Monday 10.15.12


3 rounds for time of:
15 Front squats, 30lbs
15 Push-ups
15 Jump lunges
15 Knees to elbows
15 Hang clean, 20-30lbs
15 Back extensions


  1. I didn't notice any technical difficulties! 13:07 with SLOW boy pushups.

  2. 13:40-

    Boy push ups
    40 lb squats
    20 lb hang cleans

    The jump lunges really slow me down, I have weak knees and ankles, and those kinds of exercise where you have to have some balance take me a bit longer.

    Also, I dont have a bar, so I do hang cleans with dumbells, and I'm always afraid I'm going to punch myself in the face with one.

  3. Oh yeah and K2E on the floor. I was so excited I bought a bar, and it doesn't fit a single doorway in my apartment! Boo!!!

  4. One last thing!!! I've been (well) over 160 for the last year, and tried all sorts of things to get below that 160 mark for a year. Today I weighed in at 159.6. Thanks Jenni, for kicking my butt, and helping me start reaching my goals! You rock!

  5. 1st & 3rd rnd squats w/30#, 2nd w/20#.
    1st 10 of PU boy, 5 on knees for each round(progress!!)
    did reverse crunches for KTE with my 1 yr old giving kisses each round.
    Hang cleans suck.

    My legs are on fire.

    Done between 12-13 minutes. My baby stopped and reset my timer. Defiantly a cross-fit mama day!

  6. Chris: 16:31
    Mod: 40# squats and hang cleans
    boy pushups
    k2e on floor

    Lori: 13:08
    Mod: 20# squats
    leg lifts in place of k2e
    Omitted hang cleans, due to horrible form with dumbbells. 🙂

  7. 10:27 with 30# front squats, v-ups for KTE, 30# hang cleans. Phew!

  8. 14 min with k2e on floor. 30lb squats, 20lb dumbbell hang cleans.

  9. Was only able to do 1 round since my baby woke up 40 minutes early this morning. But I did it in 4:40.

  10. 17:17

    15.5# dumbbells w/squats
    22# dumbbells w/hang cleans
    standing knees to elbows

    Not sure when you say 15 jump lunges – do you count each jump (R to L) or each set (R & L)? I counted each set.

  11. OH! My time was probaby less, but I had a LOT of issues with my music this morning and never stopped the clock while working on it. 🙂

  12. way to reach your goal, Sarah! (too bad about the bar, though, how disappointing!)

  13. 14:52
    boy pu
    45 lb bar for squats and cleans
    k2e on incline bench
    back ext on exercise ball w/ feet anchored

  14. Hmmm thinking I did something wrong here
    7:57 30#
    did K2E on floor
    very awkward hang cleans w dumbbell

  15. 13:37 K2E on floor and walking lunges instead of jumping lunges (too scared for me knees)

  16. 10:43
    20 lbs. all
    Stuck with boy push-ups until my 16-month-old climbed on my back then I switched to girl (it was about half and half)
    Also added a short horsey ride for the little rascal that was on my back after back extensions!

  17. 12:34 – walking lunges instead of jumping – too much impact on my poor knees!

  18. Owie. I turned my timer off. I'm trying really hard to watch my form while I learn all these moves. I'm willing to bet my time was over 20. 🙂

  19. 12:16 with K2E on the floor instead of the swing set. And I only have one 20lb dumb bell, so my hang cleans looked a lot like the squats.

  20. 11:01 as rx'd
    30lbs for front squats and cleans
    KTE are getting better. Consistently to my chest! Yeah

  21. 12:10
    30 lb weights
    Mix of boy (15,6,6) then girl p/ u
    KTE…Knees only coming to stomach

  22. 9:02

    16 lbs for all and KTE on the floor. Time would have been a lot longer if I did them correctly. Still looking for my bar it's lost in the garage!!

  23. 16:08
    40# for squats and cleans
    Held a 10# dumb bell for jump lunges
    Boy pu's

  24. 11:57
    30# for front squats and hang cleans
    leg lifts for k2e
    rest as rx'd

  25. 12:29 – k2e on floor with arms anchored on furniture behind me, switched to backward lunges on last set cause I wasn't getting full range of motion with the jumping ones

  26. Thanks for the awesome blog! This was my first crossfit workout…just had a baby 6 weeks ago. Glad to be started on a fit path! 🙂

  27. 15:14.1

    did 15 lunges per leg (wasn't sure how you meant it, but wanted to go for the harder version!!) and 20 lb hang cleans
    rest as rx'd

  28. First Time!

    10:37–two rounds, with a few adjustments based on the equipment I have at home. I think I need to go shopping.

    By the way, what is the correct way to do K2E on the floor?

  29. Oh no! I just realized that I forgot to do push-ups. I'll go do those now.

  30. 15:18. Still can't get my knees all the way up to my elbows, but I'm getting closer:)

  31. 12:04 with 30lb cleans and K2E on the floor.

    You guys can do 45 boy p/u?? You are animals!

  32. 13:54
    Squats: 35lbs/45lbs/35lbs
    K2E : knee raises
    Hang Clean: 25lbs

    I REALLY need to work on my form for my cleans…I think my body just doesn't get it…

  33. I'm back. Night work out, but at least I'm doing it. Liked the mornings much better….anyways…

    Started hangs with dbs but they were so awkward and I figured form over everything, so I switched to my 15# bar.
    All else as Rxd.

    My son is in his crib talking to himself saying yay, yay, yay as I'm working out – I pretended he was cheering me on. I'm done now, so hopefully he goes to sleep. LOL.

  34. 3 mile run then WOD 8:43 skipped hang clean, did not know it and did not want to take the time to google because it is bedtime for my. 4

  35. 11:18 with 12 girl pushups overall. 30 lbs on front squat and hang clean

  36. 12:58 used 20# for squats and cleans and K2E on floor. Good workout for a Monday!

  37. 9:53
    20lbs everything
    Sit ups and leg lifts for KTE
    1/2 boy push ups

  38. 10:12 kte floor, 30# squats and hang clean, last set 15# dbl as shoulder hurting

  39. 11:12 after 3 mile run. Did k2e on the floor and 20 lbs wall ball shots instead of cleans.

  40. 11:12 after 3 mile run. Did k2e on the floor and 20 lbs wall ball shots instead of cleans.

  41. 11:12 after 3 mile run. Did k2e on the floor and 20 lbs wall ball shots instead of cleans.

  42. 10:40
    20 lb cleans and squats
    Did 30 jump lunges per round (15 per leg) even though everyone only needed to do 15 total per round. I just really love what lunges do for my butt! 😉
    So proud of my KTEs! All the work is paying off.

  43. First time on cross fit mamas! I have a feeling that I am gonna be able to stick with this-

    18:20 – reverse situps for KTE
    -used a package of canned veggies for a 10 lb weight for all.
    – standing and used weight for back extensions.
    – push ups girlie style
    – 30 min run/walk after

    didn't think this would kick my butt as much as it did

  44. Day 2! 9:22:42 (w/ modified knee to elbows and hang cleans since I lack equipment!)

  45. 16:10. Ok this was hard! But I did it 🙂 15# cleans and squats..which didn't seem like enough at first but by the end I was happy for the lighter weight..k2e on floor and walking lunges instead of jumping..

  46. No running for me, so doing this today instead of Tuesday's WOD. 12:26 with k2e on floor, walking lunges after the first set killed my knees, and using two gallons of milk as my weights 🙂

  47. 10:43 did everything as rx and was dead at the end! So happy that I can get my knees to elbows!

  48. Been a day behind on the WOD because of missing a day but it works out cause Im working out in the morning and with the time difference its perfect..14:00

  49. Just over 13 minutes. my bar at the gym was either a 35lb or 45lb bar, used it for both front squats and cleans. knee push ups. didn't do the back extensions. followed up with 3 sets: 20 double unders, 10 bent over rows with a 30 lb bar; then some treadmill time. Great workout! so grateful to have found your site!

  50. tried doing this, this morning before work…lets just say "some was better than none…"

  51. 2 days later…but I did it! 10:45. 1/2 boy PU, 1/2 girl PU. Rest as rx'd.

  52. Ok I haven't been leaving my times but have been keeping track. I did this in 10:55, did first set with boy p/u's and then switched to girl. Did first round with k2e but then had to do leg raises instead.

  53. 16:33. 30lbs on everything. Sit ups instead of knees to elbows. Whoa.

  54. 8:67 had to take out back extensions. Recovering from a stiff neck. Still a good workout.

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