Thursday 10.18.12

For time:

100 girly push-ups
100 kettle bell swings (15lbs)
100 jump rope
100 squats

Compare to 11.03.11

For each set of 100, don’t automatically break them up. The exercise is set up this way to burn out each muscle group which will build more muscle. Keep going until you hit 100. Take small breaks if you need to. The more often you do all 100 consecutively, the more endurance and strength you will build up for the next time you do 100. Feel the burn! πŸ™‚


  1. Hi…I'm new here;) Finished in 11:07 but don't have a good jump rope so I did mock jump ropes….gonna get one today! Thx for doing this…it's awesome;)

  2. Great times ladies! I think it will take me that long just to do the push ups!

  3. My comment for today is OUCH! After squats yesterday, today's squats hurt.

    15:16, not too bad.

  4. 11:05 for me!

    Pushups were getting very weak towards the end and range of motion wasn't nearly as good. Something to work on for next time. This was a great workout! I don't have a kettle bell yet so I used a 15lb dumb bell and no jump rope so i used the invisible jumprope method. haha. I am already sore from yesterday so today will be interesting. Great workout!

  5. 9:51.

    This is my first time here. Had to break up the push-ups. I did 30 between the other sets and then 10 at the end. Loved it, though! Thanks for a great workout!

  6. I can't believe how fast some of you are doing it today.
    Took me almost 7 minutes just to do the push ups.

  7. 12:58 After five pregnancies, the jump rope is so hard for a whole different reason. πŸ˜‰

    1. Ha ha! I feel ya Mama! I have to pause for a quick pee break all the time, jump rope, sprints and box jumps….impossible. πŸ˜‰

  8. 15:04 I can barely lift my arms to drink after those push ups. I am weak.

  9. Tiffani–hahahaha
    hey, guess what: I did 100 jump ropes without tripping over the rope!

  10. As I scrolled through the WOD I was hoping to see 100 Burpees, j/k. Fighting a cold these past few days so I cut today in half, 6:05

  11. 13:03 After 50 pushups, I was burned out, so I split that into 2 sets and did the other 50 after all of the others. I did the rest as rx'd.

  12. Lauren: 14:43
    Jenelle: 10:20
    Shawntae: 11:14
    Courtney: 19:29

    1. I'm not sure how I put 9:32 on there. It was actually 10:32. Oops! I love all the comments about jump rope/ jacks. Part of being a mama I guess πŸ™‚ also good to know, I'm not the only one!

  13. 12:28. I really pushed it today. I feel like my time was better than it has been.

  14. 12:45! No kbell used a 10# weight but definitely could've used more..subbed jax for rope..phew talk
    about jello arms after those p'ups!

  15. 16:29 :-/ those pushups killed me. These are the worst for me by far

  16. day 2- 14:55
    Even girly push ups are humbling to say the least.
    So is jumping rope after giving birth to 3 kids, if you know what i mean mommies…..

  17. 15:08, almost half of that was just push ups. ouch!

  18. OMG! Sweaty, sweaty! πŸ™‚


    50 pushups
    100 kettle bell swings w/15# dbell
    30 pushups
    100 jump rope
    20 pushups
    100 squats

  19. 10:26 as RX'd. I got up telling myself I was taking a day off, late night with my baby. So glad I didn't. Time is slower then I wanted, but I did it!

  20. Correction – kettle bell swings with 15.5# dumbbells – I'm claiming that extra .5 lbs baby!!!!

  21. 16:10
    Pushups, pushups, oh how I hate you, but feel great after I finish you.

  22. 11:26 as rx'd jump rope was extra hard today for some reason – it was the only part I didn't dread and man did i get slapped with that things a few times

    LOL Tiffany I think we may suffer from the same "mommy induced" jump rope issue =)

  23. ***Tiffani*** sorry I am horrible with spelling especially names

  24. 14:38 20lb kettle bell swings. The kids are home from school today, so I had an audience. A couple of them tried to participate (picking and choosing the parts that looked most fun), and I'm glad to say that I beat them all. πŸ™‚

  25. First time on 6/11- 16:41 (2 months into Crossfit)
    Next on 11/11- 11:27 (7 months in)
    Today- 10:45 (18 months in)
    Burnt out after 50 push-ups, did the rest at the end.
    Thighs burning after only 10 squats in…..trouble.

  26. 13:13. First week in and loving it!!! Had to do 50 push ups at beginning and 50 push ups at end..arms gave at at 50. πŸ™‚

  27. 15:07 used 10# dumbell for swings…all I have.

  28. 10:18 as rx'd
    The push ups were so hard!! I'm stronger for doing them though!

  29. 20:13…… man those push ups were brutal!!! about half my time was spent on those….

  30. 13 min

    50 push ups very girly
    50 kettle lifts using a dutch oven
    50 mock jump ropes
    50 squats

    don't laugh….I am a long way away from fit…a little at a time

  31. Good for you, Joyful Saint! I'm far from fit as well – this is my 3rd week of CrossFit and I LOVE it! Haven't lost weight – I'm in a hate/hate relationship with my scales – but I have lost 10.75 inches as of the beginning of this week – I think that's even better. What a difference in my clothes!!

  32. 9:19 with 8# weight for kettle bells. Great workout!

  33. @Queen Bee
    Thanks for the encouragement….10.75 inches is awesome. The only way that I lose weight: wait to eat until I am actually empty…and then only eat until I am gently satisfied…then wait until empty again….works like magic.

  34. My first day, didn't time it or do the full workout im very out of shape and haven't worked out in years, 50 girl push ups, 100 jump rope, 50 squats no kettles don't have one and wasn't sure what to use I don't have a lot of equipment.

  35. 14:40

    split 50 start / 50 end push ups
    10lb. hand weight for kettle bell swings

  36. 13:23
    It took me almost as long to do the push ups as it did the other three combined. Push ups are still killing me.


  37. 9:53 20# KB
    loved this one!
    zambia, africa…its the summer so it was 106 at 545pm when i did this! :o)

  38. 14:22
    Split the push ups. Did 50 to start and 50 to finish. I'm still waiting for my upper body strength to increase geez

    I commend anyone who could do 100 pushups on their knees or their toes…I'm the chick at the gym constantly giving props to anyone busting out pushups with good form like its nothing.

  39. 12:45 ouch pushups… and I am sure they werent all perfect form hahaha!!

  40. Feel the burn is right! 12:16. Did jumping jacks instead of jump rope.

  41. Finally got to this…

    Had to break up push ups – last time I tried to do 100 I pulled my neck and was out for a few days. Did 50 then went back and did the rest intermit within squats. Not as effective for strength building, I know…but I got it finished!
    Sweatin. Ready for dinner!

  42. 10:35 back after a long bout of plantar fasciitis…still kills but I can't stay away!!!! Missed u guys and love the shirts!!!!

  43. 15:13
    100 full pushups (had to break into 50/50 since I have a shoulder injury), 100 KB swings @ 15#, 100 jump rope, 100 squats, 100 jump rope, 100 cf situps. I also added 5 min rowing at res3 for extra cardio. Master's Mindset!

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