlic then I did 11 rounds in 8:52, floor K2E πŸ™‚ I could not get my body to do any more today! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to complete the whole thing πŸ™‚

  30. 14 rounds – all pushups were the regular ones and KTE on the floor. Great workout!! Almost every WOD has made me want to stop early and this was no different. But I am getting much better at pushing myself through and finishing strong! πŸ™‚

  31. 15 rounds, K2E from the bar, full pushups – with leg lifts every 4th round and full triceps push ups every 4th round. 25# for the thrusters… all this after a round of 50 burpees challenge with star jumps this morning. Feeling AWESOME! Mastery, baby!

  32. 18 rounds + 7 pushups and 11 thrusters
    Used 22lbs thrusters (found out afterwards that I should have been squatting more on those), mostly boy pushups

  33. 17 plus pushups. I did girly pushups and have a max of 20 lbs (10 each) with hand weights. K2E on floor, which my husband pretty much had to scrape me off of! Glad I did it, though!

  34. I got 13 rounds with 30lb Thrusters, crossfit sit ups, and girl push ups.

  35. 15 rounds with 30 lb thrusters, half girl, half boy pushups and KTE on floor. Was great;) Thx!

  36. 15 rounds with 30 lb thrusters, half girl, half boy pushups and KTE on floor. Was great;) Thx!

  37. 14 full rounds. Modified some k2e, some on ground. At least on the ground I get up a lot higher!!

  38. Posting late…I'm in awe of how powerful you all are. I made 5 rounds. Can't wait to see how I do the next time this WOD comes around!

  39. not feeling well today. couldn't do it yesterday. did 1600 m run from today's wod (12:08) then did this for only 10 mins, got in 6 rounds.

  40. 13 rounds…I did k2e every other round and leg lifts in between. My k2e are still not all the way up and they kick my butt! (boy p/u for all rounds)

  41. 16 rounds, boy push ups, 25# thrusters, half bar/half floor K2E..then a mile of running!

  42. 16 rounds + push ups. 1/2 K2chest/waist, 1/2 on floor. Blisters to prove it.

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