1. I don't have a med ball. Any ideas for a substitute?

    1. I always use a 10lb dumbbell. You can't throw it but I try to thrust it up like I would the ball.

    2. I used a basketball my entire first year. I don't think the weight was nearly as important as the movement and form.

  2. 9:07 as rx'd
    The squat snatches are hard to ensure that your form is right.

  3. 7:34 but I did thrusters instead of wall ball (20 lbs) and squats with a 20lb bar on my back instead of squat snatches because my form was so terrible and I didn't really know what I was doing :X

  4. 6:59
    threw dumbell in the air for WB – couldn't find it this morning (those darn kids!)

    1st round of squat snatches with 10lb in each hand. very hard to keep form so then i switched to one handed alternating for rounds 2 and 3

    wow that was harder than i expected!

  5. 12:11. Threw 10lb dumbell for wall ball. Not sure if I do the squat snatches right. I had a 10 lb dumbell in each hand. Seemed really awkward. I don't have a bar. Is there a better alternative?

    1. I'm going to do. Single arm snatch squats. I think that's best with dumbbells.

  6. 9:31. I only have an 8lb, ball so I used that. I used a 20lb kettlebell and snatched it with both hands because it didn't seem fair to the other to just use one hand;) Exactly how are you supposed to do that??
    Felt good!

  7. 9:16
    Thrusters instead of wall ball (don't have a ball or a wall to do it on) and squats since the squat snatches felt uncomfortable. I did use a 25# bar for both.

  8. 16:56 12lb ball and 35lb bar
    My shoulders are screaming!!!

  9. 12:07 as rx'd. Squat snatches were horrific…almost DNF!! Pulled through…glad I did:)

  10. 12:30- Did this right after running 3 miles.
    Thruster with 25# bar for wall ball. Did one round of squat snatches and then did 2 rounds of squats with 25# bar.
    My legs feel like jello.

  11. 9:11
    That was hard. Probably Would have been better with a bar. I did first two rounds trying to do snatches. However last round I did overhead squats

  12. 11:56 10.5lb dumbbell threw it in the air for wall ball. And and used 2 dumbbells for the squatsnatches, it was hard to do with dumbbells.

  13. 6:05 with 10lb weighted ball for both exercises.

  14. 10:25 doing air squats with an 8lb medicine ball. Used a 25lb bar and did overhead squats instead of squat snatches. Did this WOD after running 2.5 miles. I'm going to have to work up to squat snatches, maybe on a day I don't run. My legs are screaming and I wanted to quit but I kept saying, you only got one body and there's only one way to get stronger, go baby girl, go!!

  15. Soooo, I have no idea what my time was because I forgot to start my watch, but I'm sure it wasn't that great. I had a difficult time getting going.

    30 DB Thrusters
    30 Single Arm DB Snatches (15 each arm)

    I just never got the feel of the squat snatch with the dumbbells. Oh well, such is life.

    Im ready tomorrow's WOD so I can redeem myself 🙂

  16. 14:12, subbed DB thrusters for balls with 10# DB's

    1. You just freaked me out and I ran upstairs to see if I had missed your birthday today! I was panicking! I didn't, did I?!?

  17. 8:33!!! I had a lot more success with this workout than yesterdays…I did one round of Betty and I started feeling really, really dizzy! I have not been getting enough sleep…so yeah, instead of 20lbs, I used a bar with the equivalent of 25 lbs on it for the squat snatches. 🙂

  18. 21:59
    10# wall ball
    subbed squat thusters for squat snatch and only used 5lbs..
    squat snatch just didn't feel right?
    starting pretty light on the weights since I haven't used weights in a while?

  19. 9:22….8# ball….12.5# dbs…one arm snatch. Trying to stay with program for a month before investing in weights

  20. 20 mins but I also ran 3 miles 2 hours before.. I used a 6lb ball as I don't have a 10lb guess I better go shopping.. When I can walk lol

  21. 15:21
    Wall balls as rx'd
    1st round, 20# squat snatches, form got bad, so I did 20# split jerks second round, and since I can hold form on these, I went to 25lb split jerks for the last round…
    Nice workout!
    Gotta work on flexibility for those squat snatches!!!

  22. Anyone have any suggestions for shine splints? I have them in one leg because I haven't been stretching properly… and I flex my foot while running. I've been stretching like crazy and massaging my leg a lot. Anything else?

    1. Ice, stretching and time. When I was having problems with mine I would ice after I ran, and I tried hard not to push my self to hard. Once I started feeling pain, I had to call it quits. I hope you get over them quickly. That sucks!

    2. It does suck because I'm.supposed to.run 10 m Saturday for.my half.in a few.weeks. I've got compression socks which are awesome.but not.long term solution. I'll ice a lot. they feel lots better today but I completely.rested. thx!!

  23. 10:10. This sucked. LOL. I did 15# dumbell throws as well, sand for home made kettle bell still drying out…it's taking forever!!
    15# thrusters instead of squat snatch. Tried practicing beforehand and even did first 5 of first round, but my form is too awkward and I'd rather practice off the clock then try to rush through and get an injury!
    Wanted to just give up about every second – too late at night for this! But I kept at it and I"m glad I did!! TGIF (tomorrow!!)

  24. 19:48 – 8lb Dumbbell thrusters, 8lb dumbbell snatches.

  25. 13:45. Thrusters instead of wall ball. Started with 15lb db's but only got 24 in the 1st round before going down to 10's.

    Harder than I thought it was going to be!!! Love that!!!

  26. 12:02 with 10# dbl for wall ball, split up squat snatch to dead lifts and more of a hang snatch with 23 # bar

  27. I want to start this! I just discovered your site…Thanks Pinterest 🙂 12/18 🙂

  28. 9:49_ ugh, you are killing my thighs this week. I couldn't even do yesterday's run, too sore- I'll catch that up this weekend.

    Still using a soccer ball for wall balls, hoping to fix that this weekend.

    started with the squat snatches at 13 1/2 lbs (two 3Kg handweights) but had too much trouble keeping them appropriately placed, so i switched to a broom handle for the second two sets. Not as much weight, but much better form. My thighs are still crying.

  29. 17:37….ugh! Not my best workout by FAR! This was the first time that I actually contemplated just quitting! I did one armed dumbell squat snatches with 10lb dumbell (tried the 20 lb but could not hold it above my head). On the third set I could not do dumbell snatches so I used a bar with no weight (it may or may not have been a baseball bat..ha) and did snatch squats with that. This workout kicked my butt!!!

  30. 9:33. Did thrusters for wall ball (just had a friend give me an old basketball to make my own!) and 1st round of snatches was with 30#. I was thinking 'Why are these so blasted hard?!?' : )

  31. 13:00 Couldn't get through all the snatches, subbed OH squats, font squats, and back squats when they got too hard. Not my best work today

  32. 8:10
    Subbed thrusters for squat snatch. Those suck without a bar. Don't hold your breath to see those in another WOD. 😉

    Ryli (my 8 year old daughter): 7:45
    Wall ball with a volleyball
    20 thrusters per round with 5 pound weights.

  33. Recovering from yet another cold. After doing the wod I noticed I hadn't done it as written lol
    30 wall balls 10lbs
    30 bench press 20lbs

    I guess I am making up my own Haha

  34. I have to get caught up! 15:31. Can't believe how winded I get and I am a distance runner! 3 miles after the WOD.

  35. 11:15 on 12/3/12
    Spent a week without the internet, so I came back and did some I had written down, but didn't actually do on that day.

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