Wednesday 10.10.12

For time:
100 Walking lunges (50 each leg)
50 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Jump rope
25 Knees to elbows
50 Box jump, 18 inch box
25 Weighted squats, 40 pounds
25 Push-ups
50 Leg lifts


  1. Just a quick question: when we do workouts like this are we supposed to do it one exercise at a time or is it ok if we break them up? (ie do 15 pushups and 15 leglifts etc)

    1. Queen BeeBerta said it perfectly. The goal is to try to finish each exercise before moving on to

    2. the next, but if you completely burn out on an exercise and need to move on and come back to finish, then do that.

  2. 14:37. I think It's awesome that this community has grown so much. No worries about the birthdays. Congratulations on such a successful blog!

  3. I agree, no worries on the birthdays. Just don't quit giving us a WOD!:) I LOVE it and look forward to it every single day!

  4. Leah Sullivan – I'm new here, but I believe the goal is to do them all at once. I break them up, but can't wait for the day when I won't have to!

  5. 19:04, that one was difficult for me. Still working with light weights, so I've got 13 lb weights for the squats, and I dont have a pullup bar, so I do K2E on the floor holding my boyfriend's ankles.

    Just a suggestion, why don't you let your community take on the birthday responsibility? If each of us posted 'It's my Birthday!' after our time ON our birthday, the rest of us could then do the appropriate birthday wishing. Just a thought- and i certainly wouldn't give up WOD just because I don't get a 'Sarah' workout! You're doing a great job, I really love this blog.

  6. 15:45 box jumps: 25 on 2 steps, 25 on 1 step. I'm scared to death of falling with these, but working on overcoming my fears!

  7. Oh, and I did my weighted squats "kettle ball style" with a 40 lb dumbbell.

  8. 17:48
    with weird knee raise things instead of k2e, jumping jacks for rope and 45lb squats
    Thanks QueenBeeBerta! I did them like that today 🙂

    1. Ha ha! My knees probably only actually touch my elbows on the first one!

  9. 15:41 leg lifts instead of knees to elbows

    Sooo sweaty! "Sweat like a pig to look like a fox!" ?

  10. 20:31
    K2E on the floor
    Jacks instead of rope
    I didn't know if I was going to be able to do all 50 leg lifts. My legs felt like they weighed a TON by about 25 but I finished and feel so good about it.

  11. 18:15 My two oldest did it with me and pretty much stayed with it the whole time!

    I'm with Ruth Anne, so scared of box jumps! And those leg lifts, yikes.

    Too bad about the birthdays, but I understand that you're a wife and mother before you're a CrossFit Guru. Thanks for keeping up the site, it is amazing! This is my third week and I can tell I'm getting stronger.

  12. 13:43
    I only had access to 20 lbs today and I struggled through the kte!

    1. Thanks for the workouts Jenni! I'm so glad I found your page. The workouts are quick and different everyday, and I'm so glad I have been able to stick with it!!

  13. 15:48 with K2E on the floor and 20 lbs for the squats. Don't worry about the birthdays! I'm just grateful your announcement wasn't that you couldn't do the blog anymore. This is my third week and I love it!

  14. 16:56 I am out of town on vaction, so I used what I had acess to. K2E on floor, box jumps on playground bench, and no weights for squats. Didn't get a chance to do yesterdays WOD because of traveling hoping to do it Saturday.

  15. 14:59. It was so great working out with you ladies, Lauren and Shawntae!

  16. 16:28, but I stopped the timer to answer the phone, and then forgot to start it again right away. So that time is a little off. 🙂 20 lb squats, and my KTE's were a little higher this week!
    And having no birthday workouts gives me the freedom to name every workout "Stefanie." Thanks Jenni!

  17. 18:34. Couldn't get my knees all the way to my elbows, so I modified. Did step-ups for box jumps, still too new at CrossFit to be brave 🙂 Used 10 pounds on squats. Had to modify leg lifts because I have a torn muscle in my stomach.
    Still feel good about the workout though.

  18. I agree with the others that posted – no worries on the birthday!! It was fun while it lasted and I will do my birthday workout in honor of myself next July when it finally comes around 😉 LOL!!

    More important – a growing community is awesome!! We all should send a big shout out to Jenni for all she does!! She is the Mama Guru!!

  19. 19:06, really hard, but a good way to start the day!

  20. 15:43…Definitely feeling the legs burn today. Thanks for keeping up your blog! I just shared with a friend today about your site!

  21. 20:10.

    Still can't get my knees all the way up to my elbows, but I'm getting closer:)

  22. 19:04 jump jacks, and I just realized I did double K2E. 25 on floor, 25 hanging. 18" box jump, 30lb squats.

  23. I agree with everyone else!!! You are absolutely amazing Jenni!! Thank you for your time and effort! 🙂

    btw my time was 10:41:)

    I did jj instead of jump ropes.
    I did modified k2e because I do not have a bar I can use right now.
    I did high knee slaps because it is raining outside.
    I used 50 lbs for the weighted squats 🙂

  24. Just keep the WOD's coming and forget about the birthdays, I'm not worried!

  25. 19:10 FIRST DAY! K2E on floor, step up for box jumps, body weight for squats. Feelin' good!

  26. 12:41

    Glad to hear you are just cutting birthdays, I was so afraid you were going to say you couldn't do the daily WOD's. So appreciative of all your hard work, Jenni. Thanks a million!

  27. 11:34
    Only had 30lbs for the squats
    Box jump was on 2 stairs in my house!
    Thanks for the WOD. I love this site!

  28. 23:03. I'm still so much slower than everyone, and I'm an athletic person! Don't know what's wrong with me! KTE felt better today. Box jumps on 2 steps were hard. Love the WODs. No worries on the birthdays.

  29. 10:35, only change is 20lb weighted squats

    I was thinking I was going to read you weren't going to be posting the WODs anymore! Thanks for all the time you put into your blog and helping all of us Mamas get into shape! The birthday shoutouts were fun while they lasted!

  30. Oh sweet Jenni you had me scared! Birthdays Schmirthdays

    12:13 K2E 18 on floor, 7 on the bar (woo hoo finally got it!!) Dang you awesome mamas who do the K2E on the bar. Wow that is hard and I feel so weak!

    12:11 for 12 yr old son

  31. 17:08 KTE on the ground (50 instead of 25), box 13.5" instead of 18",rest as rx'd

  32. Carolyn, on the being slower, i found at first, i was thinking i was doing good and fast, but realized i was still in the same old rythm i used to do excercises with tony horton on p90x. once i really thought about doing squats, etc as fast as i possibly could i saw a difference in my times. just a thought in case maybe you also were used to a traditional excercise rhythm.

  33. 16:01 did 6 K2E on the bar and the rest on the floor I have a weak grip

    Also did 5 rounds + 1roundmof push ups yesterday for Sam but it still won't let me post on yesterday

  34. 18 min. K2e on floor, 12in box, mod crunches for sit-ups b/c of diastasis. Loved the variety today. Was intimidated at first, but feeling good that I pushed myself!

  35. 14:30

    K2E on the floor and 20lb squats. Thanks again for the great workouts!

  36. 22:55. Pretty much all modified. First attempt at a crossfit WOD. Sit ups and push ups were on a ball. I stacked my step on a riser and put it on the treadmill for more height. Pretty hard, but that should get me somewhere better. Thanks!

  37. 29:02

    *standing knees to elbows
    *50 step ups (each leg) instead of box jumps
    *weightless squats

    KILLER workout!!

  38. 20:46 reverse sit-ups instead of k2e and step ups instead of box jumps and I ran 3 miles first.

  39. 16:43 – I snuck in just in time for the bdays, but although I've only been following a couple days if it wasn't for finding this blog I'd probably never have started Crossfit – SO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

    those situps sucked after yesterday, and I did k2e on the floor but it still seemed off and squat jumps for box jumps

  40. 11:55
    As RXed.
    And my knees admittedly only come all the way up to my elbows on the first one. It is a downward spiral from there, literally. 😉

  41. Chris:
    80 lb sqauts
    Subbed more squats for push-ups.

  42. This was the first day I finished each exercise before moving on. I usually split them up into 3 or 4 segments. It was harder this way, I think that's the point, right?

    Thanks for doing this blog, Jenni! I really love these workouts.

  43. 16:43
    I did this workout at home so I had to modify a bit….
    K2E on the floor
    30 lbs for squats
    Box jumps = 1 stair

  44. 15:55.1
    jacks for j.rope
    short 6 leg lifts…I was toast.
    So fun and the birthday's are ok, you are already giving us all a great gift each day! Thanks!

  45. 16:10. Going to have to start doing WODs at night after putting DS to sleep – he keeps waking up in morning when I work out and it's making it impossible. So, will have to do some mods to compensate for not being able to go outside (good practice for upcoming winter, I suppose!)

    25 XFit situps then 25 "pop ups" (diastasis mod)
    Simulated jump ropes (ceiling too low for real ones)
    Step ups
    30# squats (heaviest weight I have – but 30# was plenty!!!)
    10 leg lifts, 40 "pop ups" (those are killer!!)

    Nice work out!!

  46. 16:20- My K2E are really just hanging knee raises…one day I will be able to go all the way up. I have to jump down from the bar many times because my grip gives out. Didn't think I was going to be able to finish all the box jumps but I am glad I did! I had to do girl pushups after the first 10 boy pushups.

    Jenni- So glad you didn't say you were stopping WOD's ….I am a week and a half in and I LOVE IT! Thank you for your dedication to this blog!

  47. 14:45, don't sweat the small stuff on the birthdays. Boy pu, 30# squats, floor kte

  48. Katy-14:20

    Whooo Hooo…Our legs are shaking! We had to do modified K2E on the floor because we don't have a bar yet as this is our 3rd & 2nd workouts 🙂

  49. 15:50. Sub jacks for jump rope and my knees to elbows were….lacklustre and generally lacking. I have a hanging board for climbing so my grip gives out pretty quick. Also used 25lbs for the squats- thats all the weight I have!

  50. 16 m 12 s

    Box jumps on couch with out coushons 🙂

    Sweating it's a good thing.

  51. This took me awhile because I was trying to locate everything at the gym. I should have gotten everything together first, 25:47

  52. 18:27
    100 jump rope
    Knees to chest
    40# squats
    Boy pu's
    The rest as rx'd

  53. KC mama's
    Vanessa 13:24 as rx'd except 45 lb. Squats & 15 boy pushups

    Sarah – 14:54 30 lb. Squats

    Thanks so much for the great wod's and hosting our growing community! Love it.

  54. Saved this one for today, 15:39 with jacks for rope and knees to waist. Loved it!

  55. 20:55

    used 2 5 lb dumbells for the squats, but only 34 lbs for the squats.

  56. 15:11 with E2K on floor and knee slaps instead of box jumps

  57. 13:10 w/
    15lb bar overhead for w lunges
    k2e 10 hanging 15 on floor

  58. 16:06. 25lb bar for squats. 3lb dumbells for lunges and box jumps were not 18". Used a step.

  59. 11:16
    KTE on the floor
    Box jumps were only one step ( didn't want to wake my sleeping babies jumping on two steps)

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