Friday 10.05.12

100 sit-ups
30 burpees
40 kettle bell swings (15lb dumbbell)
50 knees to elbows
100 ft walking lunge
150 ft sprint

Compare to 11.02.11


  1. Cute and appropriate pic! Finished in 16:51. I did every exercise, but broke up some of they reps. and I did 100 lunges and ran 100m. I couldn't figure out how many feet to lunge or run. 🙂

  2. What can I do for knees to elbows if I don't have a pullup bar?

    1. Lay on the floor and bring your ones to your chest, I like to keep my legs off the ground for more of a challenge.

  3. 18:45 I also broke up some of the reps and I did knee raises instead of knee to elbows. Good way to end the week!!

  4. 19:57 I think I got in enough meters on the sprint and the walking lunges. Not sure about that. But if anything, I did too many, so I'm good. And I found that the swing set makes for a perfect pull-up bar. I'm glad I got up early to do this workout before the neighbors got to see my pathetic attempts. My knees didn't even come close to reaching my elbows! Hoping someday…

  5. 16:01
    slow and steady – did sit ups the PROPER way today (no hooking my feet) wow that was harder and took way longer – almost 6 minutes!!
    leg lifts for K2E
    50 walking lunges around the living room and 115 jump rope since I don't run
    all with massive bruising on my legs. i got hit by an 8 yr old on her bike last night – it was either me or another kid. glad she chose me, it could have been way worse!

  6. 15:43
    I did K2E on the floor since I can't hold myself up yet on the bar but they still kicked my BUTT!!

  7. 19:22
    I did crossfit sit ups for the first time, too (didn't know there was such a thing until yesterday) and I agree with Sarah, way harder to finish 100 and harder to cheat at doing it! 😉 Only did 10 K2almostE, did 5lb weights for kettle bell, did 100 lunges and 100 jumping jacks instead of sprints.
    I'm with the baby: glad I didn't die!

  8. 22:49
    Did leglifts for K2E and everything else as RX'd.
    Feeling very sluggish today, but happy I powered through.

  9. 21:31 subbed 20lb dumb bell for kettlebell, on my back for knees to elbows- WOW, puffing like a freight train!

  10. 13:42 after 2 mile run. Used 20# kettlebell and did K2E on floor as well..couldn't hold onto the bar!! Broke it up into 2 rounds instead of all at once.

  11. 14:31
    Couple questions: a couple people have commented about situps. I usually put my dumbbells over my toes, but is it better to do them with your feet unpinned flat on the floor or your feet together like that video that was posted te other day? Hopefully that made sense. Second question. I am not very good at kte, I often find myself swinging- especially towards the end. Do I just need to get stronger and slow it down? Any advice?

    1. Yes, you can swing your legs or kip but make sure you don't throw your head back. I was making that mistake in the beginning and I saw a great instructional video on YouTube (if it isn't on the site I will add it) that helped me get my knees up without hurting myself.

      And I would recommend all the Mamas to do the Crossfit sit-ups if they are able.

  12. Amy, I asked a friend who does Crossfit at a gym and she says swinging to get momentum is fine, going backwards. It's called kipping, as long as you are bringing your knees up when you go to the front you will find you get stronger and have more control the next time you do it. With that said, I've probably only successfully done maybe three within the last year that I've been doing this 🙂 They have support bands at the gym that I can't find for an at home pull up bar.

    1. Thanks. That's really good to know. I do feel like I've improved some since I first started trying them.., just need to keep at it 🙂 thank you!

    2. Valentine,
      Try iron woody fitness online. That's where I got my bands.

  13. 13:17 had to break up the knees to elbows into 3 sets

  14. 15:28 but I wussed out and only did half of burpees and half of the elbow to knees. I hope to be able to do all those soon. Need to strengthen up! By the way I despise burpees!!!!!

  15. So with all this talk about the proper way to do sit ups, I had to check it out. Wow. So, doing them correctly slowed me down a LOT, but I'd rather have good abs. At least that's what I'm telling myself to get through all 100 of them! 14:19 total time, everything as rx'd. Happy Friday!!!

  16. Amy, keep at it! Jenni, you are right… don't throw your head back!! 🙂

    I broke it up, nursing shine splints brought on by over tight muscles.
    50 X2 Sit ups
    15 X2 burpees (after all the lunges, I've missed these!!)
    20 X2 kb swings
    25 X2 k2e on floor this time
    50 X2 lunges, did backwards ones
    75 X2 jumping jacks

    Thanks Jenni!

  17. 12:35…Used a 10# dumbell…all I have right now for the kettle swings. Struggled a bit on the burpees today. Glad I stuck it out! I will feel it later! Great WOD!Thanks!

    Saw a earlier post that you asked for age and where we live before I started WODs with you. I am 35 and live in Fishers, IN. Mom of 4.

  18. 17:01 had to do Knees to Elbows on the floor i don't have a pullup bar yet. 15.5lbs dumbbell for the KB.
    I have a really hard time doing the sit ups, i can't hardly get up unless i have my feet pinned, in either position. Any suggestions? Also my hip joint started popping evertime I did a sit up.

  19. 13:39, mostly rx'd. K2E were pathetic, but got to my waist on all of them. After the first 25, I did sets of 5 with about 15 sec. of rest between each, but I did them!

  20. 11:26 YES!!! Burpees were all boy push up burpees. Did KTE on the ground cause i was in the front and pull up bar is in the house. rest was as rx'd. I feel good about how i did today. And I am so thrilled I made it through all of them this week. It was a tough week of wod's and I love it! Thank you Jenni!

  21. I did it. Almost killed me haha. 26:58. I'm part of the crossfit momas northglenn, CO.
    Lauren 28 yo with 3 kids: 6,5,3
    My friend showed me the blog and holds workouts at her house every morning at 8:15.
    Been working out for awhile, sorry I've never commented before 🙂
    First thing I check every day is WOD! and I've never been able to do a boy push up, yesterday I did 4. Thanks for the motivation!

  22. I did it. Almost killed me haha. 26:58. I'm part of the crossfit momas northglenn, CO.
    Lauren 28 yo with 3 kids: 6,5,3
    My friend showed me the blog and holds workouts at her house every morning at 8:15.
    Been working out for awhile, sorry I've never commented before 🙂
    First thing I check every day is WOD! and I've never been able to do a boy push up, yesterday I did 4. Thanks for the motivation!

  23. 20:51 for today's WOD. Slow, I know, but I did it! It's been a great 2 weeks and I can't wait to see what next week brings.

  24. 21:40 with a 30 lb kettlebell. Did 100 jumping jacks for the 100 ft run. Otherwise everything as rx'd

  25. 20:22…did crossfit situps.. 10# kettlebell, and floor knees to elbows. Finished my first week and I love it.thank you for posting.

  26. 20:30 I had to step through 20 burpees and did girl push ups through them. I can't get my knees to my elbows so I did knee raises from a pull up bar and used the same momentum to do knees to elbows. Almost threw up after this workout! 🙂

  27. 7:12!!! I did everything unmodified, except for the k2e because I could not get to my bar today. Otherwise, I bet my time would have been really bad today 🙂

  28. 13:30 20 lb. KB. Have to touch down between most k2e's but am getting them up there. Also… double check the video for burpees… there is no formal pushup in there that I'm aware of. You just want your chest and thighs to meet the floor at the same time. 🙂

    1. You are correct. There is no formal push-up in a burpee. There is a push off the ground but it should look more like a jump up.

  29. 16:30
    As RXed. Man, those Crossfit sit-ups take me about 3 times as long! But I love how much more I feel it in my lower, under the belly button, abs!

  30. 11:18, much faster than I thought I'd be, but I did do k2e on the ground – much easier! I need to get a bar!

  31. 13:28. Did half of the burpees, whimp here! Did left lifts instead of k2e.

  32. 18:37 did the modified knees on the ground.. And I forgot to tell you all yesterday while doing the wall ball throws my almost 3 year old went and got a tennis ball and did them with me.. It was hilarious! She also kept me motivated by saying oh good job momma and when I'd need a break she would say do it again do it again.. Never can start em too young! It was awesome!

  33. 19:36
    boy pu's on the burpees
    20# kettle bells, guesstimated the lunges, probably did more than enough, and just did a 30 second sprint, thats about right I think.
    Also added 2 min plank at the end (included in my time)
    I've also been doing the Insanity workouts this week, think I'm ready for a rest day!! 🙂

    Keep up the good work girls! You all rock!! 🙂

    Hope you feel better Running T!

  34. Thanks, Jen M!! I'm feeling better now – thank God – now I'm not sick, just sore!!. This week's WOD are killer on the legs!! I'm going to predict next week we will all have trouble lifting our arms by the end of the week!

    Just under 15 min: 14:52.

    1) My burpees were ridiculous (let's just state for the record again that I hate burpees)…but after reading the comments, I need to look at the video again. I definitely am doing a push up in there…must be I'm not fluid in my form enough (shocker!).

    2) Did 25 real sit ups and then modified rest – gonna see how my diastisis responds to some light "real" sit ups now.

    3) Had to skip run at end – didn't do this until after my DS was in bed and I couldn't very well leave him asleep to go take a run outside. I made up for it by chasing him all around the playground this afternoon though! 🙂

    4) While at the playground I totally did the monkey bars across 1 time for the first time IN MY LIFE (a short set up, only about 6 bars as opposed to the 12-16 on the bigger playsets). I was sooo shocked that I could do them and I was so proud!! My hands are all blistered from that and the K2E but I'm so pleased!! 🙂 NEVER would've thought I could do monkey bars!!!

    Thanks again Jenni!!!

  35. 20 minutes (give or take some seconds), but I did it all with my four little girls (9,7,5,2) in tow. It was really fun seeing them trying to do burpees and then we did our lunges down the street and sprinted back.
    Did leg lifts instead of K2E. Only my second week getting into this groove (plus running and some weights) but I'm loving this serious kick in the butt that I'm getting!!!!

  36. 21:27. I sure couldn't do any knees to elbows! Yet 🙂 so I did 100 double crunches on the look instead.

  37. 12:35
    Did crossfit sit ups, my knees to elbows are awful but they are getting better.

  38. 15:37 with 10lb on KBS, crunches instead of K2E and jumping jacks instead of sprint.

    Going to buy the rest of the necessary equipment this weekend so I can do all the workouts as rx'd!

  39. 10:45 compared to 13:08 on 11.2.11
    Subbed left lifts for KTE

  40. 13:58, ground kte, boy pushups with burpees, estimated the distances

  41. Keri, what size bands did you get? Are you able to hang all the way? I have to bend my knees, would bands work for that?

  42. 13:50
    10 Knee to Elbow hanging and 40 on floor…15# bar overhead for walking lunges…glad to be back after extended vacation…..thanks for all your work with the WOD's

  43. 16:11. Crunches with legs up instead of situps, lower back has been hurting me. 20lb. kettlebell.


  44. 13:35 had to do leg raises instead of knees to elbows because I could not hang from bar.

  45. 15:00 girl pushups on the burpees and leg raises instead of KTE

  46. Ran 8 miles then WOD. 18 minutes. Burpees suffered a little. Getting better at K2E's but still sooooo hard! Great week of WOD'S even though it is Tuesday and I am just getting to Fridays. I will get caught up. 🙂

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